Monday, October 6, 2008

Staff Infections, Tonsillitis, and Baby Showers

I seriously could not make this stuff up if you paid me :) The Templeton's spent another Saturday at the ER at Baptist Hospital East! I tell you what... it seems like we are pro's at this hospital thing by now!

To make many long stories short Palmer woke up to our dismay on Saturday from his nap with a 104.5 fever. Mind you we had plans to go over to our friends house to watch the game for a few hours and then head to our supper club! Tex and I were so excited to get out and socialize and then bam Palmer turns up sick! We called our loving pediatrician and she was working an extra shift at Baptist ER so we toted Palmer down there and learned that he had tonsillitus. This was good news considering that the two main illness's going round the Louisville area were strep and chicken pox!

While we were there I told Palmers dr that I had gone to the Urgent Care myself the day before. I had what I referred to as a "zit" that has made my ear swell and hurt! The 90 year old dr at the urgent care told me that it was severely infected and sent me home with amoxicillan. Thank goodness Dr. Russell was nice enough to take a second look and immediately told me that it was no ear infection but rather a staff infection that was most likely MRSA!!! GREAT! So, she put me on a whopping dose of Augmenton and some ear drops!

So after a few hours at the ER we packed up the car and headed home dissapointed and slightly aggrevated that we can't seem to catch a break! What is the deal? I of course start racking my brain wondering if I did something to my poor child in the womb to cause him to be so sick all of the time? I feel like we just can't get ahead of these viruses! I am praying that baby T #2 comes out and is as healthy as a horse, because I don't know how many more hospital visits we can take! Palmer is such a trooper though! Even with a 104.5 fever he was still pushing around his Walmart shopping cart :) Nothing stops this boy!

On a better note Sunday was a GREAT day! Jamie, Erin and I hosted Lindsey and baby Will a baby shower! It was so fun to see everyone and FINALLY meet Ms. Riley for the fist time! I resisted holding her due to all of our ailments but she was absolutely precious and SO little! How easily you forget. I hope that I remeber how to have a baby that small again! Linds looked so great and I think everyone had a great time! Here are some pics....
The hostess and the mommy to be!

Erin and a mad Riley :)
The mommy to be looking GREAT!

Lindsey getting her awesome painting for Wills room!


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