Friday, June 27, 2008

If your happy and you know it....

Ok, So I have read my posts for the last few weeks and boy, WHAT A DRAG!! I am sorry! I have been thru some major thought provoking and emotional stuff and I guess it poured out on the pages of my blog! I vow for a whole WEEK to have nothing but HAPPY posts!!!

As always I have to throw some quotes out there...

"You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your expectation"

"Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

"Happiness is contagious...when you reflect happiness, then all others around you catch the happy bug and are happy, too."

"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes"

I just LOVE quotes!!!~.... So, what are you happy for? What makes you tick? It is so easy to dwell on the negatives and it is much easier sometimes to complain rather than to compliment! So, today I am going to give a list of things that make me happy!!!

Blake's HAPPY LIST! (How cheesy :)

1. Of course God, Family, and Friends duh? Those are a no brainer!!!

2. This morning Palmer made me happy because he points to the stuffed animal that he wants and proceeds to carry them around all morning like they are his buddies! His first sort of attachment to anything! (I know I am crazy for wanting him to be attached to something!)

3. Palmer also makes me happy when on the nights I work late I get him out of bed to rock him and just look at him and he will ever so gently open one eye and smile at me and fall back into a deep sleep!! Oh I can't even stand it, it melts my heart!

4. I am happy that my husband is nice and puts up with me the good, bad, and ugly!

5. I am HAPPY THAT TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!! And we get to stay here this weekend!

6. I am happy to say that I haven't had a drink in 19 days!!!! That makes me really happy!

7. I am happy that SO many of my greatest friends have been blessed with the ability to get pregnant and are getting to enjoy the miracle of carrying a baby in their bellies!!! ( I dream of the days of kids running around everywhere!)

8. I am happy to have a loving mother in law that is at my house currently, that drove 2 hours to watch Palmer today (he is running a fever) so that Tex and I don't get fired from our jobs! :)

9. I am SO HAPPY to be going on an actual "date night" with Tex tonight to our fav restaurant and then maybe if we are lucky to the $1 movies!!

10. I am so happy that when I am anxious and can't sleep at night that I can pray to God and he doesn't get upset when I get really off track!! :)

11. I am happy that their are brillant writers that allow me to read their books and for a moment pour myself into those characters and their lives and sometimes forget about mine :)

12. I am SO happy to have met my friend Erin D.... She has been awesome throughout the last couple of weeks I couldn't do it without her!

13. And lastly I guess I am just happy that I am happy today and having a good day!!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT and HAPPY weekend!!!

PS I am starting on steroids today (long story but I went for an allergy appointment yesterday and apparently there is NOTHING that I am NOT allergic too... so that means a rapid amount of shots for the next 4 weeks and steroids, epi pens, 5 prescribtions, etc...)

So they told me that I might be a little more bloated than usual (great! My tummy already looks like I carry around 2 gallons of water in it!) I might be hungrier than usual (Are you serious? Is that possible) , that I might be more irritable (oh great I thought my PMS this week was taking the cake but I guess I have more fun moods to look forward to), and lastly I might be more wired than usual (even better I haven't been able to sleep for 19 nights so this should make for a really intersting night shift! Maybe I can get some stuff done around the house :) Check back in on Monday after a weekend with the roids to see how "happy" I am! haha Tex is scared to death!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

“There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping child”.

What I wouldn't give to have one day in the life of my little man! To go back to a life of ease where someone feeds you, loves you, and takes care of your every needs. The biggest thing you do all day is play and take a nap, what a life!!!

This picture was taken at the end of a very busy weekend!!! Palmer had literally played until he just couldn't play anymore! I love to look at that face when he sleeps and just stare at him.... sometimes my thoughts wonder and I worry if I will ever forget exactly what he looks like right now or I try and memorize each line on his face. I often wonder what kind of parent and I will be thru the different stages of his life and I also wonder what kind of child Palmer will be during those different stages.

I wonder if I will give him enough choices to be a good decision maker but enough boundaries to keep him in check. I wonder if he will want to play soccer like his daddy or maybe he will be more into music and play guitar like his Uncle Matt. I hope that he will know that whatever he chooses he will make me proud.

I wonder about how he will do in school... I hope that he doesn't get picked on by kids that can be so cruel and most importantly I would hope with all of my heart that he would not be the one to pick on other kids. I wonder if he will be a scholar and excel in academics, and then I quickly think how we will need to get a tutor to keep up with him because I don't think Tex and I will be much help :)

I wonder about what kind of woman he will marry and if I will like her and if she will like me. I hope they will come to Christmas at our house some of the times so we can share the joy of holidays with them.

And as my mind takes me to far off places to a future I can't control or change I realize that I am missing this moment, right here, right now, in the present and that all of the what if's can wait. So, I vow to live more like Palmer today.... Where my days aren't planned and the hardest thing I have to do is love and be loved! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Babies On the Brain!

This is one of my favorite pictures of some of the kiddos!!!! We are so glad to be growing at a rapid speed! By November we will have 3 more babies to add to this picture! I don't think we will ever get them to all look in the same direction! :)

I am just so excited about the new arrival of all of these babies! So many of my great friends are having babies and I just love the thought of one day all of our children playing together! I think that is so neat to have such close friends and watch our children grow up together! We are so blessed to have a great group of friends!!!

*** CONGRATULATIONS Lindsey and Brandon and a BABY BOY!!! I am still in shock I thought for sure you were having a little pinkie! Palmer is beyond excited to have someone he can play with though! Him and Cannon were getting out numbered!

**** Whit is 3 weeks to the day away from having baby Emerson!!! I often think about her throughout the day remembering when I was 3 weeks away from having Palmer! The excitement, the nervousness, the anxiety, and just being plain uncomfortable! You will be an amazing mom to #2 and Ava will be a great big sis!!!

****** I am still so happy that baby Riley is progreessing so well!!! Not too much longer for Erin either! Can't wait till the baby shower to see all of the cute girly things she will get!

******* We are off to Owensboro to see Cannon and Tatum, so hopefully Palmer will behave around the babies! We are so excited to just get some time with them and to watch all of the kids play!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Things are going well here, just keep on keeping on!!! I wish my camera wasn't broken but I will try and add some pics soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Something to Ponder....

I LOVE quotes and I was lucky enough to have someone email this quote to me. Most emails anymore I just scan thru and delete without much thought. This however must have struck me on one of those days. You know the days that you want to see more meaning in everything you look at? You try to stare at the papers on the desk as if they were going to somehow send waves of inspiration and motivation thru your veins. Or as you are watching the the pampers commercial you tear up for no reason. I am constantly looking for signs but I think sometimes when we are looking to hard we miss the very signs that are in front our face.

Do you ever feel like you were put on this earth to do something special or meaningful? I have always had that feeling since I was little girl that I was put on this earth to change something or someone, or have an impact on something or someone.... I just know that I haven't figured it out yet but that one day it will come to me. Don't get me wrong I don't think I am going to save the world or stop global warming, nor do I want to. I just know I have a tiny duty in this world to be fulfilled and I haven't done it yet. I have always wanted to have one of those wake from the dead ephiany's that everyone talks about. Or I love how people have the AH-HA moments when watching Oprah, I haven't ever had one of those. I don't think mine will come with such force somehow I think it will creep up behind me and tap me on the shoulder when I am least expecting it. I hope that I figure it out though cause I know I have a purpose out there for sure!

Now let me jump off my soap box.... I got WAY off track. Anyways! This quote I thought was just profound. I think sometimes my priorities get way off track. I think that sometimes trying to win this rat race and keep up with the Jones' makes us lose focus on the priorities we should be focusing on. I watched The Bucket List this weekend and it is such a cute movie! It definitely gives perspective to how you should live life, really living it with no regret!

Ok, so now for the quote....

"There is such power in being clear about what's important to you. Knowing what's important not only defines your priorities, it also gives you a basis from which you can determine what to say yes to and when to say no. Once you have your priorities in place, then the only question to ask yourself is "does this or doesn’t this activity support my priority?""

What a simple concept! Everything in your life can be boiled down to one simple question, "does this or doesn't this activity support my priority!" And then you have an excuse to say NO to all of the stuff that clutters our lives! Simply, because it doesn't support my priorities! I love it!

What is important to you? I know my priorties for this moment in time....
1. God 2. Family 3. Friends 4. Working on a better me so I can give more to my first 3 priorities!!

So, as of today those are mine. Very simple ones not complicated but worth making them my priorities! May everyone find a way to keep their priorities straight cause goodness knows how hard it is to do!

Friday, June 13, 2008


This is sadly the best family photo we took
in Destin! I shouldn't complain at least we are all

looking in the same direction!

I LOVE this pictures of Kathy and the grandkids, I think it is so beautiful! I love the way everyone is looking in different directions and Ethan is so sweetly trying to Coax Palmer to walk!

Thank Goodness it is Friday! We have a wide open weekend, and I LOVE IT! Tonight we have Tex's softball game if the weather cooperates and pizza night! Tomorrow we are hopefully spending the day at the pool... and Sunday I think Myke and Kathy are coming and celebrating Fathers Day! It is shaping up to be a pretty nice little weekend :)

I do have to give a shout out to my precious P! He has moved into the "Explorer" room....politely titled for the 5 kids in the room that are the "Explorers". I certainly could think of some more choice phrases for what stage those children are in right now but I doubt any would be appropriate to put as a name tag :)

So, anyways precious P is in the big boy room and when I mean big boy I am serious! He eats at a little table and chairs with his friends, takes naps on mats, and get this do a craft project daily! Yesterday he experimented with crayons! I can't wait to see what kind of masterpieces he produces. We already have him pegged as 1. A Genius 2. The next David Beckham and now 3. Picasso Jr.

He went for his one year appointment yesterday and other than hating his shots he passed with flying colors. He has officially jumped into the 40% for height and weight and his noggin is in the 97%!!! (It is big for that genius brain!) I was so proud, that whole milk is putting on some LB's!!!

It seems like we finally have this parenting thing a little more under control and it only took a year! Maybe with our second one we will be a little faster!

Everyone have a great weekend and to all of the Fathers out there a WONDERFUL Fathers Day!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am all caught up and ready for the weekend!!!!

I feel as if a 100 pound weight has been lifted off of my shoulders (not really) but I am SO glad to have caught up on my blogging! I feel as though I can start fresh and not bombard each entry with 1000 things I haven't said yet or 100 pictures I haven't posted!!! I am officially caught up and can start posting on a regular basis now!

A couple of random thoughts in the mind of Blake:
* The weather is beautiful, so glad it is not so humid today!
* Do you think it is awful that at 27 I have to sneak into an apartment pool with my child just to go swim? I don't care it is too hot outside and Palmer and I are going swimming darn it :)
* I wish work was over only 1 1/2 more hours!
* I wish tonight was Thursday I have missed SO many episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, I can't wait to get caught up!
* I don't especially like my book club book this month "Three Cups of Tea" I am hoping it will get better, but for those of you looking for a book 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult is awesome! Long but worth it!
* I am SO excited I got my fathers day shopping done early! Too bad my cards are still in my trunk and I keep forgetting to send them out!
* My house is clean, clean! Isn't that the best feeling to come home to a clean house or the worst to come home to a messy one?
Speaking of clean houses, do you all clean your house before you leave on vacation? I guess I got this from my mom but Tex thinks it is the silliest thing he has ever heard of but I HATE coming home to a messy house especially when you are sad to leave the beach!
* And Lastly, Happy Hump Day! Tomorrow is already Thursday!!!


For the sake of driving myself crazy I am not going to label these pictures! I am not the most savy blogger and I don't know how these layouts work, etc.... So, I am a slacker and this is what you are going to get :) haha Here are some of my fav pictures from P's birthday weekend!!! Sorry for the delay and sorry there are so many! Hope you enjoy we did!

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Dearest Palmer

I am behind on my one year old letter. Sorry! We have been running around like crazy this past month. Palmer, you have truly turned into the most amazing and happy little boy. You have grown before my eyes into this minature person full of personality and spunk. My favorite thing to ask you when I get home from work is if you halo is shining as bright as it was when I left! You just laugh and think that is so funny.

You are so loving already and everything you do brings a smile to me and your daddy and to everyone that is around you. You are so smart! You can say Love You, Bye, Ball, Momma, Dada... you point to everything around you and you are so observant. It amazes me that you have the attention span to watch a movie and you laugh at the funny parts!

You started walking about a week before your birthday and now you take off and refuse to crawl. Today you walked all the way down the hall to your classroom, I was so proud! I just stare at you and think about how amazing you are and how much you have grown into a little boy and not so much my baby anymore. It makes me sad but it also excites me to know how many things we get look forward to as you grow. How many milestones we will record throughout the years!!!

This is truly been my favorite time with you. It seems like your daddy and I FINALLY have things down pat and we can finally relax and watch you play and be a big boy! You have been the light of our lives and the joy in our hearts this entire year. I wish you so much joy and happiness throughout your life and I wish I could guard you from all the hurt and pain that is out there but I won't be able to, but I will be able to stand there and hold you when it happens. I love who you are becoming each day and I hope that your daddy and I will be good examples to you and how to live your life. You deserve the best of everything and I hope we can give it to you. We love you, Mommy and Daddy!


I don't know where the time has gone! For the few people that do read my blog :) I apologize for the delay, totally unacceptable. Things have been SO crazy for the Templetons I don't know where to begin this post will probably be long and rambling, so sorry in advance! I have so many pictures that I will post them seperately!~....

It started off with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Joe being in Louisville for 2 weeks mid-to-late May. We were with them a lot and had SO much fun. I miss them already and they haven't even "officially" left yet. They are leaving for Minnesota Tuesday keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they embark on a new journey in their lives!!! I don't think it has hit me that they are leaving for good I don't want them to go but I know it is only temporary!

Then Mom came in May 19th so we had lots more family time with her!!

The next major event was Palmer getting his first haircut at Sports Clips nonetheless. He was SO good and sat all by himself in the booster seat and ate his 1st sucker. I didn't realize how long his hair was until we got it cut, it looks much better!

Then of course was the mini family birthday party on his real 1st birthday! It was fun to have a special moment with just the family to watch him eat his cupcake (which he didn't do) and to open his toys (which again he didn't do). I of course had the small meltdown that led to tears and a bear hug from my mom thinking of the miracle of his birth just one year before. It just seems amazing to me that I am a mother to a one year old, is that possible?

Next of course was the big blow out!! Palmer's 1st birthday party went better than I could have ever expected everything was perfect, Palmer had a blast, the weather was great, I didn't stress too much :) and the day just fell together. Most of all Palmer was surrounded by all of the people who love him and love his parents and that was the best part of all. The day was hit with presents, ice cream, pinatas and a lot of screaming kids!!!

It felt like as soon as we cleaned up the birthday party and got back to normal is was time to take the big family trip to Florida!!! We went to visit my mom in Destin and Tex's family (Kathy, Tricia, Johnny, Katelyn and Ethan) were all in tow as well. They stayed at SeaScape and we stayed with mom and Scott. It was an AWESOME trip! Palmer did SO good in his face forward carseat and he watched his dvd player the whole time! (thanks neenie!) It was such a great trip and Palmer had a blast. Definitely a family oriented vacation not like our wild and crazy days! haha

We just got back yesterday so we are beat and out of our routine so we are going to use this weekend to relax and catch up on sleep and laundry!!! I will post tons of pictures as soon as I get a chance!!!