Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Overdue....

Man!!!  I have been behind!! The Templeton's are on countdown mode for Daddy to start his new job and go to training and I am majorly slightly freaking out! I do not like change and I am getting ready to brace myself to get on this "change roller coaster" for the next 13 weeks. I keep telling myself just one day at a time, not the whole 13 weeks in one day!!

So, we have been busy embracing the time left before everything changes in our household and enjoying time as a family as much as we can! We have been busy with soccer games and make up games, working, riding bikes and planning a certain little boys 4th birthday party!!

So as promised I am posting pics from Mothers day! Both Ann Mason and I weren't feeling so hot on Sunday so we skipped church :( and slept in and woke up and I decided I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant Fuji! We didn't know if it would be a success or a disaster with the kiddos, luckily it was a success! Here are some pics from my wonderful mothers day lunch!~
The kiddos being silly with Tex! 
Palmer trying to smile cause I am begging him... have you noticed the small zoo of animals over to the right! Palmer brought his whole playroom but at least it kept them entertained!

Our family photo, everyone is looking at the camera although Ann Mason looks like she wants to break the camera on the floor! haha

The kids eating their MISO soup, they LOVED it!

The chef getting ready! Palmer was terrified when I mentioned fire and Annie was all for it!

Palmer just waiting for the fire, he is intense!

The "onion volcano"

Finally the Fire! They both sat and watched and even clapped after he was done cooking! It was a great mothers day!!

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