Monday, July 1, 2013

How was your week?

Well, well, well looks whos back! Last week was "one of those" weeks!!! This first picture somes up the madness and chaos...
If you can't see clearly these would be my shorts inside out which I proceeded to wear like this out of the pool, into the daycare to pick up Chandler and all the way to my house! No one said a word. I guess I would be scared of the tired looking mom with her shorts on completely inside out! haha
Last week was one of those weeks that the washer broke, the dishwasher broke, Tex flooded the kitchen trying to fix the dishwasher. The neighbor (really good friend more than a neighbor) showed up while water was spewing out and I proceeded to cry and she helped me get towels to clean up. Just one of those weeks.... we have all had to endure them, it wasn't fun, it isn't fun to be responsible but in the grand scheme of things everything that happened wasn't truly a big deal but it still made for a stressful week!
We still managed to keep on keeping on and had one of the best days at the pool ever, just me and the "big kids" Palmer and Ann Mason

Here is Annie and her sweet friend Addy!

One of the highlights is we got to visit friends and my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew in Louisville. It was the best trip ever but bittersweet. They are moving to Virginia in a few weeks and we are going to miss them terribly!!! More road trips in our future for sure!!

Palmer finished up his tee ball season! Even though I miss the social aspect and being with some cool momma's during the week I am SO glad to have some normal week nights back again instead of rushing off for game after game. It was a great season and Tex did a great job coaching and Palmer was quite the ball player!

His fun team acting goofy with their trophies!!
Well, that was a small catch up of the last few weeks. They are a little blurry but everything is back to "normal" again. Dishwasher and washing machine are new and back in order and things are looking up...  more posts and pics to come!!

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