Monday, July 29, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Seriously where has the time gone? I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! I was sick last week unforatently life still went on, work, kids, cooking, etc... :) which is probably why it took me ALL week to feel better. You just can't stop when you are a momma!!
I am floored that we are approaching the first of August for a couple of reasons
* I seriously can't believe in 1 1/2 I will have a first grader
* In 1 1/2 we will have lived in Owensboro for 2 years!! That really blows my mind
* In 3 weeks my sweet baby, baby will be a One Year Old!
*In a 1 1/2 Annie will be an official pre-schooler
And in about a month I will turn 33 :) GASP!
This is all a little too much for this momma to handle! haha I have finally let myself get excited for Chandler's big day! I wasn't ready for it and I am still struggling with it but we are going to celebrate her bringing joy to our family for the last 365 days!!!
Here are her one year pics that make me want to swoon. I couldn't be more excited for them! August is a crazy, busy and fun month for us!! Hopefully I will be a little better at posting :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It Goes a Little Something Like This....

 I have been having a blogging dry spell. I have been horrible about taking pics and it seems like we are running full speed just knowing that summer ending is right around the corner :) Neighborhood gatherings, Later Bedtimes,  Longer Sun Time, Blow Up Pools, they will be greatly missed however there is a part of me that has also missed consistency and routine! What a party pooper I am!!! haha
Here's a little peak into our everyday....
Took both girls to the grocery. I mean BIG grocery shopping. Tex and I have figured out what works for us over the years. We split things... I took the girls to the grocery he stayed home with Palmer (who is as easy as they come) and cleaned the whole house. Win/Win for us all (kind of) stocked fridge, clean house and then after bedtime we actually get to sit in our clean house and eat some of our food! haha
This pic cracks me up Chan's face is pure concentration about how to drive a grocery cart car :) 
This girl is DAYS from flat out walking... she has taken as many as 5 steps she is SO close!!! 
I heart this picture so very much. They ADORE Chandler literally ADORE her. They think she is the funniest person ever and everything she does is cute to them. I know this will change but I love it right now! This was such a fun night down at our beautiful river front park, finally Owensboro came thru with something and it is awesome!! 
Our favorite restaurant down there is Bee Bops a 50's Diner that serves their kids meals in old timey cars. The kids go ga-ga over it!  
More Proof that her Chunky Legs are on the move! 
Best dad any two kids could ask for! 
This is MY picture from my cell phone of the set up for Chandler's first birthday pics. I have seen 2 and I about died from loving them so much! More on her birthday party to come but this girl is too cute for words! 
We are doing a pinwheel theme.... you know me, I gotta have a theme! And thanks to Hobby Lobby and the 66% off aisle I scored all of the pinwheels my heart could desire! I can't wait to celebrate this sweet babies first year!!
We have been good, we have been happy, we have our share of bug bites right now and sun kissed shoulders and noses, we have rough feet that are usually black on the bottoms from NEVER wearing shoes outside, we have more than our fair share to be thankful for! Life is good!! God is good and we are blessed much more than we deserve.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July

I am SO behind on my posts. This past holiday week thru me for a loop! I didn't know if I was coming or going but it was SO much fun!!! Taking off two days in the middle of the week, then coming back to work Friday and then having the weekend off really threw things off for me!
We had the best fourth of july!!! I love this holiday! Last year I was about 34 weeks pregnant so I wasn't really feeling the nightly array of fireworks that lasted for a whole week or being outside in the hot humid weather but this year, I said "Bring it On"
Anyone that knows me, knows that when it comes to parties I tend to think of the idea sporadically and within and hour it is a full blown party. Since we didn't already have plans I decided to make plans and we had a party at our house. About 22 adults and 27 kids came and it was definitely a party! We provided the food and everyone brought fireworks. It is safe to say everyone from the kids to the adults had a great time!

The house all ready for the party! I wish I would have taken "after" pics of all of the firework debris, capri suns, popsicle wrappers and trash! haha

My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and our neighbor across the street has a beautiful hydrangea bush, they are a perfect centerpiece for any party!
Annie in her American Flag shirt waiting for all of the guests :)

My girls in their red, white and blue! I don't know where poor Palmer was... I think he was running around like crazy and jumping on the trampoline with all of the boys!
The next day we were invited to the lake. I was so excited because I LOVE being on water. Doesn't matter if it is a pool, pond, river, lake or ocean, I love it! We had an absolute blast with some of our sweet new friends!
Here are the girls with their dolls, they HAD to come to the river too!

Palmer LOVED everything about being on the boat and was one happy boy!

Chandler didn't even mind her tiny life jacket and did the bear crawl around the boat and snacked on veggie straws all day!

Annie and her daddy!

Chandler and I going fast!

Haha This pic cracks me up, they all look like they are crying but really they are screaming YEAH cause we were going fast!

Palmer got to ride this little puppy forever! He thought he was cool stuff and loved every minute of it!

We had a blast, I was exhausted and needed to catch up on my sleep for about a week! I can't believe how fast the summer is going :( School will be here before we know it!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Visit from Sylvia

My oldest friends Sylvia, her husband Donovan and their precious baby boy Teo came to visit this past weekend! It was the first time I got to meet him in person and I was so excited!!! A lot has changed for us over the last 21 years :) The kids and adults had a blast and I wish we could see them more often :(

Chandler and Teo taking a bath, he is 4 weeks younger than Chandler and is a CHUNK!!!

Chandler loves bath time and her friends!!!

Ann Mason finding any kid that will let her pick them up. This is our neighbors little girl, Amelia!

I swear Teo loved Ann Mason but he was tired at this point! haha

Playing on the slip and slide!

Hours of entertainment out of a piece of wet plastic! haha

We did a mini photo shoot with Chandler, Sylvia has the best camera!

My baby boy and his completely blue mouth!

Sylvia and the girls!

My sweet baby Angel posing during her photo shoot!

The ice cream truck came down the street and since Donovan is from Africa he had never experienced an ice cream truck! He was gracious enough to buy the kiddos Popsicles and he got one too!

Trying to get everyone to look at the camera, impossible!

Has to be into everything these days!
Sweet babies! We had the best time. I could have taken Teo for days! We loved having them visit and there is nothing like an old friend that comes along with her photo album full of pictures of us from the time we were 13!!! It doesn't get much better than that!

Monday, July 1, 2013

How was your week?

Well, well, well looks whos back! Last week was "one of those" weeks!!! This first picture somes up the madness and chaos...
If you can't see clearly these would be my shorts inside out which I proceeded to wear like this out of the pool, into the daycare to pick up Chandler and all the way to my house! No one said a word. I guess I would be scared of the tired looking mom with her shorts on completely inside out! haha
Last week was one of those weeks that the washer broke, the dishwasher broke, Tex flooded the kitchen trying to fix the dishwasher. The neighbor (really good friend more than a neighbor) showed up while water was spewing out and I proceeded to cry and she helped me get towels to clean up. Just one of those weeks.... we have all had to endure them, it wasn't fun, it isn't fun to be responsible but in the grand scheme of things everything that happened wasn't truly a big deal but it still made for a stressful week!
We still managed to keep on keeping on and had one of the best days at the pool ever, just me and the "big kids" Palmer and Ann Mason

Here is Annie and her sweet friend Addy!

One of the highlights is we got to visit friends and my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew in Louisville. It was the best trip ever but bittersweet. They are moving to Virginia in a few weeks and we are going to miss them terribly!!! More road trips in our future for sure!!

Palmer finished up his tee ball season! Even though I miss the social aspect and being with some cool momma's during the week I am SO glad to have some normal week nights back again instead of rushing off for game after game. It was a great season and Tex did a great job coaching and Palmer was quite the ball player!

His fun team acting goofy with their trophies!!
Well, that was a small catch up of the last few weeks. They are a little blurry but everything is back to "normal" again. Dishwasher and washing machine are new and back in order and things are looking up...  more posts and pics to come!!