Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been busy! Like the kind of busy where I just don't remember what I am doing half the day! haha It seems like I go to work, go to meetings, play with the kiddos, clean, cook and do it all over again! I wouldn't trade it for the world but man, we need a break! haha

I have to admit (Tex may or may not agree) but him losing his job has changed our family in a good way! I may not be this optimistic in the coming months but right now I am totally embracing the change. The kids are happy and content, Tex is embracing his new lifestyle however temporary it may or may not be and I like that I am able to pick up the slack here at work and do what I need to for my family! Ok, are there day when I wish I was the one on the couch eating donuts with the kiddos in my pjs instead of going to work, absolutely! But things seem to be going well and we definitely aren't taking the blessings that we see each day for granted!

So we decided we needed a winter break because right now we are staring at a lot of this....

So in 3 days we are going here!....

We are heading to Destin for the WHOLE week! We are staying at the Hilton and while it won't be warm it is going to be the perfect time away for our family plus they have an indoor pool which I am sure we will be at 80% of our trip! Not to mention Aunt Ashley, Uncle Joe, Cousin Belle and Neenie and Pop will all be there to enjoy it with us! I am beyond excited, I don't care if we swim in the indoor pool and eat room service and watch movies all week!

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