Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Wednesday

Things have been busy and chaotic at the Templeton house, what is new :) We are having some MAJOR potty issues with Palmer and if anyone knows the magic trick PLEASE let me know! He is now taking his clothes off all the time including his diaper! I can't tell you how many bedsheets I have changed because he takes his pants and diaper off at nap time and bedtime! So I got him some big boy underwear and we are attempting the start of potty training. I don't even know where to begin but it broke my heart to see my big boy in his "CARS" undies!
So Proud! Check out his legs, he has my exact same legs it cracks me up!
Apparently having real undies on makes him run faster! Watch Out!

This is Ann Mason lately she is already pulling up on everything! You can't really see but I bought her some "yoga" type pants yesterday and I just want to eat her biscuits! She is on the go and needed some exercise pants, I wish they had them in my size!

Most importantly my best friend Kelly and her daughter (who is 11 days younger than Ann Mason) came to visit! We had a blast watching the kids play and Ann Mason and Caroline loved each other. Hard to get a great pic of two almost 8 month old babies!

Here is Caroline, I think she is the most precious little girl in the world! She loves her Aunt Blake :)
So we have been busy! This weekend we plan to stay home and figure out this potty training thing, sounds fun huh?

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