Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Fun!

We had a really great weekend as a family! I was able to let myself relax some and not focus so much on my to-do list and what needs to be done and really just focus on resting and spending time with Palmer, Ann Mason and Tex! I even got out of the house a few time by myself and did some much needed errands, school supplies purchase, hospital pjs bought, etc...!

I have found one of my most favorite things in the world is watching my kids make friends, being around their friends and watching how they interact, what they act like when I am not watching and just seeing them LOVE being around other kids. Palmer is hilarious and has become such a social butterfly, he truly, truly loves friends and just gets so excited being around his buddies and of course his cousins.

Saturday he had his end of the year tee ball swim party. It was SO much fun and they all got a game Ball since they were the regular season champs and Tex even got a nice plaque with Coach on it, which Palmer thought was so cool! After the party we invited his buddies over to jump on the trampoline and play in the sprinkler. Of course they had to throw on super hero attire which is a must at this age. As you can see Ann Mason hangs right in there with them and they are so sweet to her!

Sunday morning we literally didn't do a thing, it was WONDERFUL. I actually slept till 9:45 I can't remember the last time I did that. Of course Palmer said "Mom, you sleep later than anyone in the house" like I do that all of the time! ha We were able to just lay around as a family which is something that sadly feels rare these days. That afternoon we headed off to the Evansville Otters game.

The stadium is the same stadium that they filmed the movie, a league of their own! I love that movie! The kids had a blast, I don't think they watched 10% off the game, they ran up and down the stairs and played games and ate pounds of candy :)

The Otter came around several times with goodies for everyone!

My boys watch a pie eating contest! ha!

Sweet Girls! I am pretty sure Ann Mason had enough sugar and junk food for the whole year! She loved every minute of it!

After the game this prego momma got to eat Qdoba! This may not sound like much but we don't have one in Owensboro so since we were in Evansville I scouted one out! OH MY! It was worth the wait! I miss Qdoba and Jimmy Johns SO much! haha

This week is pretty calm a few dr appts and a low key weekend, I am excited about that! 25 days till I meet my precious baby girl, it is getting close!

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