Monday, May 30, 2011

Girls Cookout!

I am so blessed to still be close to the same girls that I went to college with. We may not talk every day or see each other every week but we always make time to meet up a few times a year and have a girls day/night. We have grown up together since we were 18 years old. We have become graduates together, professionals, wives, moms and I like to think pretty amazing women in general! When we get together it is like no time passes!

We met at Jamie's house for a girl cookout with one requirement... we had to meet the latest babies born into this group of girls! I got a pic of everyone but baby Grayson!!! Sorry G, you know Aunt Blake loves you :)

Baby Sofia! She is the newest addition to the group at 9 weeks. She is a doll baby!

Ryder is the oldest of the new "boooom" :) He will be 1 in July! He is one handsome boy!

This is Beckham him and Grayson were born about 6 weeks apart and this was my first time meeting him, he is SO loveable and chubby, you just want to kiss on him!

Our "pose" that we have done since our Chi Omega days back in 1998 :) haha So very thankful to have such awesome friends in my life! It was a perfect girls day!!

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