Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Watch Out Road!!

Annie and Palmer got NEW bikes!!! One of Palmer's birthday presents came early! Since it was going to be SO nice outside this whole week and Palmer was dying for a new bike Tex and I decided to go ahead and get him his new bike for his birthday!!! We quickly realized that we weren't going to get out of Walmart with just one bike! So Annie scored and got a new bike too :) 

This picture sums it up. I LOVE the way that Ann Mason is looking at Palmer. She loves him! We had to ride the bikes up to the cash register which was NOT SO fun! You aren't getting the full effect,  this picture is missing the transformer and barbie helmets as well as the "honkers" that go on the front of the bikes! haha

We took the new bikes over to Aunt Ashley's so that they could show Belle their cool new bikes :) These two are going to change the roads forever! Happy Biking Palmer and Ann Mason!

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