Thursday, February 28, 2013

How was your day?

Being in my 30's now I definitely think I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin (for the most part) even the sagging skin on my belly! haha I think I have learned to laugh at myself and appreciate myself even on the days where I get it ALL wrong! Yesterday was a day where I got it ALL wrong :) There are certain things in life I have accepted like my children NEVER have matching socks on, I mean never! Even Chandler who cant wear shoes to hide the fact that she has mis-matched socks on goes to school with one pink sock, one yellow sock today. I'm ok with that. I know that my laundry will never fully get done, EVER! It sits clean and unfolded on a couch and there are days we make headway and days where I have to re-wash the same clothes 3 times because they sat in the washer for too long. That's my life.... I have learned that this stuff comes with the territory of being a working mom to 3 kids and at the end of the day if mis-matched socks and piles of laundry are my biggest problems I have had a SUCCESSFUL day!

So back to yesterday (side note we have all been passing around the stomach bug since Friday, just keep that in mind)
I love to document these days because they are the "real" days, in my "real" like.

Got woken up at 6 am (didn't have to be up till 7:30)

Was puked and pooped on by 6:45 and in the bath with my baby who likes to smack my less than perky boobs the WHOLE time she is taking a bath! I think she likes to watch them shake! HA!!!

7:30 Running around getting people clothes because Oh, Tex has the stomach bug and we ALL know how Tex is with the stomach bug....

9:00 took both kids to the dentist (need I say more)

10:30 Decided to be "fun" mom and take the kids thru McDonalds and go to Palmer's school to eat lunch with him Ann Mason and his buddies. Apparently, I didn't receive the memo that told me that parents weren't allowed to bring McDonald's!!! So, the teachers assistant hurried up to me and whispered "You brought McDonalds?" Um, yeah! Teachers Assistant "You aren't allowed to do that!" So, I took the walk of shame with both kids down to Palmer's room to eat alone in quarantine! (Mom Fail!)

So, I finally got to work and had to explain why I had this on my face.....

(see the sore on the upper right hand side) upper lip waxing gone wrong!!! I like to blame it on my neighbor Sarah! haha But really I did the waxing myself, I just used her stuff. I am assuming it is a chemical burn but I am hoping it gets a lot better and SOON!

As if the mysterious and questionable looking mark above my lip wasn't enough I realized that all of my knuckles were dry and bleeding probably from washing my hands 105 times a day to keep the germs away! I had to resort to putting lotion on my hands while wearing moisture locking gloves at work! Here I am! SO glad I didn't have hardly any appointments or clients come in yesterday! I looked like a freak show!

My day didn't end until late getting home from work at 8 and picking up pedialyte, diapers and phenegran for the sickies at home~! To say yesterday was long and tiring was an understatement oh and I ended this glorious day with getting the stomach bug myself last night! (luckily it was a light case)

I just have to laugh. I never claim to have it all together, far from that actually but yesterday takes the cake in mom fails and beauty fails!

So far today has gone better but it is only 11 am, we shall see!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Annie Boo: Age 4!

I truly can't believe my Annie girl is 4! I have to admit 3 wasn't our best year. I think it was hard for her. Three is a hard year (or so it has been in our house) and then on top of a challenging year, she had to find out where she fit in as the middle child and not the only girl. It is so hard to learn how to parent, let alone, how to parent each child differently because each child is SO different. Once I realized that Ann Mason did things WAY differently than Palmer and that she was much more intense in everything she did I realized I had to find a way to not "Dull her Sparkle". I don't want to take away these amazing characteristics that she has like independence, strong will, intelligence, wit, determination, etc... I want to find a way to nurture them but not let them run the house. I don't know if this makes any sense at all! haha I want Ann Mason to be all of these things and more, but I want her to find a constructive way to be all of these things that doesn't include ruling the household and taking all of our energy!

I have always LOVED the book Five Languages of Love (THIS website gives a perfect summary!) It talks about what your love language is and Ann Mason's is quality time and words of affirmation. Once I realized this and started spending one on one time with her and only really focusing on the positive things with her rather than always saying "Stop, don't do that and No!" our relationship has dramatically changed! In the last month alone I would say we have done a 180!

I love this girl more than words. Her energy is astounding I just look at her in awe! She is also 4 going on 15. She LOVES clothes, fashion, dressing up, matching accessories, shoes, etc... She is too smart for her own good and she is beautiful inside and out. She knows what she wants but she is still gracious when going after it. She is thoughtful at the little things like she will notice when I did something to her room and say thank you or sometimes just tell me I am a good mommy. She loves to be social, she LOVES it! We are in serious trouble! This girl is on "fire"!
Ann Mason Age 4
Favorite Colors: Pink and Purple
Friends: KK, EE and Addy Bradshaw from school
What do you want to be when you grow up: A teacher and a mommy
Favorite Song: Alicia Keys This Girl is on Fire!
Favorite thing to wear: Adorable Dresses
Favorite Person: My baby Chan Chan
Favorite Foods: Turkey, Apples, Cheetos, Sour patch Kids (good balance, huh? :)
Weight: 42 pounds
Height: (not sure yet)
Size Clothes: 5/6 in most stores!!!
Favorite Hairstyle: Side or High Pony

Ann Mason you are the sparkle in our family! We love you to pieces and can't wait to see what you have in store for this world because it will be something GREAT! Happy 4th Birthday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Randomess in a Post

I am discouraged with how infrequently my posts are becoming. It seems I never carrying my camera anymore and I have to start back doing both! I miss it and poor Chandler needs her first year documented better :) Speaking of Chandler she is sick yet again with a double ear infection. She still continues to be the sweetest and move loving baby in the world. She really rarely even cries, I could just squeeze her cheeks all day long~

This past weekend was crazy in a good way. My parents were in from Florida and we had Annie's 4th Birthday Party! We ran like crazy but we had a blast! Here are some of our random moments!

Chandler sporting UK in her bathing suit. I am pretty sure this is her first time in a bathing suit and she looked super cute!!! (Thanks Belle for letting us borrow it!)

This is TOTALLY random but for those who know me personally know that I get an idea and go full force. Our friends were selling their leather couches and I wanted them SO bad but needed to sell some couches in our house first. Luckily our town has a facebook page for barter and trade. Well, let me tell ya I went a little crazy and basically sold half my house. It was AWESOME! So, here are our new couches and rug. We have pillows, lamps, etc.... coming any day. I am loving it! More pics of the transformation to come. It is SO fun to go shopping with money you made from stuff that has been in your garage for years!! WOOHOO!

Love this pic! Chandler is grabbing Mamaw Kathy's face and giving her kisses. It doesn't get any sweeter than this girl!

Oh my! More to come on this diva's 4 year old birthday but she had a blast. This is the outfit I got for her birthday party! She is SO sweet and has really started to act more grown up and has been SUCH a good girl! She just appreciates everything, she gets so excited and loved her party, presents and all of her family and friends being there!  

Here she is after the party in a bathing suit, sparkly shoes and princess gear, this girl beats to her own drum!

One of Annie's very FAV gifts ever was her awesome UK Cheerleading Outfit and pom poms!
She looks adorable and loves practicing her cheerleading moves!

Life is fast paced, crazy, stressful but mostly wonderful!!! I am ready for spring weather, playing outside, longer days and flip flops!!! I am going to take lots of pics this weekend!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I am completely blessed to have a best friend that had known me for 18 years (omg that sound crazy even to me!)we haven't lived in the same city for 14 years but no matter the distance or time in between visits it's always the same! She is the friend that has seen me at my best and seen me at my worst! She knows what I was like at 15 and what I am like at 32 and has always loved me the same. She knows the real me, the good and the bad and I love her so much! There is nothing in this world greater than a best friend and I have been blessed to have Kelly in my life.I was honored to sprinkle her and baby Allie this weekend! She already has one precious girl named Caroline and I can't wait for her to be a big sis! Thank you Kel for being you!! I love you!