Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Siskel and Ebert

I am SO boring these days! haha I am BUSY but with boring stuff like work and meetings :) haha! Somehow I have managed to watch two good movies in the last week! It is a miracle!

The first one was girls night and we watched The Town (real girly huh?) haha I wasn't too excited about it! Then I watched it and it was REALLY good, there was a lot of "shoot em up" type action but believe me it is worth watching just to see how hot Ben Affleck is!  And if you are a Gossip Girl fan it is crazy to watch Blake Lively play a strung out single mother, she does a good job! (is that an oxymoron :)

Last night Tex and I got both kids in their own beds HALLELUJAH! and we had the only date night that exists these days where we watch a movie just the two of us at home! haha We rented Social Network and I really liked it. I am total fascinated by the whole concept and it was amazing to see how fast the concept took off and how it got started. It definitely didn't make Mark Zuckerberg look like a saint but it was worth watching!

I am ready for this week to roll by! I am so excited about this weekend I am helping host a baby shower for my sweet friend Kimmie and baby Sofia and then afterwards we are having a girls night with almost all of the girls, which has not happened in forever!! I should have more interesting posts then! haha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're Back and it's FREEEZING!!!

We are back from the beach and it is FREEZING here! I am SO over this weather! We had a blast on our trip, we did everything from swim, eat, jump on bouncies, play at parks, eat more and have fun! I wish I could say it was relaxing :) haha Can you really ever say a vacation with 2 kids under 3 is relaxing? It was fun but maybe not so relaxing! haha

I think the older I get the more I realize that as much as I love vacations I am a big fan of being home and being in a routine, my comfort zone, etc... Something feels so good when I walk into my house after being gone for a while and settle back in to everyday life with my family, I know sounds weird right?

It was a much needed getaway but next time we will definitely go when the weather is warm! Even in the 50's Destin is too beautiful not to enjoy it!  My mom set up a photo session for the family while we were there here are some of the kiddos....

Thursday, January 13, 2011


OMG! I am obsessed! I will admit I very rarely have any original ideas! haha That is what the Internet is for right? Well, another blog that I follow introduced me to this AWESOME photo editing website.... again this might be one of those things that people have known about for years but apparently I haven't! It is FREE and AWESOME! You can go "premium" for just a couple of bucks a month but the free stuff is great too! Here are a few neat things I did on it in just seconds, I can't wait to play around with it a lot more!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been busy! Like the kind of busy where I just don't remember what I am doing half the day! haha It seems like I go to work, go to meetings, play with the kiddos, clean, cook and do it all over again! I wouldn't trade it for the world but man, we need a break! haha

I have to admit (Tex may or may not agree) but him losing his job has changed our family in a good way! I may not be this optimistic in the coming months but right now I am totally embracing the change. The kids are happy and content, Tex is embracing his new lifestyle however temporary it may or may not be and I like that I am able to pick up the slack here at work and do what I need to for my family! Ok, are there day when I wish I was the one on the couch eating donuts with the kiddos in my pjs instead of going to work, absolutely! But things seem to be going well and we definitely aren't taking the blessings that we see each day for granted!

So we decided we needed a winter break because right now we are staring at a lot of this....

So in 3 days we are going here!....

We are heading to Destin for the WHOLE week! We are staying at the Hilton and while it won't be warm it is going to be the perfect time away for our family plus they have an indoor pool which I am sure we will be at 80% of our trip! Not to mention Aunt Ashley, Uncle Joe, Cousin Belle and Neenie and Pop will all be there to enjoy it with us! I am beyond excited, I don't care if we swim in the indoor pool and eat room service and watch movies all week!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You have to LAUGH or else you'd CRY!

Poor Tex has had a rocky start to Daddy Day Care. We call it that since the kids are now out of school and Tex is a full time SAHD until he finds a new job! For any dad I think this is a challenge, for any mom this is a challenge! haha Tex is taking it in stride but yesterday almost put him over the edge! haha

Tex had no other choice but to try and take both kids down to the unemployment office! (SCREAM NIGHTMARE WITH ME!) They drove around for 2 hours in the wrong direction and when they FINALLY got there Tex was no exaggeration #111, there were 110 people in front of him! So when I got home last night our very inquisitive 3 year old Palmer had this to say,

" Mom, dad tried to take Annie and I to this office... we drove a long, long way and got really lost cause we were going in the wrong direction. We got to the office that hands out piggy banks and daddy didn't get his piggy bank but there was a lot of other people that got their piggy banks and then we went to Zaxby's!"

I am fell on the floor laughing and so did Tex. Not sure where he got the piggy bank thing but I thought it was hilarious! We never thought we would be in this situation but then again, who really does! If we didn't laugh we would want to cry and laughing is a lot more fun!

Hopefully I will have some really cool stories from the adventure of the SAHD named Tex, it sounds good maybe he should start a blog :)

Wait! 2010 was a good year!

I have been a horrible blogger lately! I don't know whether it is the fact that I have been in a funk, I don't feel like I have anything fun to say or that I despise New Years! haha See I told ya I am a joy right now! haha I just became VERY grateful! I decided to get out of myself and take a look back on 2010 in pictures and guess what it was actually an AWESOME year! The end definitely placed a shadow over the year for me but looking back it was a wonderful year with memories good and bad! We had great things happen and some not so great things happen but in the end it was just the way it was supposed to be!

One thing I think I totally did a 180 on was my resolutions. I am usually a resolution fanatic and make up about 36 of them each year, this year I only had 2 and they were VERY general! I am going to take this as progress, not because I have perfected any of my previous resolutions but mainly because I have learned that we can't plan ahead that we only have today and that we have to do our best in the moment that we have! I am praying that maybe the reason Tex lost his job is to teach us or rather remind us of some valuable life lessons that seem to be put to the wayside when you get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life.

So with that being said, here was our 2010, it made me smile just thinking back because it was a good year no matter how it ended!
 First Day of School 2010
 Ann Mason turned 1!
 Awesome Day at the Park, makes me smile just remembering it!
 Easter Bunny 2010 (notice no Ann Mason, she wasn't having any of it!)
 Easter in Owensboro 2010
 Weird Illness' like fifth disease??? You've heard of it, we've had it! haha
Also, both kids getting their tonsils and adnoids out on the same day!!! That was a LONG 10 days! haha
 Palmer turns 3 with dinner at Cracker Barrell and a firetruck cake!
 May Days spent lounging by the pool, always my favorite memories!
 One of the best days as a family out on the golf course with Daddy!
 I turned 30 and had 2 parties!!! Lucky Me! haha
 Tex and I celebrated 6 years of Marriage!
 These two were inseperable in 2010
 Halloween 2010 Fireman and his dalmation!
                                                                       My Neice Isabelle was born!
 First Concert (Veggie Tales) and First Haircut for AM!
 Having Fun in 2010
 Family Pic of 2010

Christmas 2010!