Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July

I am SO behind on my posts. This past holiday week thru me for a loop! I didn't know if I was coming or going but it was SO much fun!!! Taking off two days in the middle of the week, then coming back to work Friday and then having the weekend off really threw things off for me!
We had the best fourth of july!!! I love this holiday! Last year I was about 34 weeks pregnant so I wasn't really feeling the nightly array of fireworks that lasted for a whole week or being outside in the hot humid weather but this year, I said "Bring it On"
Anyone that knows me, knows that when it comes to parties I tend to think of the idea sporadically and within and hour it is a full blown party. Since we didn't already have plans I decided to make plans and we had a party at our house. About 22 adults and 27 kids came and it was definitely a party! We provided the food and everyone brought fireworks. It is safe to say everyone from the kids to the adults had a great time!

The house all ready for the party! I wish I would have taken "after" pics of all of the firework debris, capri suns, popsicle wrappers and trash! haha

My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and our neighbor across the street has a beautiful hydrangea bush, they are a perfect centerpiece for any party!
Annie in her American Flag shirt waiting for all of the guests :)

My girls in their red, white and blue! I don't know where poor Palmer was... I think he was running around like crazy and jumping on the trampoline with all of the boys!
The next day we were invited to the lake. I was so excited because I LOVE being on water. Doesn't matter if it is a pool, pond, river, lake or ocean, I love it! We had an absolute blast with some of our sweet new friends!
Here are the girls with their dolls, they HAD to come to the river too!

Palmer LOVED everything about being on the boat and was one happy boy!

Chandler didn't even mind her tiny life jacket and did the bear crawl around the boat and snacked on veggie straws all day!

Annie and her daddy!

Chandler and I going fast!

Haha This pic cracks me up, they all look like they are crying but really they are screaming YEAH cause we were going fast!

Palmer got to ride this little puppy forever! He thought he was cool stuff and loved every minute of it!

We had a blast, I was exhausted and needed to catch up on my sleep for about a week! I can't believe how fast the summer is going :( School will be here before we know it!

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Sarah Strader said...

Love seeing pictures of your sweet family Blake...your kids are just so darn cute! Maybe one day I will get back to blogging more. ;)