Monday, October 31, 2011

So soon?

It is official Kim and Kris are getting  DIVORCED!

I really don't have a lot of words. I don't think many of us who actually tuned into this disaster thought it was going to last but I certainly didn't think the party would be over this soon! I mean the re-runs of Kim's fairy tale wedding are still airing on E! right now! I hope Kim will realize there is no fairy tale and to take her next marriage a little more seriously, heck maybe even be friends with the person your going to marry! I am not just dissing Kim I was NOT a hump fan at all! I can't help but watch this train wreck!

Lots to post about this weekend. T-minus 3 hours till trick or treating and we have one sick little kitty Cat :( Ann Mason was up all night coughing, doing steam in the bathroom and just keeping her momma up! She seems to be doing a lot better today, we have her on antibiotics and lots of cough syrup. She isn't running a fever so we are going to let her go out of a little while cause she missed trunk or treat last night :( I feel so bad cause she is so darn cute in her outfit :) haha

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Shopping Deals Cont...

Ok ladies before the weekend hits make sure you know of any specials going on!

Old Navy Deals....

Friday, 10/28- Sunday, 10/30

      In Stores Only: Buy ANY licensed sports tee, Get ONE FREE!
      Mix & match for the whole family!

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Pinterest Inspired Fridays

So, I got "pinterest inspired" last night. The kids both went to bed at a decent time, the house was mostly clean and I had drank too much unsweet ice tea and I started getting my supplies out and my glue gun and it was ON! :) Ann Mason had to wear a Halloween shirt today to school and I realized I had not bought any Halloween shirts :( so I decided I must do something fast!

Remember this wreath.... I made a replica of it from pinterest for our own door.

Well, I had all of my supplies left so I figured I would give it a shot and try it out on a shirt. I wasn't sure how it would turn out and still wasn't too sure about it after I made it but when Ann Mason put it on this morning she made it look cute, so I was happy!

Here is the finished product! She was SO excited!! She may be part tom boy but she LOVES her girly things too!

So this was my next project I had bought the materials already a few weeks ago for like $7
So, here is what the pinterest shirt looks like (now that I look at it more closely it is way cuter than the one I made haha But I am sure I will make tons more of them! I didn't look at this picture when I made the shirt which would have totally been a good idea so now I know to turn my ribbons inwards!)

Pinterest Shirt

My shirt (bad photo quality)

It's a start, I know where I went wrong and it can easily be corrected, I am sure there will be lots more coming out :) I need to do a turkey one now!
We are SO excited about a fun filled, costume filled, candy-eating weekend!!! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This made me laugh!

Totally 100% RANDOM but this put a smile on my face and made me laugh out loud so I wanted to share!

Countdown to Christmas Shopping Deals

Sorry if I am giving people anxiety talking about Christmas shopping :) but some of you may already be almost done! If you are like me I have to budget Christmas spending so I am always looking for a good deal! Here are some more deals of the day to jump start your Christmas shopping!
Living Social louisville is having a special from Photobin and you get a hardback photo book + shipping for only $18!!! That is a steal!

I love Lands' End! They are running a GREAT special TODAY! $40 off $100 and free shipping!

If you are already thinking about your Christmas Cards this year don't forget to check out deals on they are having a special right now $20 for $40 worth of Christmas Cards from and they are SO cute!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Shopping Deals!

So, as Christmas approaches I am going to try and keep up with some of the better deals out there and let you all know! I LOVE a deal! I knocked out a TON of Christmas shopping today online. I know I might take the spirit out of Christmas by shopping online but it totally fits my lifestyle and makes things a lot less stressful and anymore everything is free shipping, so why not!

#1 DEAL - KOHLS - 30% using SAVEATKOHLS in the promo code. Today ONLY they have everything Carters 50% off and then you get another 30% off of that!!! You have to use your Kohls charge but totally worth it AND you get $10 Kohls bucks for every $50 you spend!!! You can't beat this deal!!!

Just found this adorable website and signed up for it. Plum District is a for moms by moms website with great daily deals and I really think they are trying to build up there client base and get more deals rolling! I bought 3 of the $25 for $50 worth of Erin Condren stuff. Totally cute personalized website that has awesome stuff and awesome gifts!

My son is in the LEGO phase so after searching legos I found that toys r us was having a $25 off of $100 worth of Lego's. Not to mention 25% tons of toys like fischer price and free shipping on all orders over $75!!!  

Those are my Christmas Steals for the Day! Keep posted I will try to keep the consumer saving as much money over the holidays as possible :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mondays, Blah Blah

I know Monday's get a bad rap! :) But Monday's just have to take the blame since they are the first day of the week! It is SO hard coming back to work after a nice, relaxing weekend! I took off Friday for no other reason than just to have a day to myself and I went to the dr, out to lunch with a great friend and then I tried SO hard to take a nap and couldn't! I mean, I could take a nap on command any day of the week but when I was finally able to, I failed :) So, I cleaned the house and started the mounds of laundry and waited for the troops to get home!

We had a great weekend here are some of the random things we did....
We dressed up a ton! This is pretty much an everyday occurence at our house. If you come to my house and my children are normally clothed that would be a rarity!

We made our first leaf pile! Can you sense the excitment? He loves it!

We hung out with friends! I am 99.9% sure that my kids have way more friends here than their parents and I am 100% sure that Palmer already knows 1/3 of Owensboro. I kid you not EVERYWHERE we go he knows someone, it is a huge joke now cause he knows more people than we do!

And we hung out and dressed up with our friends :) Just combining our favorite things! :)

Tex and I did get to go on a date night thanks to my sister in law! It was SO nice to spend some time with him! We went and saw Courageous! It is by the same makers as fireproof but the quality and acting are much better in this movie but the message is just as powerful! I bawled like a baby, like the kind where my head didn't stop hurting the rest of the night. It was a good cry, a hopeful cry! This movie has such a powerful message to parents especially fathers about being the spiritual leaders of their family. It gives you a whole new prespective on parenting! I was so grateful the entire time we were there because I love any thing and every thing that provides us with more knowledge and tools to be better and do better by our children and this one was awesome!!! I would totally go recommend it!

Yesterday we visited a new church and they had the best music I have EVER heard, I felt like I was at a concert, it was awesome! We are still trying to find a church home but it has been a good experience figuring out what best fits our needs as a family from a church! I know God will reveal His plan to us!

Yesterday was spent like every Sunday should, church, eating, napping and then I organized my closet and Ann Mason's closet, two things that have been nagging at me for weeks! It felt so good!

I also got the best news my sister is finally coming to Owensboro! haha I get to see my precious niece Friday! We can't wait to celebrate them coming in!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gifts on the Brain!

I know, I know I just got done talking about Halloween and BAM I move on to Christmas but in my defense between liking to make things and having a budget I have to pre-plan my get ideas! So... some of you have maybe taking my advice and found the most awesome website ever PINTEREST and some of you did not take my advice and you are missing out! haha

Here is my next project, I needed something inexpensive for teachers at school and a few little "filler gifts" and these are perfect, totally cute and CHEAP! Woohoo!! check it out! I will post them after I make mine.

 Here is the website that shows you what you need but pretty self explanatory! Go to paper wings for more details!

Hold Em' Up!

Sherriff Palmer Templeton!
This picture just melts my heart. I walked in from work yesterday and officer Templeton was sitting on the couch! We have been axiously awaiting the box with his outfit it in for days :) He is just the cutest and sweetest boy ever, he holds such a piece of my heart it is ridiculous!

Annie is not left out, we will be completing her pink tutu for her Cat costume this weekend, she is super pumped about being the pink cat!  :)

Pictures to follow later.... Have a Hump Day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Official!

We're going to DISNEYWORLD!!! (insert confetti cannons, loud screaming and huge smiles!!!)
My brother and sister in law decided to throw out the idea of a family fun vacation in leiu of Christmas on my dad's side and after little negotiations we are booked for Disneyworld in January!!

I really haven't even had time to think about it. Luckily, my sister in law is a Disney guru and knows the ins and outs and pretty much she can tell me what to do and I can listen :) We are definitely going to make the most of it but also be really reasonable about not going to parks everyday and having some relaxing pool time too just because I think Palmer, Ann Mason, Tex and I know our limits! haha

We are definitely NOT going to tell the kiddos right now. 3 months is like 5 years to them so we will probably tell them as their Christmas present! I think I will be just as excited as they are, I can't wait!

Disney 2012 here we come!!! I always thought about this moment when I had kids and they were old enough to go to Disney and it is right around the corner, I couldn't be more excited!!!

Another thing I am excited about is it is FRIDAY!!! TGIF!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday!

Oh Blog, how I have missed you!! I know I say this numerous times but I really don't know where time goes. We have been busy working and having fun though! I just honestly feel like I don't get 5 minutes to just sit or clean for that matter when I get home :) haha These weeks just keep going by faster and faster and I can't believe it is mid October, that makes my anxiety rise thinking we are getting closer to Christmas by the minute!

I have been so delirious that I do have tons more pictures but couldn't find my camera and then realized I never looked for it either and finally "found" it in my car this morning! Just kind of been one of those months weeks! :)

Last weekend Neenie and Pop came in to visit and see the new house for the first time. We had a great time and the kids loved having them here even for a short visit :( Maybe one day we will get to have them around for longer. While they were here Pop and Tex built Palmer and Ann Mason a sandbox/pea gravel box. We got the idea from a fall festival in Nashville to have sand on one side and then pea gravel (tiny shiny rocks) on the other so Palmer can play with all of his dump trucks and he LOVES it!
Here he is hammering away, he was SO, SO excited it made my heart skip just watching him help like such a big boy!

The massive sand/pea gravel box. We set it up in a nice spot of the backyard and put the sand and pea gravel in and maybe next spring we can incorporate it into our landscaping and make it look a little prettier :) although I don't think the kids care what it looks like.

Palmer taking some measurements!

The biggest event of the weekend was Belle otherwise known as Bellies 1st Birthday! This has been in the works for months and the talk of the town at our house for a long time! The kids were super pumped!

Here is Ann Mason in her adorable pillow case dress!! I LOVE ebay I got this dress for $14.75, they have thanksgiving and Christmas ones I can't wait to order more, they are great quality!

Bellies, Ann Mason and myself on the bounce house, this thing was a hit! There were like 12 kids in it at all times!

Here is the gang, too cute all of them are Bellies cousins! Half are P and AM's cousins. Everyone got along great, behaved so well and just had such a great time!

I have more pics to come. Ashley did a fabulous job with no detail left unturned!

And on a totally random note just wanted to throw a few of my favorite weekly things in that get me thru these crazy, hectic but fun weeks! I am dying over these....

Sonic Pumpkin Pie Milkshake. I have a sonic literally across the street from work and it literally calls my name to come over and indulge in this deliciousness. I am a sucker for pumpkin flavor anything and my excuse to eat one every other day is that they won't last for long, right? :) haha

My next obsession is this show.... Parenthood!

Please, please tell me you watch it? I cant stress enough how much I LOVE this show. This is the second week that I bawled my eyes out watching it and declared that this is by far the best show ever put on tv! I look forward to this one and Tex loves it just as much as I do!

And our 3rd fav of the week is the movie Neenie bought the kids Rio...
Wether you have kids are not this movie is flipping hilarious! It is pretty much on at our house now around the clock. I crack up at Tracey Morgan's character. It is too cute, the music is awesome and it is funny as all get out! I think I like it more than the kids! :)

Well, that is about it for now. I will download my pics now that I "found" my camera. The big Apple Festival here in Owensboro is this weekend, watch out! Supposedly it is tons of fun and tons of good food, right up my alley :) Oh, speaking of food my neighbor brought over about 12 pounds of Angus beef apparently he bought half of a cow and had too much meat! Cracks me up, I am not complaining I will certainly enjoy our free meat! Maybe next year we will buy a half too :) I mean I do have fires in my backyard why not just buy a cow? I love this place more and more each day!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Celebrity

My dad is a celebrity in the poker world! Mind you that I am SOOOO very proud of my dad and his accomplishments but I am so out of the loop when it comes to the World Series of Poker I just feel terrible when he is explaining something about it because he might as well be speaking Spanish.

All I know is this.... he started playing cards 5 years ago at a men's club in Paris, KY and now he was given the title "King of the Ring" by the World Series of Poker association. So, I might not know the terminology or what cards or "hands" beat each other but I know that my dad is a poker celebrity! ha! We are so proud of him and excited for him, that is a pretty cool title to add to his list of accomplishments!

Read more about it on WSOP
The poker player and Palmer! Love this picture!

Spooktacular Night

One of my very most favorite things in the whole wide world is having my friends and family all together! It doesn't matter what we are doing but I just love the kids running around, the chaos, the laughs and the memories we are making! I seriously could have a "get together" every weekend and be perfectly happy.

This past Saturday I thought we should kick off Oct 1st with some soup in the crock pots, pumpkin painting and a campfire making smores! Little did I know that I was only going to get 3 hours of sleep the night before but it wasn't anything that a nice afternoon nap didn't cure :)

So a few of our friends and family came over Saturday to join in on the festivities. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again! I am a pretty casual hostess. You won't find any fancy serving pieces at my house or any cups that you are scared to break, I just like to make things easy and fun and hopefully everyone feels comfortable and has a good time. With 10 kids at your house you can't worry about too much mess :) ha!
The kids having a "picnic" in the sunroom. And guess what, since they didn't have to actually sit at a table they ate all of their food, it was a Halloween miracle :)

The table decorated with a few of the pumpkins pre-painting

Piper and Bennett (they are cousins)

Ewww I could just eat this little face up. Annie had SO much fun painting and of course she wanted to wear Palmers camo shirt. She LOVES a party just like her momma!

KK and Dallas (Dallas is just like a part of our family. His mom and my sister in law have been friends since they were pregnant, he calls Kathy mamaw, he is the sweetest kid ever!)

Ethan painting! If you are wondering about the outfits, everyone borrow Palmer's old tshirts to paint so that is why they all look a little funny :)

Tiff and the boys, I think Robbie was helping with the fire

Kathy and I!

The "twins" and piper and BB

Everyone waiting for the fire to get rolling so we could make smores!

Cannon and Palmer with their marshmellows. I have a feeling this is the first of many bonfires and hopefully camping experiences for these two!

Lindsey with BB and Ann Mason. Ann Mason may or may not have given BB the most intense kiss as he was leaving, I about died! I mean she grabbed his face, turned it sideways and planted a big one on him. BB was stunned and just stood there! I think they make a pretty darn cute couple!

I can't wait to have MANY more activities at the house and in the yard. I have big plans for this yard it might not be able to handle everything I want to do! ha!

Andy's Run

Wow! I am just blogging about my weekend and it is already almost the weekend again, I swear I don't know where time goes :) This past weekend was one of those weekends that brought me to tears several times just thinking about how blessed I am. I don't say this in a "My life is easy all of the time, I have no problems, everything is great and perfect" type of way but more of a reflection of where I have been and where I am now in my life physically, emotionally, mentally, etc...

Lately God just keeps showing up by sending me signs and people that he is placing in my life just at the right time and the right place! I feel incredibly blessed by the journey that God has led me on, it has been rocky and rewarding, trying and triumphant, emotionally draining and emotionally fulfilling all at the same time. I truly feel so appreciative of where I am in my life today and the serenity that I feel today is indescribable!
Ok, so wow! Back to the weekend! I got to go in for a very bittersweet reason to Louisville. My best friends Sarah's brother died at 21 in 2006 in a drunk driving accident, he was not the driver. You can go to his website Run For Andy and read more about it. This is the second year that I have been a part of this amazing day! I went to Louisville Friday night and got to see my niece Belle and Ashley for a while which is always awesome and then I hit PF Changs with some of my favorite gals in the whole world!
Lauren and Sarah!

Christina and Erin

Bettye and I
After dinner we went to a meeting and then back to Laurens house for a slumber party! Holy Cow, I can't stay up all night anymore :) We went to bed at 2 am after talking, laughing, painting our nails,etc.. and then got up at 5:30 to get ready for the race! I thought I was going to fall asleep sitting up

 Here is the front of the stadium into the race.

Sarah and Rodger before the race

 Brittany and I
 Erin, Wayne and Ashley (they all ran the race

All of the girls no these are not gang signs ha we were holding up 4's for Andy's football number 

Ashley finishing the race, I was so proud and jealous of her running maybe one day I can start running or even walking without the kids and the dog following me
It was an awesome time with amazing people the event is a reminder that life is so short and Andy was an incredible example of how to live