Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Birthdays!

We had a GREAT day at Will's first birthday party! I love first birthdays not so much for the birthday boy/girl but to watch their excited parents mark such a wonderful milestone! It feels good as a parent to feel your over one of many humps in parenthood "the first year". The birthday boy/girl could usually care less about the festivities but the parents are always beaming with pride at how far they have come and I love it! It was always good to see everyone and I love that we are all still so close no matter distance or time!
Annie cracking me up with her faces!
Ava, Emerson and Riley taking a ride in the red flyer!

The birthday boy! Can you see his face? Cracks me up!

Ann Mason and potential future boyfriend #22 Will Prather :)

Miss Riley so sweet and playing (eating too) the leaves!

Emerson! This kills me she looks so big! This "sassy" shirt used to be her big sis' and like Whitney likes to tell me all of the time being a mom of two girls.... "Just WAIT!"

This pic cracks me up cause I love Ava's killer face in this! She has her own "smile" and it makes me laugh out loud!

Will has his way with the women, being the birthday boy everyone wanted a chance to ride in his new wagon!

Tiff and I

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