Monday, November 30, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Random Friday Post

Today I had one of the best mornings I have ever had. We woke up and got the kids ready to go see all of the "crazy" people at the mall but most importantly we got ready to see Santa for the very first time this holiday season!!!

Here is the best picture that I could get! Yes, I am the CHEAP mom that refuses to pay $49 for a package of Santa photos!!! Are you kidding me? So I stood where any respectable mom would stand... right at the duct taped line (that I wasn't allowed to go past!) From 20 feet away I was able to snap great pics! :) They had a blast and Ann Mason would have sat on Santa's lap for hours she was in awe!

Here is Ann Mason before she went to see Santa! She got lots of compliments on her candy cane stockings! I love having a girl to put tights on :)

Ok, so now for the random...

Do you remember the Turkey Cookies that I said I was going to make with Palmer? Well, I have never claimed to be Martha Stewart but this is downright embarrassing! I wish I could blame it on Palmer but all he did was eat the sprinkles and M&M's. These are all mine, baby!

Random #2... Look at what we caught Ann Mason doing the other day? Yes, she is cruising thru the whole house via her "walker" She is fast, she is good and she is sneaky! I can't believe that she can do this already? I am pretty sure we are going to have a walking little girl by Christmas!

Turkey Day

My little sis Ashley hosted her first ever Thanksgiving at her brand new house! She did a great job and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely! I realized that I didn't like not taking home left-overs though! I would rather make Thanksgiving dinner stick it in the fridge for 4 hours and then heat it up and eat it for the first time :) I am weird I know but T-day leftovers are the best, nothing beats it!

"The Ladies Man" Papaw with all of his daughters and grand-daughters

Aunt Fran and Amanda

Mom, Me and Ashley

Amanda and Ann Mason

Me, Ann Mason and Tex
(I love the face on Ann Mason... I have a feeling a will get many more of these when she is 13!)

Don't ask! Mommy got bored during our Thanksgiving Day game and gave in to Palmer's request for me to draw on his face :) I figured why not.. it is Thanksgiving! haha This is 3 minutes after we got in the car after Thanksgiving the kids were pooped!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day surrounded by all of the blessings in their lives!

The Best Things Come in Small Packages!

After being in the house all day Wednesday we got a little "stir crazy" so we did what any normal family would do... we stuck Ann Mason in a diaper box and pulled her around the living room :) She LOVED it!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions...

Since Palmer is just getting old enough to start enjoying traditions and Ann Mason doesn't seem to care what we do as long as it includes food.... I have been brainstorming some ideas for Thanksgiving Traditions. I hope to add A LOT more over the years. Baby Steps is what I keep telling myself!

This is my last day of work this week and the kiddos and I are going to have some fun!!! First we are going to attempt these...

They are by far the simplest "turkey deserts" I have found thus far! And Simple is GOOD! I just worry I won't be able to find candy corns this time of year? I will post pictures of the finished product! Palmer is going to be in charge of decorating so something tells me they might not look just like these :)

For the first year ever we are starting the Elf on the Shelf tradition on Thanksgiving night! I can't wait to see Palmer's face when he is introduced to the Elf and names him ANY name he wants! Every night we read the book and every morning the elf comes back to our house and shows up in a different spot! Every one that has this tradition loves it and I can't wait to start it!
Tex and Palmer started this tradition last night... We usually get out the Polar Express around this time every year and Palmer is SO excited because he hasn't seen it since last Christmas which means we will most likely be watching this movie every night! It has become a forced tradition! haha

There are so many more Thanksgiving traditions that I want to do about being Thankful but I think that might be over the kid's heads right now! We are working on our prayers and they seem to enjoy those so that is a start!
May you all have a WONDERFUL and JOYOUS Thanksgiving Week!!! Safe traveling to those of you on the road!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Movie, Great Book!

I am just full of reviews today!!! I was privileged enough to see a GREAT movie and finish a GREAT book this weekend! Both of these were so inspiring that they must not go without mention!
The first review is the book: The Girls from Ames
I was honored to receive this book from an awesome friend Jenny. Inside she wrote "for no reason at all" and it couldn't have come to me at a better time!
Without giving too much away about this book I first must tell you that it hits SO close to home for me. This is a true story about 11 women from Ames, Iowa who have been friends for 40 years. It is a true story about the amazing bonds of women's friendships and how these bonds will see you thru the most heartbreaking sadness's and the most joyous of life's moments.
It hits close to home because I was blessed to have found 11 girls that I formed an amazing bond of friendship with in college. In a lot of ways our group of "girls" reminds me of The Girls from Ames and it made me realize how grateful I am for each and every one of those friendships!
This is a superb book to read or give as a gift to a friend, mother, grandmother or any other woman that has played a role in your life! Such an inspiring tale of the strength of women's frienship!
I have decided to pass this book to another girl in our circle with a message for them. My hope is that we can pass it around our circle of friends and recall all of the memories that we have shared and look forward to the future and making more memories!

Well, Tex and I actually got to go on our date night. None of the kids got sick at the last minute, no babysitters backed out (thanks to mamaw being here), etc... We started the night by seeing The Blind Side. I can't rave enough about this movie. I told you before that I am a sucker for these types of movies but anyone that doesn't love this film, I might have to question :) I seriously wanted to give Sandra Bullock a standing ovation about 5 times during the movie because she kicked butt! This is also a true story which is why it is even more inspiring! This would be a great movie for the whole family especially over Thanksgiving weekend! You will walk out of this movie feeling inspired and grateful!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Date Night!

Tex and I get to go on a real, official, un-interuppted (hopefully) date on Saturday! I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but it is to us! Thanks to Mamaw Kathy who is coming down tonight we get the WHOLE night to do anything we want tomorrow night! I am SO excited to spend some MUCH needed alone time with my husband!
Not sure where we are going to eat, we have been having this very discussion ALL week :) We can never decide! But one thing that we are for sure doing is going to see the movie Blindside!!! This stars Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw and is based on a true story! I am a total sucker for these types of movies and even shed some tears the first time I saw the previews! I can't wait!
I will make sure to post some reviews after we see it! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Mommy's away they kids and Tex will play!

I have had some prior obligations at night over the past couple of weeks so Tex has been WONDERFUL and has really stepped up to the plate taking over the role of "mom" while I have been out! I never truly know what kinds of things happen when I am gone but I got a small glimpse today!
Palmer was rummaging thru the drawers in the kitchen looking for something... finally he came out with ALL of my oven mits and was laughing and screaming "Dad, GET UP!" Tex started dying laughing and his face turned so red like a 2 year old that just got caught playing in the toilet! I asked Palmer what exactly he was doing with Mommy's oven mits and he screamed "Boxing, Mom!" So here are Tyson and Holyfield themselves! This is what they do when mom isn't around! Great!

Palmer is OFFICIALLY sleeping in a BIG BOY bed! Tonight will be night 3 of sleeping in his new bed and so far, so good! He doesn't take as long of naps and is waking up just a bit earlier than normal but I am hoping that will pass once the "newness" wears off! It makes me sad to see his little boy body in such a big bed, it is more indication that he keeps growing more and more each day!
I haven't added the shams yet we need more pillows!

Good Night, Sleep Tight!

Monday, November 16, 2009

9 months!

Ann Mason Templeton
9 Months Old 11/16/2009

I don't "technically" own this picture yet (hence the word proof written across it:) but I couldn't help but posting it cause it is one of my favorites (Thank you Sara)! Today Ann Mason celebrates her 9 month birthday and she has strep throat! I feel so bad for her it breaks my heart. Last night she was up with a stuffy nose and couldn't breathe and as I laid by her I just thought about what a blessing she has been in our lives. I cherished every moment last night despite the sleeplessness and worry because I got to lay with my baby and take in every part of who she is. Here are some things that make Ann Mason who she is at 9 months:
* We affectionately refer to this little girl as a "Man-eater" :) for many reasons!
* As of today she weighs 18 pds 2 0z! She has gained almost 2 + pounds in the last couple of months!
* She refuses to eat "baby" food and I swear she could eat a t-bone if the opportunity presnented itself! She eats ANYTHING which is a vast difference from Palmer who will eat almost nothing!
* You only have 2 teeth so far! You are a slow teether but the two teeth you do have are by far the cutest teeth in the world!
* You go back and forth with your sleeping patterns but for the most part you sleep from 8 to 7 most nights.
* You still drink only 6 oz of formula about 4 times a day, I think all of the solids help keep you full!
* You are crawling at the speed of light, pulling up on any and everything and have even taken a few steps behind your "push toy"!
* You still LOVE bath time but just this week your daddy told "Ann Mason is not allowed to take a bath until she learns how to behave in one"! haha You flip around and go under and get back up and do it 50 more times! It makes giving you and Palmer a bath at the same time quite the challenge.
* You love your brother and I but it is your daddy that holds your heart in the palm of his hands! I have to admit I am jealous sometimes of the way you look at him like he is already your hero and the way that you crave to be around only him even if I am in the room :) But it also makes me fall more in love with him each day to see how he handles you with the utmost care and love in the entire world!
* You of course say Dad-da ALL of the time! I have gotten a Mom-ma out of you a few times but I think it was just luck :)
* You seem to think that you are a 2 year old boy and can play, wrestle and keep up with Palmer like it's your job!
* Your personality is contagious and when you are around you just light up a room with your ease and smile!
I can't hardly believe that it has been 9 months already! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was having a daughter! Every day since has been filled with unconditional love and joy! Our lives have been touched in every way because of you!
We love you Ann Mason!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....


I bit the bullet today and the kids and I got out all of the Christmas decorations to "surprise" daddy when he got home from work! Palmer picked an excellent Christmas movie to watch (The Elf with Will Ferrell :) and we decorated all morning! They were such great helpers and their fascination with Christmas and Santa coming made it all so worth it! Here are some pics!

Two of Santa's Best Helpers!

The Stockings just keep multiplying!

The Tree

This year we started a new tradition! Each of the kids got their very own tree in their rooms! Thanks to Neenie and Kohls :) we got them tons of ornaments and they LOVE them! Here is Palmer with his Christmas Tree (all themed with sport and "guy" ornaments!) He is SO proud!

Here is Ann Mason with her very "girly" Christmas tree! Only the girliest of ornaments go on this tree and I love all of the pink and cuteness and so does she!

This weekend was great and we had So much fun gearing up and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Today I have decided to have a Thankful Thursday!:
The Templeton's 2009
In honor of the crappy call that started off my day saying that my brakes were going to be $350, I have decided to step back and be thankful for what is truly important in life and not sweat the small stuff! I had some one tell me the other day that I could plan (since I am a planner of all planners) anything I want but I just can't plan the results! What an eye-opener to me!
I watched Palmer and Ann Mason play yesterday and right as Palmer had his train tracks and cars all lined up perfectly and in the exact place he wanted, Ann Mason would come and knock them all down in an instant and he would go ballistic! I sat there laughing and thought about how I still am like a 2 1/2 year old... I plan all of my little plans and design all of my little designs and when they don't go the way that I want them to, I throw a temper tantrum!
So Today I am Thankful For:
1. Giving my self-will over to God to let him be the planner and designer and not me!
2. That $350 was going toward brakes and not for medical bills or something of grave importance concerning my families health
3. That my family woke up happy and healthy this morning and that I saw two of the most precious smiles I have ever seen.
4. The calls and emails from family and friends that keep me going!
5. That the sun is out today and it is a beautiful day!
I am only going to list 5 but I am sure I have 100! In honor of Thanksgiving I will try and make all Thursdays until Thanksgiving, Thankful Thursdays!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today Palmer went to get a haircut and my lady chopped it off! It will grow out but he looks SO old it kills me!
Ann Mason and Palmer playing together! Where does the time go?
Palmer smiling and showing off his new "do"! It is SO short!

Palmers two favorite questions ever right now are:
What is your name? PALMER
How old are you? 2!!!!
This is his version of "2" on his fingers we havent' gotten that far yet :)
My question is:
Where is my baby?

Life-Size Dress Up Doll

I love having a girl! Have I mentioned that before? She is like my life size dress up doll each day! I love trying new clothes on her! I am NOT a fashionista myself so I tend to play things pretty safe but today I tried a "trend". I put on one of her old dresses from the summer and paired it with a turtle neck and jeans and it looked SO cute! I was so proud of myself :) haha

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Birthdays!

We had a GREAT day at Will's first birthday party! I love first birthdays not so much for the birthday boy/girl but to watch their excited parents mark such a wonderful milestone! It feels good as a parent to feel your over one of many humps in parenthood "the first year". The birthday boy/girl could usually care less about the festivities but the parents are always beaming with pride at how far they have come and I love it! It was always good to see everyone and I love that we are all still so close no matter distance or time!
Annie cracking me up with her faces!
Ava, Emerson and Riley taking a ride in the red flyer!

The birthday boy! Can you see his face? Cracks me up!

Ann Mason and potential future boyfriend #22 Will Prather :)

Miss Riley so sweet and playing (eating too) the leaves!

Emerson! This kills me she looks so big! This "sassy" shirt used to be her big sis' and like Whitney likes to tell me all of the time being a mom of two girls.... "Just WAIT!"

This pic cracks me up cause I love Ava's killer face in this! She has her own "smile" and it makes me laugh out loud!

Will has his way with the women, being the birthday boy everyone wanted a chance to ride in his new wagon!

Tiff and I