Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Twilight Series!

For anyone that hasn't heard of the twilight series you are seriously missing out on some good stuff! These books are by Stephanie Meyer and for some reason in the last month you can't turn on the radio without hearing about these books and everyone you see with a book in hand 90% of the time is reading one of these 4 books! They are the next best thing to harry potter but with more lust and good stuff! haha

When I first heard about them thru a friend at work the word "VAMPIRE" turned me off! I am not into sci-fi books and have never had an interest in ghosts, vampires, gobblins, etc.... but the minute I opened Twighlight (the first book in the 4 book series) I was hooked!

I think that about 4 of my friends are currently reading these books and we all HEART EDWARD CULLEN! It is pretty bad when your childs daycare teacher told me that she had to tell her husband that she was in love with another man, that man is Edward Cullen! He is the main character of the book and a total BABE! I mean you read the book and immediately turn into a hormonal teenage girl whose moods depend on whether or not Edward talks to her! To be young again!

Absolutley great books, go out and GET THEM IMMEDIATELY!!! I would never lie to you :)

Picture Wednesday~

So, where to begin....

Since my last post I have had my ultrasound. Baby T #2 was lively and kicking! He/She was so fun to watch. Unfortunately he/she was having so much fun that they couldn't do the testing so we are going back tomorrow to have another one! I LOVE ultrasounds so I don't care! I wish they could tell what the baby is but it is probably too early :) I will have to wait, wait, wait!

We went to BG this weekend for Ava's party! It was SO cute, Dora theme and all! Whit did a great job and all the kids had fun! Too bad at this age you go to all of the trouble decorating and buying presents and the birthday princess was playing with rocks in the yard the whole time! Go figure? :) Palmer was definitely his enthusiastic self and had fun tearing apart Ava's room and every stuffed animal in it!

As for daycare we had a few rough days of me crying and wanting to apply to Outback for night shifts so I could stay at home during the day with Palmer! Luckily this week has really taken a turn for the better and Palmer is adjusting to his new/old daycare and today after a few minutes of getting him oriented he even sent me off with a wave and a smile! Hallelujah! What a relief!

This is a short week for me because on Friday I am headed to Chicago!!! I can't wait I get to hang out with one of my best friends for 3 nights and go shopping, eat good food, and go see the Broadway play WICKED!!! I will lots of pics and stories I am sure! Also, Joe and Ashley will be there with some of their friends so I will get to see her which makes it even better!

Tex is headed in the mini to the big Boro with Palmer and Molly! I think he is nervous to be "alone" for 3 nights but that is why he is going to see his mommy! haha He gets mad when I say that! I am sure they will have an equally great time playing the whole weekend and when I come back all refreshed after some mommy time we will spend a glorious Monday reuniting and hanging out together!

I am hoping I get some better shots of baby T #2 than last time! I would have posted them but I can't even tell what the tech was taking a pic of :) So, maybe I will have some more tomorrow!

Here are some pics of Palmer and Prathers B-day weekend! Sorry so behind!

Me & The Hubby at the lake

Blake & Jamie at the lake

Blake, Katie, Jamie at

Prathers 30th Birthday


Palmer "cracking" himself up!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Ramblings.....

I have been a terrible blogger lately and just haven't been in the mood to share much about what has been going on.... Being a parent is by far the most difficult thing that I have ever done in my life. No one can prepare you for the worry, for the sleepless nights of tossing and turning because your not sure how the decisions you are making today are shaping the future of your little one. No one could ever prepare you for the knots in your stomach as you watch your child cling to your leg in fear, not wanting you to leave them for the day. No one could ever prepare you for the love that you feel every night just watching them sleep and just praying that you are doing what is best for your child.

This has been a hard few weeks. We switched about 6 months ago over to Palmer's new daycare because we were "WOWED" by the looks of the facility. It is state of the art and has the potential to be a wonderful institution for little kids. Unfortunately over the last month we have gone thru many ups and downs with changing of teachers, inconsistency, and staff not knowing what is going on. IE: I would walk in and Palmer would have on a different outfit and no one could tell me why, or I would ask if he was given his medicine and they would tell me yes, when in reality it was never given to him at all, etc... Palmer adapts well to daycare and has always enjoyed it and in the last month he has been terrified for me to leave, clinging to my leg, running to the door. I tried to chalk it up to his age but a mom's instinct knows better, something more was going on.

Yesterday was the last straw when Tex picked him up and he was hyperventilating crying and there was an Asian women in his room that speaks broken English and a 17 year old and no one could communicate well enough to tell Tex why he was so upset! That was it, all the nerves and crying over the last month came to a head and thankfully I was rational enough to not A. Quit my job and live off Credit Cards for a while or B. Go drive the mini into the daycares front door!

I was beside myself and just thought what am I doing? What am I doing as a parent, how can I be doing this to my child on a daily basis? As fate would have it while I was crying at my desk for the 5th time in two days Palmer's old daycare called my office? Just so happened they were just checking on us and missed Palmer and wished we would come back! Are they serious?Did they have a spy cam or what? I felt humiliated and humbled because my sole basis for leaving there was over material things such as looks and a new facility. I loved all of the teachers over there but when I saw the sparkling plasma and the shiny new playground all was lost on me! I have learned my lesson big time!!! I don't care how nice the facility is the people are what make up the facility and if they love my child that is all that matters!

So, today Palmer started back at his old daycare! All of his old teachers/babysitters were standing at the front door awaiting the arrival of Palmer's big return! He greeted them with a huge smile! He immediately wanted down, started playing and even waved bye bye to me! I cried again but this time because I was so happy and relieved! We were back where we belonged!

My worrying as a parent will never be over but for now the knots in my stomach are fading and my mind can go back to concentrating on other things (hopefully my work so I don't get fired!) I know this is just a blimp in our timeline but I am thankful that for the moment I can relax and enjoy my time with my family!!!

Other Random Ramblings....

**Ashley and Joe are OFFICIALLY Louisvillians!!! Louisville here they come! I am ecstatic and I am so thankful that one of my prayers was answered! I have been missing my family like crazy and this will help ease that distance and longing!!!

** Ava is turning 2 tomorrow and Palmer gets to go to a Birthday Party this weekend!!! He is so excited! He loves to party and eat cake and ice cream!!!

**** Tomorrow I go for a "real" ultrasound and it will be my first glimpse at seeing Baby T #2 in all of his/her GLORY! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The End of My First Trimester!

I am 12 weeks today!!! Hallelujah! Hopefully my energy will be 100% soon! So far everything has gone great I am keeping my fingers crossed for an easy pregnancy :)

All of my pregnant friends are doing great as well! Kelly is hanging in there and looking forward to second trimester! Linds is doing great at about 29 weeks and is getting excited to work on Will's nursery and poor Ernie, she is a trooper with only 31/2 or so weeks to go! I am thinking about every one of you all! It goes by in the blink of an eye!!

Well, here is my weekly update from What to Expect website.... just wanted to keep you all posted on Baby T #2's development! I had my first "gender" dream and you guessed it BOY all the way :) I will end up with a whole soccer team or maybe a few Michael Phelps!

Random Note: Palmer got his first big boy Diego toothbrush last night and he brushed his teeth for 2 hours! He loved it so much he fell asleep with it! He is mommy's little angel :)

Week 12: Fetal Development: Systems and Organs
Most of your baby's systems are fully formed, and if you haven't already, it's likely that you'll finally hear your baby's heartbeat at this month's checkup! Your developing fetus now has a crown-to-rump length of about two and a half inches (the size of a large plum).
This week marks a turning point for your baby. The herculean task of developing new bodily structures is nearing an end as most of your baby's systems are fully formed. Now comes the maintenance phase, during which your fetus' systems continue to mature for the next 28 weeks and the organs get to work. Your little fetus weighs as much as half an ounce now, and the crown-to-rump length is about two and a half inches (the size of a large plum — busily working his or her way through the whole produce department). It's hard to believe (especially from the outside, since you're probably barely showing at this point), but your baby has more than doubled in size during the past three weeks. And that's just on the outside — there's plenty going on inside too. The fetal digestive system is beginning to flex its digestive muscle — literally — as it starts practicing contraction movements, a skill your baby will need after birth to push food through the digestive tract. The pituitary gland at the base of the brain has started producing hormones. And the bone marrow is making white blood cells, which will one day help your baby fight infection (including all those germs passed around the snot-nosed playgroup).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Boy!

This is Palmer last week right before his first Open House! Yes, he actually had Open House and we had to buy School Supplies~ We got to meet his teachers and see his art work. Apperantly Palmer is inheriting some of my lovely traits ie: He flips out if he can't sit at the same table in the same chair every time he eats snack! If someone is in "his" chair he politely stands behind him and waits until they get out :) He also isn't my "go with the flow" kind of child and much prefers to be at his house, with his parents, and his toys, and sleep in his bed. Can you blame him? I am the same way! And apparently according to Tex he has also inherited my lack of patience. I mean really.... before you go thinking that Palmer and I have NO good qualities :) he seems to have also gotten his mommy's caring heart and he LOVES people like me too!! So, that is a plus right? He may be my strong willed little man but he will always give me a hug and a laugh in the end. He seems to also crack himself up like his mommy and daddy. For some reason Palmer thinks he is so funny(which he is)! But I mean he thinks he is funny as in throw your head back uncontrollaby funny. And that is what he does, he will do something and start laughing and throw his head back and even snort! That is how funny he thinks he is :)

Let's hope Baby T #2 will get a few of Tex's qualities like his care-free attitude and go with the flow in any situation..... because I tell ya what if I had two little munchkins just like me we are all in trouble!

It still has not registered with me that there is even a baby #2. Is this normal? I hope so because it is forever escaping my mind! I hope it hits me before labor :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


As some of you may know my best friend from High School (Kelly) and I are due just 1 day apart!!! Since high school we have always talked about our weddings, and having babies but never in a million years would we have thought that we would be having babies together literally at the same time! It is so nice to share this amazing experience with such a wonderful friend. This is Kelly's first so hopefully I am helping out in the "advice" department :) She is so excited and we are so excited for her!

Well, Kelly went yesterday to hear her babies heartbeat as well. As it turns out baby Moody was WAY more cooperative and Kelly's ultrasound tech must have been the coolest chic ever because she showed Kelly baby Moody in 3d! I never got to see Palmer in 3d so this to me is amazing.

Below are 3D pics of Baby Moody! Since I saw a big blurry blob yesterday this made me SO excited to know that this is probably just what Baby T #2 looks like as well!!! It is such a miracle and so hard to believe that at this early in the game they are already developed this much!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so glad that today is Thursday and I have so much to be thankful for!!! Thanks for everyone that kept our family in your prayers, it means more than you know!!

**** First off we finally heard Baby T #2's heartbeat!!!! The appt was a little nervracking.... We went in to hear the heartbeat and as many of you who have been in that situation know that when they put the doppler on your tummy and move it around it seems like FOREVER until you finally hear the heartbeat. Well, they couldn't hear it and they were pressing (hard for that matter) all around and no heartbeat. So, they sent me to the ultrasound tech where she put the ultrasound doppler on me and still nothing. At this point I know that my face was drained and I was full of fear. After about 5-6 minutes of roaming around the tech finally spotted the tiniest little thing moving! We still couldn't hear the heartbeat though... so the dr came in and informed me that I have a titled cervix now and that little baby T was being a funny guy and hiding behind it! We should have known? So, with some more prodding they were able to let us hear the heartbeat for about 1 second. That one second was great though! I go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound on a more sensitive machine so I am hoping that some of my nerves will be calmed by seeing baby T for a second time!!!!

**** I know I haven't mentioned it for a while but I am still attending my AA meetings weekly. I LOVE my meetings more than anything and I am always so excited to go. I have met so many great people including Erin one of my friends from AA, so we go every Monday to dinner and to our meeting! These people are truly like a second family and it is so refreshing just to be with them even if it is just for that one hour. So today Aug 7th marks my 60th day of sobriety. I will get my token at next weeks meeting! I am hoping that by going every week it will help give me the tools I need to suceed even after having baby T #2 and follow me througout my life. What a wonderful program and what a wonderful gift it has been to me and my family!

****My nana did not have to be admitted into the hospital. So we are very thankful for that! My mom and her sisters are now working on getting her some home healthcare to help her with everyday things that are becoming more difficult! Nannie's a trooper and I know she will pull thru this!

**** My mom is going to pick up Palmer from daycare as we speak! I am SO thankful she was able to pull away for a little while and spend some time with her favorite grandson! :) They will both enjoy their time together soooo much!

***** And lastly I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday and that the weather is B-E-A-Utiful outside!!! HOORAY! It is hard to be in a bad mood on a day like today!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do you need a laugh?

I don't know about you but I needed a laugh today and thank goodness I got one! :) I tend to seach other people's blogs and I love when I come across one as hilarious as this particular blog. could possibly have one of the funniest posts I have seen in a long time. If you need a laugh click on the above blog and start with reading "The Front Butt" post and move on to "Gentilia Part 2". As we all start to have kids this will be such an interesting topic! I must say I spit my diet coke out on some of them! Enjoy the read!

Also, I usually don't do this but I am going to ask for a few prayers :) Right now I feel as if a few prayers coming my way might do my whole family some good!

My nana is getting ready to go into the hospital for the 2nd time in 2 weeks due to fluid building in her abdomen. It seems like it is a grim diagnoses of a failed liver. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes thru the poking and prodding of having to be in the hospital. It is so sad to see someone you love so dearly have to look mortality straight in the eye. Life doesn't seem fair sometimes and I feel for our parents parents right now. I also feel for our parents whom many are currently struggling with the best way to address the simple fact that their parents are getting older and are unable to take care of themselves to the best of their ability. It is truly heartbreaking! So maybe a prayer for everyone that is having to deal with someone that is sick and unable to help themselves at the moment!

Also, say a little prayer for Tex and I tomorrow. We are going at 9 am to hear Baby T #2's heartbeat! I have patiently waited 11 weeks and I am just praying that I hear the strongest heartbeat loud and clear tomorrow morning. What a sweet sound that will be!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Water For Elephants

As most of you all know I enjoying reading! I started really reading for pleasure around the time I was 21 and was dealing with my first panic/anxiety attacks. Reading to me became away to calm and relax my anxieties and kind of escape into a whole other world of characters and story lines. I love starting a book and I am often sad when I have to say goodbye to the characters I have grown to love and hate. I love throwing myself into the characters and pretending I am right there with them thru every adventure. I love the way that reading can take my mind off of even the most worrisome thoughts and just for a moment make me forget about all of my own problems.

Over the year with my book club I have read several books that I have really liked and would recommend to most people. I loved Eat, Pray, Love and I really enjoyed 19 minutes but recently I have read a book that I just enjoyed every minute of reading. It seems as if I enjoy most of the books I read but from time to time you come across a book that you just want everyone that you know to read and for me this book right now is "Water for Elephants". I can't really pin-point why I like this book so much but all I know is that by the end of the book I was so committed and intertwined with these characters that I did not want the story to end. This book details one man's story into the "circus" life in the 1920's. What a fascinating time for the circus! This is truly and awesome book and one that I totally recommend any and everyone to read!!!

Water for Elephants

As a young man, Jacob Jankowski was tossed by fate onto a rickety train that was home to the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. It was the early part of the great Depression, and for Jacob, now ninety, the circus world he remembers was both his salvation and a living hell. A veterinary student just shy of a degree, he was put in charge of caring for the circus menagerie.
It was there that he met Marlena, the beautiful equestrian star married to August, the charismatic but twisted animal trainer. And he met Rosie, an untrainable elephant who was the great gray hope for this third-rate traveling show. The bond that grew among this unlikely trio was one of love and trust, and, ultimately, it was their only hope for survival.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Veil Has Lifted!

Well, I hate to speak to soon but it seems like my prayers have been answered, the veil has lifted and the moodiness has taken a back seat to a new more positive attitude! Thank goodness I was starting not to even like being around myself! haha

I am SO glad it is Friday! Although while most of my hip friends and the rest of Louisville will be attending the Dave Matthews/Willie Nelson Concert we have opted for (or rather have been sentenced to) family night which includes a "family" trip to Fazoli's (for some reason I am craving this) and a "family" trip to blockbuster to rent Knocked Up (again my choice)! While this may pale in comparison to Dave's fast moving feet and good music some baked spaghetti and a comedy are just up my alley at the moment!

Tomorrow we take a ride in the mini down to G-town where Aunt Ashley will reunite with her favorite nephew! Her and Uncle Joe are in town from Owatana (aka Timbuktu of MN) and we are meeting at Nana and Papaw's house to hang out and bring them breakfast! Nana's house is the shrine to everything breakable so I will undoubtedly spend most of my time chasing P around the "glass" house so that he doesn't break any heirlooms, but it should be a grand time :)

Other than that our weekend is WIDE open and looking at the weather it appears that we will spend most of our time in some kind of water (meaning the kiddie pool in the backyard)

I hope everyone has a truly fabulous weekend! Call the Templeton's if anyone wants to hang out :)
***** I am finally attaching some pics of Ernie's fabulously girlie shower for Riley Elizabeth~ Riley is going to be such a princess!******

The Ever Growing Gang
The Beautiful Mom-to-be!


or AKA Cannon Ball
Linds, Blake, Tiff & Cannon

The Food Table
The Awesome Pool!

ALL of Riley's Gifts
Palmer and Molly on the way to the Boro