Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've Got Nothing...

I am SO mad... I have NO pictures from this 4th of July Holiday! I think because it is SO stinking hot I just can't bear to carrying around more than my huge belly which means no camera and no pictures!

We had an unexpectedly awesome fourth of July! It was unexpected because we truly had no plans but at the last moment we went to see fireworks and then yesterday went to the pool all day! We have been blessed to start meeting some new people that we really enjoy hanging out with and our kids have the best time! What more could a momma want? :)

I will get up my 33 week picture tomorrow! I got to see Chandler via ultrasound Tuesday and she is getting SO big, she was 4 lbs 7 oz and has a ton of hair! Of course she had BOTH feet and BOTH hands in her face so we still didn't get a good look at her face. It just made me SO excited to meet her. I get to see her again in 4 weeks with another ultrasound! They definitely help keep me going :)

I promise I am going to take my camera with me everywhere this weekend!

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