Monday, October 29, 2012

I love FALL!

I love FALL! Everything about it.... the cool weather, the leaves, the fall festivals, carnivals, pumpkin parties, Halloween, hayrides, you name it! It is by far my favorite time of the year. We had such a great weekend. One of those unexpected wonderful weekends where everything just came together and everyone had fun!!!

Friday night we had Palmer's Fall Festival at school! It sounds crazy even saying it that he is old enough to have fall festivals at school! It was a great event and I love every chance I get, to see Palmer in his element or see him interacting with his little friends. I have to admit big crowds make me a little crazy and I did walk out thinking to myself what in the heck just happened? but I am pretty sure fun was had by all :) At least I know there was no meltdowns and that was a win for us at this point! I went to take a picture that night and realized my cameras batteries were dead, go figure...

Saturday was the carnival! Palmer's school put on their first ever carnival complete with real carnival rides (you know the ones that scare you to death because they look like they could fall apart at any moment) and funnel cakes! ( I ate two this weekend!) It was SO fun!

Since it was sunny but cold Chandler got to wear her bear outfit that her BFF Sophia let her borrow, thank goodness because we didn't have anything to warm for her to wear. I might be bias but I think she is the cutest darn bear in the whole wide world!

It is so fun having family that goes to the same school... it pretty much guarantees that the kids get to see their cousins at all of the events and my kids think Ethan and Katelyn hung the moon! Katelyn is so sweet to Ann Mason and at almost 10 years old she is so nice and lets Annie tag along with her, no questions asked! This is the girls before they went on the Ferris wheel. Yes, Ann Mason rode the big Ferris wheel sans parents!

This is Ethan, Palmer and Dallas on the Ferris wheel. I love my Palmer but I was pretty sure he was going to make it to the top, scream like a girl and make them stop the ride. I stopped from being the crazy mom and let him go anyway despite my feeling of impending doom :) and guess what... he did AWESOME!~ Like, hands up, leaning OVER the side and waving kind of awesome!

I also talked Palmer into going on the "hurricane" and holy cow that was a bad move! I was the one screaming and came close to having them stop the ride. Palmer just kept saying, "I'm closing my eyes mom, I'm closing my eyes!" We both got off of the ride about 10 shades paler :)

Sunday we did church, lunch and decided at the last minute to take everyone to a trunk or treat. I got the girls costumes together in record time :) Since we didn't want anyone to get their real costumes dirty we improvised. Annie and KK were 80's punk rock chics. They were so cute and Ann Mason thought she was SO cool and I think both girls loved the fact that I put make up on them!

Chandler went as Miss Kentucky which will also make it's debut on Halloween night but I was pretty sure she wasn't going to get it dirty. She is the cutest little beauty queen ever! haha

Boys will be boys when it comes to Halloween. Gone are the days when I could talk Palmer into being something cute or something that would match his sister. Him and Ethan were ninjas and played the role well! We sword fought our way thru the crowds!

I loved this weekend and was so sad when it was over. I forgot how chaotic and not fun Monday mornings are :) We've got Halloween plans for Wednesday and another fun weekend planned so I am sure the week will fly by!

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