Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Weekend was AMAZING! It was every thing I had wanted. Precious time with my family, precious times with my friends and lots of sun and pool time!! We were busy this weekend, with girls cookouts, a ton of my family came to the pool Sunday to celebrate Palmer's birthday (again!, he is one lucky boy) and I got to see my kids LOVE the pool. I couldn't ask for much more!
Miss Hollywood trying on her sunglasses for the pool!

Palmer with his lighting Mcqueen kickboard (thanks aunt jamie, HUGE hit!)

Belle all decked out in the nicest princess floatie device I have ever seen and of course and adorable ensemble of swim wear! I love that girl!

Here she is with that tongue! She loves it!

Palmer jumped off the diving board for the first time this season! Of course Tex was down below but he wasn't scared at all, now if he could just swim to the side, it would be perfect!

Here I come!

This is my favorite picture of the weekend! Ashley had her other nephew in town and Joey and Palmer are the same age and he came with us to the pool. They loved hanging out with each other and thought it was so cool to match!

I am a little bummed about my lack of pictures this weekend. I did take more but apparently there was a sunscreen smudge on my camera that made everyone look like a white blob! ha!

I am pretty sure the highlight of my whole weekend was after 31 years of life I saw my dad in swim trunks and no shirt for the first time ever!! And he even got in the pool and played with the kiddos the whole time! I know for many of you that is an everday occurence but this was hilarious, amazing and surreal for me and my sister and brother! It made the whole weekend!

Thank you to all of the men and women who risk theirs lives daily for our freedom. I know that I constantly take that for granted and it is so important to remember that this life we have been given didn't know come without a price. Thank you for serving our country past, present and future! We hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

Girls Cookout!

I am so blessed to still be close to the same girls that I went to college with. We may not talk every day or see each other every week but we always make time to meet up a few times a year and have a girls day/night. We have grown up together since we were 18 years old. We have become graduates together, professionals, wives, moms and I like to think pretty amazing women in general! When we get together it is like no time passes!

We met at Jamie's house for a girl cookout with one requirement... we had to meet the latest babies born into this group of girls! I got a pic of everyone but baby Grayson!!! Sorry G, you know Aunt Blake loves you :)

Baby Sofia! She is the newest addition to the group at 9 weeks. She is a doll baby!

Ryder is the oldest of the new "boooom" :) He will be 1 in July! He is one handsome boy!

This is Beckham him and Grayson were born about 6 weeks apart and this was my first time meeting him, he is SO loveable and chubby, you just want to kiss on him!

Our "pose" that we have done since our Chi Omega days back in 1998 :) haha So very thankful to have such awesome friends in my life! It was a perfect girls day!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I woke up this morning feeling a little down, and feeling sorry for myself. When I got to work I received this email. These are pictures of a State Farm agents office (what is left of it) in Joplin, MO. All I can say is wow! What an instant perspective. I can't imagine what the people of Jopli, Mo are going thru or everyone that has been affected by all of the natural disasters around the world lately.
Please say a prayer today for all of the people that have been devastated by these terrible, terrible storms!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It is hard enough to even type that my baby boy is four let alone say it out loud. When they say to enjoy every moment because it goes by way too fast that is an understatement. These past four years have gone by in the blink of an eye! I look back now and feel like I have grown up with Palmer. I look back at how naive I was and how we didn't have a clue what we were doing as parents. We soon learned to forgo the books and do what our guts and hearts told us to do. What our guts and hearts told us to do was love our children unconditionally, if there is anything I have done right I truly feel like I have shown my kids that they are loved each and everyday. I may forget to brush teeth at night, our diets are NOT full of nutrition most days, rules are broken and mistakes are made but there isn't a day that goes by without tons of hugs, kisses and "I love yous" and hopefully in the end that will be what they remember about their childhood.
Palmer has this effect on me like no one else. He is my buddy, my right hand man, my mommas boy and my mini soul mate :) Palmer you have grown up SO much this year and I am SO proud of the boy you are becoming. You are so sweet and caring, you are so funny and witty, you are creative and intuitive and you never cease to make me laugh on a daily basis.

You LOVE your family beyond words. You are still the happiest when you are with your family whether it be with us, your cousins, grandparents, aunts or uncles, you love every minute of it! You don't need to be anywhere special but rather you enjoy those moments at home being surrounded by the people that mean the most to you in the whole world and I love that about you!

Your obsession for all  "trains, planes and automobiles" has not wavered. You probably can name more cars on the road than I can and as of right now you are torn between wanting a corvette convertible or a motorcycle when you grow up :) Maybe you will have both one day!

These two girls have your heart! I know I am bias but I really feel like what you and Ann Mason have is something I can't even find words for. You all love each other so deeply and strongly it is amazing. It is the reason I want to fill my home with more kids because of the bond that you two have. You are such a good big brother!!! And the little one to the right (Bellies) you are particularly fond of! She is the reason you ask me for a little sister on a daily basis :) You love her so much and find so much joy in watching her every move! Right now your cousins are your best friends and I hope that you always stay close with each other!

I am amazed by you everyday! You have become this confident, outgoing and caring little boy that isn't scared to try new things now and rides his bike at the speed of light! Gone are the days of my shy and cautious little boy, you have blossomed into quite the personality!

I'll love your forever, I'll like you for always...As long as I'm living my baby you'll be!

Happy 4th Birthday Palmer! You are such a joy in our hearts and a light in our lives! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Annie and Molly!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Victories

I just got one of the best calls.... Palmer called to tell me he POOPED in the POTTY! A little background... Palmer has been "potty trained" for at least a year and a half with #1. He wears underwear all day, everyday and never has accidents. Now #2 is another story! He is deathly scared of doing #2 on the potty and has built up so much anxiety about it.

As any good parent would do we totally used his 4th birthday party as leverage this week. We told him that we couldn't have a birthday party for him if he didn't poop on the potty. (Don't judge, we had no more tricks in the hat :) So we have been going back and forth from the potty with tears just trying everything for him to conquer his fear. Last night ended in tears and frustration as his anxiety won and he just couldn't make himself go.

Apparently today he was ready to try again. Tex said he tried to scratch his back and make him relax and finally Palmer said "Dad, I am ready just leave me alone" so Tex left the bathroom and the miracle happened! The joy in his voice when he called me at work to tell me of his big accomplishment was priceless!!

When I was talking to Tex I heard Palmer in the background singing "Go Palmer, Go Palmer!" Tex said he was SO excited and dancing around the living room! Words can never describe the love I have for Palmer and Ann Mason and to hear them so excited makes me SO happy!

So the birthday party is ON!!! Let the countdown begin :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Days!

Tex has become  very creative when it comes to ideas for the kiddos during the week! One place we found was Louisville Gymnastics. You can pay $5 a child and go to their open gym any day of the week for an hour. The kids have LOVED it, especially during the cold months.

I had never gotten to go until a  couple of weeks ago to see what this place was all about. They were right, it is GREAT and they had a blast! Here are some pics of them showing off!
Annie on the rings, she is NOT scared of anything!

Jumping on the trampoline.

Jumping into the foam pit!

Swinging from the ropes (I wish we had this set up at our house!)

She literally will try anything!

Palmer is much more "skilled" at his gymnastics, look at that run :)

It was so much fun watching them show me all of the stuff they had learned to do! I know they are going to miss these fun days with Tex but we will definitely make it a point to keep them up whenever we can!

Long Overdue....

Man!!!  I have been behind!! The Templeton's are on countdown mode for Daddy to start his new job and go to training and I am majorly slightly freaking out! I do not like change and I am getting ready to brace myself to get on this "change roller coaster" for the next 13 weeks. I keep telling myself just one day at a time, not the whole 13 weeks in one day!!

So, we have been busy embracing the time left before everything changes in our household and enjoying time as a family as much as we can! We have been busy with soccer games and make up games, working, riding bikes and planning a certain little boys 4th birthday party!!

So as promised I am posting pics from Mothers day! Both Ann Mason and I weren't feeling so hot on Sunday so we skipped church :( and slept in and woke up and I decided I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant Fuji! We didn't know if it would be a success or a disaster with the kiddos, luckily it was a success! Here are some pics from my wonderful mothers day lunch!~
The kiddos being silly with Tex! 
Palmer trying to smile cause I am begging him... have you noticed the small zoo of animals over to the right! Palmer brought his whole playroom but at least it kept them entertained!

Our family photo, everyone is looking at the camera although Ann Mason looks like she wants to break the camera on the floor! haha

The kids eating their MISO soup, they LOVED it!

The chef getting ready! Palmer was terrified when I mentioned fire and Annie was all for it!

Palmer just waiting for the fire, he is intense!

The "onion volcano"

Finally the Fire! They both sat and watched and even clapped after he was done cooking! It was a great mothers day!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Watch Out Road!!

Annie and Palmer got NEW bikes!!! One of Palmer's birthday presents came early! Since it was going to be SO nice outside this whole week and Palmer was dying for a new bike Tex and I decided to go ahead and get him his new bike for his birthday!!! We quickly realized that we weren't going to get out of Walmart with just one bike! So Annie scored and got a new bike too :) 

This picture sums it up. I LOVE the way that Ann Mason is looking at Palmer. She loves him! We had to ride the bikes up to the cash register which was NOT SO fun! You aren't getting the full effect,  this picture is missing the transformer and barbie helmets as well as the "honkers" that go on the front of the bikes! haha

We took the new bikes over to Aunt Ashley's so that they could show Belle their cool new bikes :) These two are going to change the roads forever! Happy Biking Palmer and Ann Mason!

Sweetest Gift Ever!

I am SO behind on my posts mainly because my USB cord is still missing and I can't download any pics!!! But I took a few with my camera phone of the sweetest gift ever! I have been asking for an apron, mainly because a lot of times when I walk in the kids are starving and I am still in my work clothes and it never fails I get an oil spot on my shirt :) It is not that I am Miss Betty Crocker (I wish I was!) and need to look all fancy, more so that I am a MESSY cook that doesn't want to ruin her clothes :) Anyways, totally not the point...

So, Friday I got home and the kids were WAY too excited to wait so this was laying out on the table! Tex never ceases to amaze me with thoughtful gifts like these. These gifts mean more to me than all of the expensive gifts in the world. To see Annie, Palmer and Tex's face was priceless too! I have a whole post on Mother's day but wanted to share this in the meantime!
Tex was so embarrassed but I thought it was cute and hilarious He forgot the word "day" so it says Happy Mothers 2011 :) heehee I think it makes it that much more special!  

Well, this was the best shot we could get with it on! See what I mean I literally have kids beating on me to make food right when I walk in the door! The blur down below is a hungry Ann Mason wanting food NOW! :)

I have been blessed beyond measure to be a mother to two amazing children and I have been blessed to have been given a mother and mother in law who love me unconditionally! I said a lot of prayers on Mothers Day because as blessed as I am I know there are a lot of people that are waiting for their call to be a mother. I can't imagine their struggles and I can't pretend to. I pray for everyone who is a mother, missing their mother and waiting to be a mother!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Retail Therapy

I just wrote a huge blog post and my computer went down and I lost it all! So this is the more condensed version! I am BORED and at work on this beautiful Oaks day when the rest of Louisville is literally shut down! Although I am bored, I secretly am loving it...shhhhh don't tell my husband or kids! I have gotten to sit here for 4 hours in silence browsing the Internet, checking my bank account, updating my calendar, paying bills and now blogging. I know this may not sound fun to most people but to me this is WONDERFUL!

So as I was online shopping (actually not buying anything) just window shopping via the Internet I decided that I had some must share websites on the brain! Some of you may know these, some of you may not. If you don't go to them and get acquainted, they are AWESOME!

The first one is Zulily and it showcases different brands each day and they have HUGE deals for that brand that last about 2 weeks. For instance I bought Ann Mason a pair of "squeaker" shoes that are normally $40 for $14.99 the other day. They have awesome name brands like le top, Nicole Miller, Baby Nay, Baby Lulu and so much more! You have to sign up with an email but it is totally worth it! They have stuff for adults too, it is awesome!

The second website I just discovered today and maybe everyone has known about this one for a while but it is CSN Stores I got it off another blogger who bought all of her nursery furniture on there. It literally has anything and everything you would ever want or need for awesome prices!!! If you sign up you get 3% back on all purchases and member only buys and sales! I can't wait to look at this site more.

Another site that I ADORE that is probably pretty popular by now is ETSY, for some reason it took me a while to figure it out when I first got on it a long time ago but now I am a pro and LOVE IT! They have different buyers that sell items that they make. I just bought myself  a mothers day present from there and I can't wait for it to come in! It is a sterling silver and copper hand stamped necklace that has two discs with Palmer and Ann Mason's name on it. Hard to explain but so cute! You can find designer looking outfits for WAY cheaper on this site!!!

I still love amazon, I use this website mainly for used books and dvds for myself and the kids! It is the greatest ever. You can look up any movie and find it "used" for about 1/4 of the cost. I have never bought a "used" book or dvd that didn't come in great condition! I can't bring myself to pay full price for movies or books ever again!

I will forever love EBAY for pretty much everything random! It is where I scored Ann Mason's Easter dress monogrammed and everything for $18 and it is wear I buy all of her bows from as well. I have bought everything from jewelry to electronics on EBAY and love it!

Also while we are on the topic of shopping online and saving money! NEVER, EVER I repeat NEVER, EVER buy something online without first googling to see if there is a coupon out there for it. For instance, if I am going to buy something from let's say the Gap. I google Gap Coupons and at least 20 sites come up with coupon codes. You can at least get free shipping or 10% off every time, sometimes more.

So cheers to shopping online and saving money! I only have 20 more minutes so I better get back on it. If anyone has any other websites that are awesome and a good deal, let me know, I love to look around!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Different Generation

I had to laugh at this story... I was telling my sister Ashley how much Ann Mason talks and how much she already knows and says at 2 and it is just amazing! Ashley was laughing and said that when Ann Mason was over at her house last night she picked up a book about Moses. Ashley sat down and read to her and basically said " This is baby Moses and he grows up to be a man and he loves Jesus, etc..."

She then heard Ann Mason in the corner with the book repeating what she said probably in her own two year old language "This baby Moses, he growed up, Jesus love him and he had two cellphones!" Ashley quickly realized that Ann Mason thought Moses' two tablets of the ten commandments were his two cell phones! ha!

I realized that my kids are definitely growing up in a different world but I had to laugh because in Ann Mason's eyes two cell phones are pretty darn important so I think she got that Moses was a pretty important dude, which is all that matters :)

Louisville is a buzz about the Derby, which celebs are coming in town and all of the festivities, etc... I feel so out of it and I wish I was embracing it since it will be our last year in Louisville to attend everything but with little kids I think we just kind of let it pass by. So, we may or may not be the only people in Louisville with no Derby plans this weekend :) but I am ok with that! I am just SO glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I will make this short and sweet :) because the details are mostly irrelevant but so that you all don't think I am crazy when I start talking about moving again I figured I would just go on and make a note of it! haha  To make a long story short we had to retract our offer from the house in Owensboro. We had put in the offer a clause that was contingent on Tex knowing that he would be in Owensboro 100% and by the date that we had to know by we just weren't given the 100% confirmation that we needed to move ahead with the home.

I think I cried for at least 5 hours that day, it was the day before we left for Vacation. It wasn't just because of the home (although that was a HUGE part of it because I LOVED that home with everything in me!) but more because now we have to wait and I have to be patient and I have to be still until the answers come and this goes against everything I have in me! I am scared to be without Tex for so long while he is in training, I am scared to not have all of the plans mapped out and ready to go and I am scared of just not knowing period!!!  I will just continue to pray that everything will work out because it always does but sometimes it is just so hard to trust!!

I will keep you updated but for right now we are just going to be still and keep life as normal as possible until we get word probably in July of where we will be moving and when!!


Well, we finally got to Easter Day!!! It was a wonderful and relaxing day with our family! It was bittersweet as it was one of our last holidays in Louisville but we had a great time! Church was great, the kiddos looked adorable, the food was delicious and the nap afterwards was even better! It was a great low key Easter for the Templeton's!
Annie's Easter Suprises!

Palmer's Easter Surprises!

I think they both liked what the Easter Bunny brought them, I love these two!

Ann Mason Easter 2011! She looks so sweet and innocent! haha I LOVE this dress, I want to hang it up and save it forever! She looked beautiful!

My two favorite little people, look how sweet Palmer is... they love each other so much!

We had to get a "silly" picture and this is what they chose :)

Neenie and Pop were in to celebrate with us. We had to get Belle in th e picture, she is the happiest girl in the world! Notice my two are holding on to her hand as tight as they can, they love Bellies!

Ann Mason wanted no part in picture taking after a while so here is 3/4 of our family on Easter!

Vacation 2011

Here are some of our pictures from our Vacation to Scottsdale, AZ! That is why I have been MIA on my blog, we were on a vacay!! This was Tex and I's first real vacation since our honeymoon almost 7 years ago!!! When I say "real" I mean just the two of us flying somewhere for more than a few nights.

We went to Scottsdale, AZ on a whim. I hadn't had time to get too excited about the vacation with everything going on so when we got there I was beyond pleasantly surprised!! The vacation was WONDERFUL like better than our first honeymoon WONDERFUL! I think we appreciated the time we got to spend with each other more and we embraced the calm and relaxing atmosphere where as when we were younger we were wanting action packed and now we were perfectly content with laying by the pool reading, eating a nice dinner and shopping at night! haha

Let's just say I was shocked by how much I loved Arizona!!! I NEVER saw one cloud in the sky, ever! If Tex and I didn't have two kids and a dog that we LOVE very much we seriously would have probably just stayed there and started working for the resort we stayed at and rented an apartment, we loved it that much! I can't wait to go back!

I can honestly say that I love my husband more today than ever and I am SO thankful to have been able to spend time with him and reconnect with him as Blake and Tex not mommy and daddy, just for a few days! It was wonderful and relaxing in every way possible!!!