Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bed Head

It is a running joke that P has the ultimate bed head but these pics really capture it! My family gives me a hard time cause sometimes I just leave it and in about 2 hours it is laying flat as a pancake? Thanks Brandi for capturing my boy's awesome bed head!

PS for those that knew me in college and had 8 am classes with me I am pretty sure my hair occasionally looked like this as well! haha Like Mother Like Son!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Laugh out Loud!

I needed a good laugh and I got one for sure today! I love my job (I sell insurance) and in my newest role I take on leads for people that have inquired about quotes for their cars and homes. What I never anticipated were the quite hilarious and extremely inappropriate emails and voicemails I would run into! Here are the top 7 emails that probably won't take you very far in life :) (I will keep them anonymous but making the last part generic)
And #1 most inapropriate email to date
Secondly, I guess the new craze is playing music while waiting for the reciepient at the other end to answer instead of the plain old rings! Just a few songs that are NOT going to get you a lady friend.
2. I wanna make love by Usher
1. First Date Sex - by who knows (I got to listen to this one today for 30 seconds and now it is stuck in my head) He is divorced and 55 I have no idea why?


I got this email today from my aunt and I needed it! Lately, life has been anything but easy in fact it has been down right hard and I am so thankful for some of the most wonderful friends in the world. Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. (You know who you are)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Luck Sara!

Today is the Annual Templeton Family picture taken by our great friend and wonderful photographer Sara Floyd! Over the years she has told me stories that have made me laugh till I cry about some of the families she has taken pictures of. I hope not to me the mom that loses it in the middle of the photo shoot, bribes my kids with everything but Disney or cries in a fit because I can't get the right shot :) Today we practiced a little in hopes we would make things easier for Sara. This is how it went, good luck to you Sara!
The Easy One (or so I think)

The Challenge! Rotten to the core but so stinking loveable!
His "I am going to cheese, but not look at you face"
I am trying to look innocent, but I am not!

The "I think I should get right up on the lens cause I am so cute"

Watching a movie and not listening to mommy!

The best one!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Back to work just dreaming I was still on the sandy white beaches of Destin :) At least it is sunny and almost 70 here today which is an amazing change! Gearing up for the week we have family pictures tomorrow (which should be interesting to say the least) and then this weekend is HALLOWEEN. Oh where did October go? I can't wait to see Palmer trick or treat this year, we have been practicing and he thinks everyone is going to give him M&M's! I will seriously have to monitor the chocolate intake this year :)
Back to the grind my friends, back to the grind!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Vacation Part III - Our Family

Here are some of the last pictures!

Trying to make the hostess take a family pic on the last night, it was pure chaos :)
Ann Mason LOVED the beach and of course she had a different bathing suit for each day!

The Kids playing with Daddy on the beach

Our attempt at a picture of the kids!

Tex and I

Neenie and her baby girl

Mom and I on the beach ( I can't believe I am posting a bathing suit pic but I like it cause it is mom and I!)

Palmer playing with his favorite dump truck!

Ann Mason playing so good by herself!

Family Vacation Part II- The Templeton Side

This is the first time that the WHOLE Templeton family has been on vacation together for over 7 years so it was a special time to bond and have a great time! Here are the Templeton's!
Myke and Kathy Tricia and Johnny

The "Kids" Chris (Tex), Matt and Tricia

Papaw Myke with one of his favorite girls!

Kathy, Tricia and I
Kathy, Matt and Tricia

Kathy and her Matt!

We're Back!!! Family Vacation Part I

Well, we are back to reality and COLD weather! We had a wonderful time during our Family Vacation 2009 in Destin, Florida! Tex's whole family was there staying in a condo and we stayed at my mom's house with them! We enjoyed the beach, good food and shopping! Gone are the days of relaxing and sunbathing for hours on end.... but the look on the kids faces every time we hit the beach was worth it! We stayed busy the entire time so we are all exhausted but had a BLAST! We have LOTS of pics!!

Palmer and his very best friend and cousin Ethan (these two were the wild ones :)

The two sweetest girls, Katelyn and Ann Mason (these two are the easy ones :)
The kids and I trying to get a picture my mom's pool!

Mommy and her sweet girl!

Ann Mason at her best!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Enough Time in the Day!

Sorry I haven't blogged, we have been too busy having fun! We are enjoying our family vacation and soaking up the sun and beach! I have taken tons of pics but forgot my cord to download my photos! I will post everything when we get back! I miss blogging but I am enjoying every second of paradise!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 8 month Birthday

Happy 8 month Birthday Annie-Bananie!

Ann Mason and I at almost 8 months old

Just 8 short months ago you were this precious little peanut!
Oh how you have grown my little lady! Your personality is strongly shining thru everyday! You are vivacious, curious, happy, sensitive, tough, demanding and wonderful! You just seem to flourish more and more each day and our family loves to watch all of the new things you seem to do every day! You light our lives and fill our hearts with so much joy. I cherish the fact daily that I have a daughter and I love the bond that you and I will continue to share throughout the years. You are definitely still a daddy's girl and probably always will be. Your eyes light up the minute he walks into a room and even the sound of his voice makes you chuckle. Your brother still continues to think that you are as big as him and there are some days you must feel like you have played in a football game! No matter what he does it seems that you keep coming back for more :) You two are already so close and that is truly my favorite thing about the both of you is watching the bond that continues to grow as brother and sister.
Here are some of the things you are doing this month:
* You are crawling at the speed of light everywhere! You get stuck under tables, in between the couches, pull on cords, knock over pictures and all the other fun stuff that comes with a newly mobile baby :)
* You FINALLY have 2 teeth! They are your bottom two teeth and it seemed like they took forever but they are here and cute as ever.
* You are not much on baby food but would love to get your hands on anything that mommy and daddy are eating, especially pizza! I have never seen an 8 month old that wants to eat adult food so badly. I have been trying different things to satisfy your mature appetite :)
* You weigh 16 pds 12 oz and are 27 inches long! You are still petite but seem to be long and lean (hopefully like your dad)
*You are wearing 9 to 12 month clothes and I love buying them for you!
* You still have a small amount of hair. I look back at pictures of Palmer at your age and he had a head full of hair (great bow hair) go figure that your hair would take so long to grow :) One day it will look beautiful with the big grosgrain bows I plan to put in it everyday!
* You have regressed in the sleeping department and tend to wake up at least once during the night. I want to let you cry it out but because you are so persistent your daddy usually goes in and gets you up and once you are in his arms you are as happy as a clam and ready to play despite the clock that reads 3:45 am!
* You have NO girly toys and I feel so guilty about that. (hopefully that will change when Santa visits) You love playing with Palmer's match box cars and trucks.
*You hold your own bottle which to me is bittersweet. I love the times I could cuddle you and look into your eyes as you drank your bottle but if you refer back to your sleep regression holding your own bottle at 3:45 am is VERY NICE! :)
*You still make me swell with pride every time I look at you. You are perfect, healthy and a beautiful baby girl and I couldn't ask for anything more!
We LOVE you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have You Ever...

Do you remember this game? Usually for me it was played in college after a heavy night of drinking but these days my have you ever is a bit different... Today I would like to play "Have you ever"... Have you ever been puked on?
Now as a mom I have been "spit up" on 1,000 times but I mean really puked on? Well, today was my 3rd time of being REALLY puked on! And out of all places I was REALLY puked on at PF Changs.... We were having a great lunch with my dad, Tex and the kids. Conversation and food were great and the laughs were plentiful and then.... Palmer looked like he was choking on a fortune cookie so I immediately got him out of his high chair and at that moment it happened. Projectile vomit all over him and myself. My father had some choice words while laughing uncontrollably. As a mother I was horrified and didn't know whether to whisk him to the bathroom or rush him outside. Instead I just froze in time and proceeded to let him REALLY puke on me 4 more times!!! I was mortified and didn't have the courage to look at all of the patrons that had their lunch ruined by my 2 year old. We finally made it outside as the hostess gave us towels and a baggy for all of our pukey clothes and we left! Luckily there were two older men that assured me "they had once been there" with a chuckle! Needless to say it will be a LONG time before the Templeton's return to PF Changs! We still aren't sure what caused this episode whether it be too much milk, fried rice, peanut M&M's or fortune cookies :) Palmer is well and good and felt GREAT after he let it all go! Oh a day in the life.....
PS Sorry for TMI!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bow Holder for Baby "A"

If you can't tell I am really enjoying my new found love of decoupage! I made Baby Adkins a bow holder to match her beautiful girly room! I hope it works. I told her mommy if it didn't match she could hang it in the closet! haha A little girl can NEVER have to many bows! Here are some pics of the finished project!
PS: The green space is for a picture!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finishing Touches

I put the finishing touches on my first frame! I love how it turned out. Tex even got in on the gig by drilling the holes for the ribbon. I definitely have a lot of improving and trial and error to go thru but I am having fun so that is what matters! Maybe one day I will get good enough to sell these:)
PS Again sorry for the shine (my camera is terrible!)