Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Baby Yet...

I have been down right horrible about posting! It might be the fact that my fingers look like Vienna sausages and fall asleep every 5 minutes :) Yes, I am to the stage of filling with fluid. My toes, my fingers, my face, my eyes, my nose, you name it even my tongue. I am just feeling really swollen and squishy :)! ha!

This past week I have definitely felt different energy wise and just plain getting around wise. I know the end is near though so I am keeping my head up and pushing thru. We had a great weekend with friends and family, church, lunches, birthday parties, etc... This baby isn't slowing me down yet!

Things around the house are getting done and everything is falling into place. I still have hospital bags to pack and car seats to install but pretty much everything is pretty ready. I went for an ultrasound today and Chandler was doing good, I think I was more bummed because she was measuring a little smaller than before but right now she is about 6 pounds. My fluids are good which is the main thing. I just think I am not meant to have a 7 pound baby :0 The doctor thought everything looked good and told me not to worry that her growth went down a little bit and that everything would be fine. 2 more dr appts and that is it until she gets here! Pre-registration called me yesterday to verify all info and that made it feel so real!

Chandlers nursery is pretty much ready. It is definitely simple and not a lot of "fluff" right now. I am sure I will keep adding to it and putting up more stuff but for right now I am good with it. I don't know if it is the shape of the room or my camera but I can't seem to get good pics so these are the best I could get.

Her monogram. I got it off Etsy for $22! It is big and I LOVE it! Such a good deal!

Her vintage mirror hung and her dresser. Can you see Ms. Ann Mason in the back? She is my shadow!

A little angle of the monogram and the pom poms! Don't even get me started on those stupid pom poms :) I ordered them off of Etsy and had a huge vision of them hanging over the crib. We have at least 4 more that never made it up. I don't know if something is wrong with us but they were such a pain to put together and hang. This was about as good as we were going to get without killing each other first! ha!

We have a busy week planned with a few events like back to school night and kindergarten jump start for Palmer! My mother in law and sis in law are treating me to an all adult dinner this week :) and I get my last haircut before the baby gets here! Life is good and I am trying to savor these last 17 days and take it all in!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

I think I have officially worn myself out :) I made a much needed, impromptu, road trip to Louisville last night. I am SO glad I did I got to see friends that mean the world to me and celebrate some pretty awesome people last night. I left at 1:30 and was back at 10 pm last night so it was quick but it definitely was worth the time. Sometimes you just need those "fixes" in life and last night was enough to hold me over until after the baby. I wish while I was there that I got to see everyone that I love in that city :( Just driving around town brings back so many wonderful memories. It still feels like home and there is still a huge part of me that hasn't let go of that feeling.

Today started off with a bang or rather the BIGGEST panic/anxiety/screaming fit you have ever witnessed in your life! Yep, that's right. As sweet as Palmer is he is as equally as dramatic. If you know Palmer you know that he can do crying like no one's business. He face contorts, he jumps up and down, his hands wave and he produce insanely high pitched squealing. He also has a HUGE gag reflex that goes out of control and can result in puking or choking when he gets so upset. Lovely, huh?

Luckily for Tex and I this happens very rarely these days. 99% of the time he is sweet, reasonable and controllable! ha! Today was his 5 year physical at the dr's office. I felt great and relaxed it was our first time seeing our new pediatrician and I was excited because everyone was so nice, things were going so smoothly and then I broke the news to Palmer that the nurse was going to prick his finger.

Holy COW! Lets just say that you would have thought we were cutting off a leg by the end of the screaming/panic attack it took me and 2 nurses to hold him down and finally they gave up and pricked his toe. I was sweating profusely and felt like for sure that this was going to throw me into labor! ha!

To say the word embarrassed is such an understatement. I wanted to crawl under the table and hide. You would have thought that Palmer had been thru the most tragic thing possible by the way he was screaming. The part that killed me the most was after it was over he sat there and said "oh, that didn't really hurt" and was fine! I had to take a 10 minute time out in the chair to keep from passing out.

Here is Mr. Dramatic himself! He totally gets this from his father :)

When he wasn't screaming he did do a great job answering the drs questions and doing what was asked! He is getting SO big! I couldn't believe he was 75% in height, I am SO glad that maybe my kids will get their fathers height! :) Everything was perfect and the dr said he was ready to start kindergarten! This was our FINAL drs appt for kindergarten, thank goodness!

And this girl, bless her heart. She is SO ready for Chandler to get here. This is her and her bunny that she pretends is a baby. She has such a routine with her babies and takes such good  care of them. They go in time out a lot, I have no idea what that is about? :) She is going to be the sweetest big sister ever. I have to remember to let her help because I can see how very important it is to her to help and be a part of everything!

I am hoping to get in bed early tonight and get some much needed sleep! Oh and I am 36 weeks today! WOOHOO! I will do my weekly update tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Progression Photos

Just for fun and lack of motivation at work today I decided to collage my "progression" pictures. I went to the dr today for my first "check" and blood work, not one of my favorite appointments. :) I did however almost pass out when I got on the scale and it said that I had gained 7 pounds since last week! The lady didn't even blink and started inputting it in the computer! I told her that seriously couldn't be right and we needed a re-do asap! :) She looked at me like yeah, yeah honey I deal with people like you everyday! :) But I was persistent, I was not letting that new number go in my file! ha! I got back on and relief swept over as I realized it had been wrong and that 7 was only a 2 pound gain!
Everything was good and I only have 3 more appts left! That blows my mind! I ordered the last items on my "must have" list like more diapers, wipes, bottles, etc... so I think we are getting close to ready. Now if I can just muster up the energy to do a deep cleaning around my house I will be set :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Fun!

We had a really great weekend as a family! I was able to let myself relax some and not focus so much on my to-do list and what needs to be done and really just focus on resting and spending time with Palmer, Ann Mason and Tex! I even got out of the house a few time by myself and did some much needed errands, school supplies purchase, hospital pjs bought, etc...!

I have found one of my most favorite things in the world is watching my kids make friends, being around their friends and watching how they interact, what they act like when I am not watching and just seeing them LOVE being around other kids. Palmer is hilarious and has become such a social butterfly, he truly, truly loves friends and just gets so excited being around his buddies and of course his cousins.

Saturday he had his end of the year tee ball swim party. It was SO much fun and they all got a game Ball since they were the regular season champs and Tex even got a nice plaque with Coach on it, which Palmer thought was so cool! After the party we invited his buddies over to jump on the trampoline and play in the sprinkler. Of course they had to throw on super hero attire which is a must at this age. As you can see Ann Mason hangs right in there with them and they are so sweet to her!

Sunday morning we literally didn't do a thing, it was WONDERFUL. I actually slept till 9:45 I can't remember the last time I did that. Of course Palmer said "Mom, you sleep later than anyone in the house" like I do that all of the time! ha We were able to just lay around as a family which is something that sadly feels rare these days. That afternoon we headed off to the Evansville Otters game.

The stadium is the same stadium that they filmed the movie, a league of their own! I love that movie! The kids had a blast, I don't think they watched 10% off the game, they ran up and down the stairs and played games and ate pounds of candy :)

The Otter came around several times with goodies for everyone!

My boys watch a pie eating contest! ha!

Sweet Girls! I am pretty sure Ann Mason had enough sugar and junk food for the whole year! She loved every minute of it!

After the game this prego momma got to eat Qdoba! This may not sound like much but we don't have one in Owensboro so since we were in Evansville I scouted one out! OH MY! It was worth the wait! I miss Qdoba and Jimmy Johns SO much! haha

This week is pretty calm a few dr appts and a low key weekend, I am excited about that! 25 days till I meet my precious baby girl, it is getting close!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

35 Weeks!

Well, I am officially 35 weeks and 29 days away from meeting our precious baby girl! I am not to fond of this picture for vain reasons only :) I know I will treasure this picture because when else do you get to go thru this experience with your sister and best friend?
 The Vain Reasons are obvious to me :) I am officially in my "nose is spreading" stage. This happens every pregnancy and I know it will go back but it is terrifying. Another weirdo thing that happens to me is my tongue swells so when I talk it sounds like I have been drinking! :) My poor message to Ann Mason the morning of my c-section on video was barely audible because my tongue swells so bad!

Things are shifting and starting to feel a little different. I definitely have the waddle down pat, actually I don't think I can physically do anything but waddle at this point. No surprise here but I am a walking emotional crazy person! Palmer starting Kindergarten in two weeks is just making me so emotional! I don't know if this sounds crazy or not to other people but I also can't wrap my head around the fact that I am having a baby. I of course know I am pregnant, I know that there is a baby coming but I just haven't been able to mentally picture it all just yet. Hopefully this is normal???

I also know deep down inside that the minute I have her it will all fall into place and the world will come together and it will be just like we never knew life before her. I love how our memories play tricks on us or at least it does for me! I know I probably turned into crazy mode with all of my kids weeks before they arrived I just don't remember it! Right now I just feel like the list ticker in my mind won't shut off, the need for everything to be organized, non chaotic and somewhat scheduled is on overload. I am sure I am a joy to live with right now! I told Tex this morning that he only has to survive me like this for 29 more days bless his heart :)

As much as I want this to be over I also have very specific moments of wanting to stop time when I am lying in bed feeling her kick or driving down the road and fell her move everywhere because this is probably the last time I will feel that again and I don't want it to end or take it for granted.

Can you tell just by my blog post the emotional war that is going on with in me? haha! We are grateful and blessed to be 35 weeks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts...

This weekend was busy with a capital B! Ann Mason and I took our girls road trip and the boys stayed home to go birthday party hopping and relax! Both kiddos had a blast. Palmer enjoyed lots of solitude and playing with his toys with no interruptions, I think he also liked having daddy all to himself! They swam, they did laser tag, they ate happy meals, they played, what's not to like?

Annie was a trooper traveling to the baby shower and for the whole day! We definitely loved getting to see Sylvia's belly and celebrate baby Teo!

Here is Ann Mason and Sylvia. I think she looks pretty happy! :)

Sylvia and I both preggo together. I think it is hilarious because she lives in the same house that she grew up in... I just think about us in that same house 19 years ago talking about boys and going to swim practice.... we always wondered how things would turn out, who we would marry, what jobs we would have, if we would have children, etc... :)

Everyone from the shower celebrating Sylvia and Baby!

After the shower we got to head to Louisville to see two very special girls. Belle and Aunt Ashley. Ann Mason was ecstatic. We didn't make it in time to catch Belle before bed but the next morning it was a great reunion! Ann Mason misses Aunt Ashley and Belle (and Uncle Joe!) SO much. I wish we could have stayed so much longer, I miss them so much too :(

My sweet boss surprised me with THE CUTEST WREATHE ever on Monday on my door at work! I think this is the new diaper cake :) It is adorable and has bow/hair clips, burp cloths, leg warmers, shoes and diapers. LOVE IT!

Random Thoughts:
I scheduled my last 4 weekly appointments before Chandler arrives! It really made it feel real, I can't believe it is right around the corner. Exactly one month from today!

Palmer starts kindergarten in exactly 3 weeks from tomorrow. I keep getting a lump in my throat every time I think about it!

Things are definitely rolling right along! I am anxious, nervous and SO excited all at the same time!

Friday, July 13, 2012

34 Weeks!

TGIF! I turned 34 weeks yesterday! We are down to 35 days! My sleeping is pretty much starting to be non existent meaning that I am up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and trying to put pillows back between my legs! haha

34 weeks!
Weight Gain 19.5 pounds (I am hanging on until I hit that 20 mark any day :)
Cravings: Nothing I can't eat a lot these days
High of the Week: Getting the last of Chandlers clothes put away!
Low of the Week: Full on Waddle even if I try to walk normal I can't :)

Ann Mason and I are having a "girls" road trip tomorrow! My oldest friend Sylvia is having a baby shower and Annie and I are headed to celebrate Baby Gray and then we will make a stop and spend the night with Aunt Ashley and Belle! She is SO excited about this trip, I love it! Palmer and Tex are staying in town and going birthday party hopping! Palmer has two birthdays and they are having "guys night"

We finally finished up tee ball season with a nail biter of a game :) These parents really go crazy, the coaches and umpires were getting into, it is crazy! My husband is definitely too passive for this sport! ha! Palmer got 3rd place and his last game was his best game ever, 3 bats, 3 runs and no outs! I am sad it is over because we met some amazing new friends but I am glad to have my week nights back!

Everyone have a happy Friday! This is my last traveling weekend until Chandler arrives, I can't believe it is getting so close!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tee Ball

Man, I am worn out this week and it is only Wednesday!
This little cutie and his team are kickin bootie in their tournament which means we play a game every night until they lose! Excuse my picture of a picture but it was easier than scanning :) Luckily the temps are in the 90's versus the 100's but last night I looked down at the end of the game and I had lost my ankles :) it was pretty but they came back this morning! ha ha

Here is my little tee ball star on his first tee ball team the Texas Rangers!

Tex volunteered to be assistant coach and it just makes me smile. I love these two. They are my boys!

Palmer is one of the youngest ones on the team and I think he has done really well! 2 years at this age make a huge difference! Some of the boys on his team are 7! He doesn't get this whole tournament thing. He sees the teams we beat get their trophies so he keeps asking when he is going to lose so he can get his trophy :) He also thinks going to the concession stand after the game is more fun than winning but that's what your supposed to think at 5! We have had a great season and have met so  many awesome people that have definitely become friends!

The Texas Rangers might be the newest tee ball champs in Owensboro if we keep rocking it out! haha

Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat Exhaustion

Man, this heat has gotten me down! The blog has been slacking, I am moving slow and really everything is taking a lot out of me these days :) I am pleased to say that I officially only have 39 DAYS till Chandler arrives! WOOHOO!

This weekend wasn't one of my finer weekends :) We had a gas smell scare at the house Friday night and had the gas company come over to do an emergency reading, luckily everything was ok but we stayed the night at my in laws just in case. Saturday was SO hot that literally I sweated all day and it just made me grumpy. Saturday night we all got to bed early around 9 and I was SO glad to be going to bed to start a new day and at 9:30 our power went out! We waited around till 11 pm and realized it didn't look like it was coming back on so we packed up again and headed to the in laws. My father in law cracked me up I think he was so confused every morning when he woke up and we were there! ha!

I think two nights of displacement were a disruption so everyone was a little "off" most of the weekend. Thankfully, it was nothing major but I can tell you I wouldn't be could right now in a crisis situation :) My hormones are OFF the charts and I am pretty sure I could cry watching a NASCAR commercial at this point. Today is a better day and with the temps in the 80's it feels AMAZING outside :) haha

On a lighter note my subway boards came in and I am obsessed! I found this great deal on Very Jane for these adorable subway boards from As Unique As U you could literally put whatever you wanted on them. So I customized them for each kiddo with the colors from their room and some of their favorite things. Since Chandler doesn't have too many hobbies I just put some sweet words on hers. I love them!

Palmer's boy subway board

chandler's sweet board, it is the prettiest baby blue and matches her room perfect!

Ann Mason's board, she loves for me to read all of the adjectives!

Speaking of Ann Mason this little stinker is having a hard time....
Just in the past few weeks she has been especially clingy to me... usually she is all about daddy. It is so bad that she cries every morning when I take her to school because she moved up to the 3 year old room. I really think between moving up to the "big girl" room and all the talk of the baby I think she is having some anxiety and wanting to go back to being my baby. :( Of course I cried all the way to work today cause it breaks my heart. I am taking her on a special "girls road trip" this weekend to a baby shower and to visit Aunt Ashley. I am trying so hard to give everyone special attention with so much going on I don't want anyone to get lost in the crowd. I know that chandler will bring So much joy to our family and give Ann Mason a whole new purpose as a big sister! I just pray for each of my children to know that they are loved and special and that I make them feel that way every day!

I am hoping this week not only brings cooler temperatures but a slower pace! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've Got Nothing...

I am SO mad... I have NO pictures from this 4th of July Holiday! I think because it is SO stinking hot I just can't bear to carrying around more than my huge belly which means no camera and no pictures!

We had an unexpectedly awesome fourth of July! It was unexpected because we truly had no plans but at the last moment we went to see fireworks and then yesterday went to the pool all day! We have been blessed to start meeting some new people that we really enjoy hanging out with and our kids have the best time! What more could a momma want? :)

I will get up my 33 week picture tomorrow! I got to see Chandler via ultrasound Tuesday and she is getting SO big, she was 4 lbs 7 oz and has a ton of hair! Of course she had BOTH feet and BOTH hands in her face so we still didn't get a good look at her face. It just made me SO excited to meet her. I get to see her again in 4 weeks with another ultrasound! They definitely help keep me going :)

I promise I am going to take my camera with me everywhere this weekend!