Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I am SO sad that this long weekend is already over!! The kids and Tex left for Owensboro early Wednesday to get a head start on the festivities and I had to work... but I got to visit with Jamie and see Baby Grayson's nursery and go out to eat at Chuy's the new Mexican restaurant here with my girlfriends. Chuy's is SO good! Can't wait to go back this week! haha

We had a BLAST in Owensboro for Thanksgiving and I think the kids will need to sleep for a week just to get rested up from all of the fun they had! I am pretty sure I could go all week without eating and be fine after all of the food I ate this weekend!
Tricia and I before the big feast!
The kiddos gearing up to eat!!!

 Sweet Katelyn and Ann Mason!
 Just a glimpse into the chaos that ensues at Mamaw's house 24/7
 Papaw and Ann Mason having a serious talk on the couch, she LOVES papaw!
My handsome guy trying to smile for a picture for mom!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and safe travels! Palmer asked if Christmas was "just around the corner" I guess it is!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day, A Long Weekend and bunch of other random stuff!

I am at work trying to pretend to work but really just counting down the minutes until the LONG weekend! It's only 8:30 am, so I have some time! haha The kids and Tex are heading to Owensboro today without me to catch the movie Tangled and to hang out with some friends! As much as I wanted to go I had to work and I figured it wasn't fair to make them sit around all day especially since the kiddos are on pins and needles to see their mamaw, papaw, aunt, uncle and cousins! So I will be traveling tomorrow with Molly (our dog) in the morning for the big T-Day!

I am SO very thankful this year for everything God has provided us with, health, happiness and love. No matter what happens in life I know God has a plan and I am SO blessed with the most wonderful family in the world!  Here are a few things I am most thankful for :)
 This sweet/rambuncious/independent/sassy girl of mine! Currently she is going thru a MAJOR daddy spell and I am NOT allowed to do anything with her, just her Daddy. It is endearing but it also kills me at times! haha I know she will continue this going back and forth from wanting mommy to being a daddy's girl her whole life!
* Ann Mason JUMPED out of her crib this weekend! I was almost in tears, I was NOT prepared for my 21 month old escaping so quickly or trying to transition to a toddler bed! Luckily Tex found a solution and we dropped the mattress all the way to the floor while leaving the crib up. So far so good!
 This guy just has the mosy special place in my heart! He is my quirky/dependable/witty/loving/cautious boy! He told me the other night that I could always be his best friend! We seem to have a special bond that only mothers and their sons can have and I  hope it stays like that forever. We have taken to falling asleep together and my MOST favorite part of the day is when we lay in the bed and talk about anything from how our day went to Transformers! I cherish every conversation that we have together, every laugh that we share, it is amazing!
Of course I can't leave out my better half! haha After 11 years of being together (6 married) I love him more today than the day we got married! He is the most amazing dad and I LOVE watching him with the kids. I am SO thankful for a loving and caring husband who allows me to be me and knows how to handle my moods, emotions, etc... He really is my best friend and I am SO thankful for that everyday!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL thanksgiving day with their family, friends and loved ones!!! Be safe traveling and eat a lot, I am going too! ha!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Playroom!

Kelly at  Kelly's Korner is hosting a tour to showcase your playrooms or extra rooms. Since we just made a playroom I thought I would join in on the fun! Since we only have 3 bedrooms it was more of a decision of if the kids would sleep ok together sharing a room. It has been almost 2 weeks and SO far SO good! I think it actually comforts them to be in the same room together! It was MUCH smoother than I thought! I am still in LOVE with our playroom and LOVE that our living room looks so much less cluttered! I still have some work to do but we were able to create a playroom at no cost, which makes it extra exciting! ha!
 One wall of the playroom, the cabinets hold all of the books that we didn't have anywhere for!
 The Bin/Toy Chest! I LOVE bins more than anything now that I have kids, it makes clean up simple and I just stuff everything in there and it looks organized! I think I have 50 bins around my house at least!
 The Train Table that may get replaced after Santa comes!
Palmer REALLY excited about his new playroom!

Despite all of my quick decisions that I have made, this has been one of the best things we have done for my husband and I space wise and also for the kids! It was a total win/win situation, we couldn't be happier!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Card Out Takes!

Well, Christmas Cards are ordered and shipped! I LOVE giving and receiving Christmas cards, it is one of my favorite things about Christmas! I couldn't resist showing the out takes of our Christmas shots! It was FREEEEEEZING the day we decided to do pictures and poor Kimmie was so patient with us and so helpful! We didn't last very long due to the cold and having 2 little ones! haha I have really lowered expectations of going in to get pictures cause I learned that you can't control what these little guys are going to do so there is no point in worrying about it!
 This picture literally makes me laugh out loud! I seriously thought about using it as our Christmas Card picture cause this is just "us". I love the way Palmer and AM have their hands out and their faces like, "what are you crazies making us do" Sorry guys the things mommy tries to do to get some good shots is a bit ridiculous i.e. make you stand out in 40 degree weather! You will enjoy looking at them one day! haha
 Done, Done, Done.... I give up!
Total and complete meltdown! Only thing that would make her feel any better was that poor orange sucker! what a pitiful face!

Thanks Kimmie for helping us capture some photos of our family, PS these were the "out takes" we got some great photos!!!

We had two milestones at our house this month, Ann Mason turns 21 months and Palmer turns 3 1/2. It makes me sad and I know it shouldn't. I LOVE watching them grow and hear them say the funniest things but time is just going too fast I can't stand it! It is hard to believe that Ann Mason and Palmer are less than 21 months apart so that would mean at this time I would have a 2 week old newborn! YIKES!! haha Maybe one day, but for now I am enjoying these two every day!

Old Best Friends, New Best Friends

Kelly, my best friend since we were 15 came in with her daughter from Nashville on Tuesday to visit!!! Caroline is just about 10 days younger than Ann Mason and she is a DOLL! It is so amazing to see our daughters playing together and thinking back to the days when we would lay in my bed at 15 and dream of what our lives would be like! God is good and has blessed us both in many ways!~ I don't think at 15 we could have ever grasped the struggles that we would have to face or the joy that we have been blessed with! Thru it all I think we turned out just fine! haha I LOVED that Caroline came to visit, I just want to squeeze her precious, beautiful face! Her and Palmer seemed to really like each other! haha! I don't think Ann Mason liked some one liking her bubby! :) It was a great time! I hope Caroline and Ann Mason can share as many memories and special moments as their moms have!
 Caroline deciding if she likes popcorn!
 Just Joking Around
 Our Goodbye Hug (or tackle)
The stud and his little lady friend!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Santa Coming After Naptime?

I am pretty sure I have broken every Cardinal Rule as a mom! ha! Including but definitely not limited to talking about Christmas and Santa 6 weeks before it actually happens! I normally love Christmas but I think with two little ones the Christmas Spirit is just SO much bigger for me!

Palmer asks everyday if Santa is coming after he wakes up from a nap! And everyday I respond that we have to have Turkey Day first and then a little bit after that Santa will come. Understanding a timeline for a 3 year old proves to be difficult, even for a 30 year old like me I don't always like time lines! haha

Palmer and I took a trip together today just the two of us to Target and then to get his haircut. The kid LOVES Target more than his mommy and I think we got 20 laughs from people hearing Palmer walk down every aisle gasping and saying, "OOOOOH my Gosh!" He loves it!

The little stinker persuaded me to "decorate" he really did say, Mom can we PLEEEEASE decorate today. So I did what every "good" mom would do and I gave in! So now we are completely decked out for Christmas minus our stockings! I am SO excited I don't know if I can even wait 6 more weeks!

The" Formal Tree"

With the Lights On!

The Mantel.... waiting on our AWESOME personalized stockings from Aunt Ashley

The "Kid" Tree! Ann Mason and Palmer LOVE it, it has all of their awesome kid ornaments and they just stare at it and say how cool it is! haha
These two during the chaos, they were SO excited! We even made sugar cookies with sprinkles!

We had a GREAT weekend I am sad to see it end! Palmer and Reid did GREAT at Despicable Me and I cried like a baby at the end of it! Ann Mason had an unexpected play date with Alex (Reid's younger brother) compliments of Nikki and it worked out great!

The outlets were a HUGE success, you would have thought I was on supermarket sweep! I ended up somehow buying WAY more stuff for myself, I don't understand how that always happens! ha!

Tex and I rented grown ups and cracked up! It is cute and pretty funny, definitely a rental but one that we could totally relate too!

I am ready to make it thru this 5 day work week and then have a 3 day work week and Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Here's to the Holidays (just a little early!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Friday!

We were supposed to go to Owensboro this weekend to hear my sister in law speak at a Women's Weekend at a local church but apparently the stomach virus has swept Owensboro. Most of the family had the stomach flu this past week and they weren't back to 100%. I was super bummed about not going but we decided to make the best of it!

We have officially lost our minds! haha We are taking Palmer, Annie and Reid to see Despicable Me tonight. This is another one of my bright ideas!  haha Palmer doesn't know that we are going yet and he doesn't know that Reid is going with us! He is really going to flip out when I go to pick him up from school and tell him! He is SO funny about the weekends, he already LIVES for the weekends and he is only 3 1/2. He is constantly asking "What are we going to do this weekend?" It starts at 5:20 so I think we will be good at least thru most of it!

Here is Palmer and Reid, best buds forever!

Since we are doing something nice for the kiddos, the mommy's get to go play right? Nikki (Reid's mommy) and I are headed to the Edinburgh Premiere Outlets for some Christmas shopping!!! I am SO pumped about Christmas already I can't stand it! Palmer asked if we could put up our tree last night and I almost gave in, I know we need to wait a little bit longer or else it will be a LONG 6 weeks with the kids asking about Santa. This weekend is the Gap Give and Get coupon where you get 30% off at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic! WOOHOO! We are just super pumped to get away for a few hours from the chaos and have some time to ourselves!

The rest of the weekend is free! I am excited for all of the holiday hustle and bustle that is approaching!!! Not to mention some 3 and 4 day work weeks! Here's to a GREAT weekend!

Monday, November 8, 2010


It has been WAAAAY TOOO Long since I have blogged! We had a GREAT kid free weekend! We got a ton done around the house and got to spend a lot of time with friends and having fun too! State Farm hosts and auction for the agents/staff each year and it is SO fun. There is dinner, auction and dancing. Tex and I had a blast and I scored some great loot to boot! ha!

The Coach Purse I won!!! I love it! My second one ever!

Another MAJOR transition happened in our house tonight! Since we have to make do with what we have right now as far as space we decided to give in to the kiddos and make them a toy room/play room! That meant that we also had to try out them sharing a room! We made the transition tonight and the play room is AWESOME and the first night of sharing a room was a success, here's to hoping this little arrangement works out until one day we have more space!
Play Room

Palmer is BEYOND excited!

Another Shot of the Playroom
The semi- finished result! Hopefully lots of playing gets done in here!
Thanks to Mamaw and Aunt TT Palmer got 2 new UK jerseys. I don't know what prompted him but he put on his "gear" tonight and turned his hat on backwards and asked me to take pics of him???? He HATES the camera so I was more than happy to do it! I was cracking up he was so serious, he can't wait to have the pads and helmet on!
My little Man looking so big and tough!
Well you know it can't be a photo shoot unless Ann Mason jumps in, she wants to do whatever her brother does, I love this girl!
Too Cool for School!

Solo Shot for Ann Mason!
We are all glad to be back together and looking forward to a low key week of playing in our new playroom!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween (a few days late...)

I'm a little late on posting about Halloween! We just survived all four of us having the stomach flu at the exact same time! It was AWFUL, someone was getting sick around the clock! I think today I have officially done about 20 loads of laundry! Usually it happens in intervals but this time it hit hard and fast and we all got caught :) I am thankful it is OVER!!!

This past Halloween weekend was AWESOME!  I have never been too into Halloween but I think I am starting to really like it! Maybe it is seeing how much fun the kiddos have and how exciting it is for them, that alone makes me want to go all out on Halloween next year! ha!
Here is the firefighter and his dalmatian... they were party goers all weekend! Our first stop was to a party thrown by our pediatrician! It was awesome and Radio Disney was there and the kids had a blast!

 Ann Mason tweaking her costume a little!
 My Handsome, Happy Fireman! I love this kid!
 This little stinker LOVED Halloween and all of the candy!
 The kids pediatrician center (as Cinderella) and all of her staff! She has a costume designer that works on her costumes for months!
 Daddy and his little Dalmatian! This girl has him wrapped around her little finger!
 More sweets!

 The Fierce Foursome! Ann Mason, Palmer, Reid and Alex. They think they are cousins and I love it!

My sweet trick or treaters!

This year was so much fun! It was the first year that both kids were able to really get into dressing up and trick or treating. We had a blast and I just loved watching them have so much fun!!! Now as Palmer says "On to Turkey Day!"