Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

I think I have officially worn myself out :) I made a much needed, impromptu, road trip to Louisville last night. I am SO glad I did I got to see friends that mean the world to me and celebrate some pretty awesome people last night. I left at 1:30 and was back at 10 pm last night so it was quick but it definitely was worth the time. Sometimes you just need those "fixes" in life and last night was enough to hold me over until after the baby. I wish while I was there that I got to see everyone that I love in that city :( Just driving around town brings back so many wonderful memories. It still feels like home and there is still a huge part of me that hasn't let go of that feeling.

Today started off with a bang or rather the BIGGEST panic/anxiety/screaming fit you have ever witnessed in your life! Yep, that's right. As sweet as Palmer is he is as equally as dramatic. If you know Palmer you know that he can do crying like no one's business. He face contorts, he jumps up and down, his hands wave and he produce insanely high pitched squealing. He also has a HUGE gag reflex that goes out of control and can result in puking or choking when he gets so upset. Lovely, huh?

Luckily for Tex and I this happens very rarely these days. 99% of the time he is sweet, reasonable and controllable! ha! Today was his 5 year physical at the dr's office. I felt great and relaxed it was our first time seeing our new pediatrician and I was excited because everyone was so nice, things were going so smoothly and then I broke the news to Palmer that the nurse was going to prick his finger.

Holy COW! Lets just say that you would have thought we were cutting off a leg by the end of the screaming/panic attack it took me and 2 nurses to hold him down and finally they gave up and pricked his toe. I was sweating profusely and felt like for sure that this was going to throw me into labor! ha!

To say the word embarrassed is such an understatement. I wanted to crawl under the table and hide. You would have thought that Palmer had been thru the most tragic thing possible by the way he was screaming. The part that killed me the most was after it was over he sat there and said "oh, that didn't really hurt" and was fine! I had to take a 10 minute time out in the chair to keep from passing out.

Here is Mr. Dramatic himself! He totally gets this from his father :)

When he wasn't screaming he did do a great job answering the drs questions and doing what was asked! He is getting SO big! I couldn't believe he was 75% in height, I am SO glad that maybe my kids will get their fathers height! :) Everything was perfect and the dr said he was ready to start kindergarten! This was our FINAL drs appt for kindergarten, thank goodness!

And this girl, bless her heart. She is SO ready for Chandler to get here. This is her and her bunny that she pretends is a baby. She has such a routine with her babies and takes such good  care of them. They go in time out a lot, I have no idea what that is about? :) She is going to be the sweetest big sister ever. I have to remember to let her help because I can see how very important it is to her to help and be a part of everything!

I am hoping to get in bed early tonight and get some much needed sleep! Oh and I am 36 weeks today! WOOHOO! I will do my weekly update tomorrow!

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