Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Days!

Tex has become  very creative when it comes to ideas for the kiddos during the week! One place we found was Louisville Gymnastics. You can pay $5 a child and go to their open gym any day of the week for an hour. The kids have LOVED it, especially during the cold months.

I had never gotten to go until a  couple of weeks ago to see what this place was all about. They were right, it is GREAT and they had a blast! Here are some pics of them showing off!
Annie on the rings, she is NOT scared of anything!

Jumping on the trampoline.

Jumping into the foam pit!

Swinging from the ropes (I wish we had this set up at our house!)

She literally will try anything!

Palmer is much more "skilled" at his gymnastics, look at that run :)

It was so much fun watching them show me all of the stuff they had learned to do! I know they are going to miss these fun days with Tex but we will definitely make it a point to keep them up whenever we can!

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