Friday, May 25, 2012

27 weeks!

I am 27 weeks! My last week in my 2nd trimester and only 12 weeks to go! We have a lot to do in the next 12 weeks, just thinking about it makes me tired! ha!

This week has been busy with ball games, working and trying to get caught up and packing! WOOHOO! I know my weekly pictures are lacking terribly, hopefully I will get plenty of fun beach pictures to make up for these blah in front of the toilet pics :) Tex is always gone in the morning when the kids and I get ready so I am pretty limited in my picture options!

Everything is going great. I passed my 3 hour glucose test thank goodness! I get an ultrasound of baby chandler when I get back and I am SO excited! The night sickness pops up still occasionally but we are down to about 2-3 nights a week vs 5-7 so I am not complaining.

Bring on the 3rd trimester, we are ready!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's Up Wednesday!

It feels like not a lot and everything is going on right now at the same time. Nothing dramatic or crazy (which is always appreciated) but just a lot of busy stuff trying to get ready for some R&R starting Saturday! Here are some random Wednesday thoughts....

*I failed my glucose test??? Really? I have NEVER failed my glucose test before, so now tomorrow morning I get to sit for 3 hours and get my blood drawn three times. I PRAY that I pass the 3 hour test, from what I have heard it is common to fail the one hour one and then pass the 3 hour one, I hope this is the situation for me.

*My to do list/activity list seems endless. I have A LOT to accomplish before we jump in the car and drive towards sun and sand and I have NO energy! It may or may not be from the fact that I stay up WAY too late every night reading Fifty Shades of Grey (that is enough for a whole post by itself)

*I came across an AMAZING blog that I think every parent should read! It is called Hands Free Mama it is so profound and really puts things in prespective. I really hope to implement a lot of the suggestions on trying to be as "present" with my family as humanly possible. She is so truthful about her mistakes and I know she is helping parents all over the world not miss out on their children's life!

Happy Hump Day! Hopefully tomorrow I will be more exciting! ha!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My 5 Year Old Boy!

It's so hard to believe that 5 years ago I was just getting out of recovery and holding my son for the first time. His tiny 5 pd 14 oz body filled our hearts and lives immediately. I can remember it like it was yesterday but at the same time I look back and it seems like a lifetime ago. I look at how happy I was but I also see a face of someone who had no idea what being a mother was going to be like! Being a mom for the first time rocked me to the core, it changed my life, my priorities, it was challenging (to say the least), it was rewarding, it filled me with guilt and love all at the same time. I messed up (A LOT) and I did a lot of things right but the best thing I did was love this child with my whole heart.

Palmer came a day late and was this tiny perfect little person.  6 days in the hospital, 1 blood transfusion and a lot of tears later we finally got to come home with our precious gift!

He has been filling our hearts with his witty and loving personality every day since. This kid gave us a run for our money when he was little! From colic to reflux and everything in between he taught us really quickly the importance of patience.  
He has taught us unconditional love. He is the most loving, gentle child with a heart of gold. He loves big and he loves without boundaries. He is emotional and sensitive to things and people around him and things that hurt others also hurt him. He has loved his sister since the minute he laid eyes on her and hasn't stopped yet (even when she is mean!). I truly can't wait to watch him become a big brother again to Chandler. Those girls are very lucky to have an older brother like Palmer!

He taught us that every child is so very different and different is not bad. Palmer has grown leaps and bounds even over the last year. I think for a while he struggled with how to react to his strong emotions. His little body just couldn't handle how much he felt and it caused him some anxiety. Today he pretty much handles every situation bravely! He is social and LOVES his friends and family more than anything in the world! He is content and happy and enjoys everything he does!
There is nothing that makes him happier than having his "whole" family together! He doesn't even like when Tex or I  take just him somewhere he wants the "whole" family to go :) That melts my heart. We are a whole family the four of us soon to be five and I know one day he will be busy with friends, sports, etc.. and I will always remember the times we spent as a "whole" family, they are always the best!

Palmer and I have had an amazing bond since the moment he was born. I have always said "we just get each other" we are both a little complicated, emotional and we love hard. We are buddies! He is mine and I am his and we like it that way. He still holds my hand when we walk and even if he wipes off my kisses I know he secretly loves them :)

I am so thankful to be Palmer's mommy every day. He is given me a gift I didn't even know I was missing. He has helped me grow up and define who I am and who I want to be. He has given me the strength to make difficult decisions in my life because at the center of those decisions were what is best for him and if I follow that guideline it can never fail me and hasn't yet.

Palmer, happy 5th Birthday Buddy! May you always love freely and be yourself always because you are an amazing boy! Daddy, Ann Mason and I are lucky that you are part of our "whole" family! We love you to the moon and back!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Shutterfly or our laptop failed me last night. I was desperately trying to download all 185 pics from the weekend and it simply wouldn't work. I finally gave up and went to bed! Thanks to facebook I was able to grab some pics from the weekend! What an AWESOME weekend!!!

Tex was off the entire weekend (first time since February) and it was SO nice! Friday night we were DONE from the busy week and it's safe to say the whole family was in bed before 9, we ALL needed that!

Saturday was a BIG day. We started with getting ready for Palmer's very first tee ball game ever!

Everyone had to have their outfits ready!~ I apparently was out of the loop when it came to tee ball attire but the WHOLE family wears shirts supporting the team with your child's number on it! ha! Or at least in this town they do, so we all sported our Red and Blue for the Meadowland Rangers!

They didn't have a shirt small enough for Ann Mason so we made a trip to Hobby lobby, bought a shirt and some iron ons and 5 minutes later we had a too cute baseball sister shirt for Palmer's #1 cheerleader, she loved it!

This guy was beyond excited! He looked so cute in his uniform and he was SO ready for everyone to watch him play his first game! The Rangers won 8 -6 and Palmer did great! He hit the ball both times up to bat but got out on first. He is already practicing his speed! I loved watching him!

My sister, Joe and Belle traveled in for the big day and we were SO happy to see them! The kids just love Belle to pieces and Palmer was so excited she got to see him play and come to his birthday party :) After the game and too much food at Cheddars it was time to party!

Palmer had his 5th birthday party (superhero style) at the Bowling Alley! Here he is with his superwoman and princess accomplices...

Everyone had a blast! The kids ran, played, bowled, ate too much sugar and just had a great time! I loved watching Palmer get so excited to have his friends around.

He was most excited about his cake. He thought it was the "coolest" thing ever! The party was a success and he got SO many cool new toys. I love watching him be so happy and it was so nice getting to see my sister, Joe and my precious niece, I can't wait until we get to meet our babies together!

Sunday we went to church, cleaned the house and spent the rest of the day at the ball field watching my niece Katelyn's tournament. The kids love spending time at the ball field and I find that I have started to love it as well. Kate did such a great job and we got to see her get her trophy and we all celebrated with a meal at Beef O'Bradys (her pick!)

It was such a wonderful weekend we even slipped some time in to play on our new slip n slide and blow up pool! Weekends like these are what it's all about for me!

I don't usually say this but I hope this week goes fast we are on a countdown to beach time! This time next week I will be sitting on the sunny beaches of Destin! I literally ache to be on vacation with my family, I am SO excited I can't stand it! As with any trip we have a to-do list a mile long before we leave but it will be so worth it!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Show us your life- expecting moms!

I am linking up with Kelly Korner show us your life expecting moms! Since I am expecting I thought I would join in on the fun! I have been doing weekly updates with this pregnancy but if you are stopping by for the first time here is a little info about me and my family.

I am currently a mommy to Palmer (5) and Ann Mason (3). We are expecting our daughter (Chandler Grace) in August! I am currently 26 weeks and counting :) This pregnancy has been hard physically and emotionally but most of all it has been a blessing! The kids are SO excited about having a new baby in the house and so are Tex and I! I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about going back to  diapers and waking up in the middle of the night, carrying diaper bags and car seats but I LOVE those newborns and I know this one will be no different! My arms already ache to hold her and shower her with as much love and affection as we can possibly give. I may never put her down since I know all too well how quickly it goes!

I am grateful and blessed to be a mother!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks today! 92 more days to go, starting tomorrow I can officially say "less than 3 months". I just booked my "baby plan" photo sessions. The plan comes with a free maternity shoot which I am not crazy about maternity photos (of myself) but I figure it is free and I am going to let the kids and Tex come so maybe we can make them "cute" rather than trying to make me look like a hot preggo mommy. She assured me she is awfully handy with the editing and can make my belly look clear and smooth (she has a lot of editing to get rid of these stretch marks! haha)

Another great week, no complaints here! Chandler is crazy active! I was trying to read last night and had my phone propped on my belly and she was kicking it SO hard, Tex even saw it jump. I LOVE it! I am definitely gaining weight at a more rapid pace I hope every week isn't 1.5 pounds or I will be in trouble :) We have a busy and fun weekend planned with Palmer's first tee ball game and birthday party. I also get to see my sister and Belle, so excited for them to be here (you too, Joe!) The best part... Tex is off work all weekend! He hasn't had a whole weekend off since the first of February!

Life is good, my moods are good, I am not throwing up currently and I am enjoying every moment!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kindergarten Bound!

Yesterday was a proud day for this mama! Palmer had his kindergarten screening yesterday. I was a nervous wreck, how ridiculous :) He had to go to 7 different centers and was graded assessed on everything from patterns, sounds, letter recognition and rhyming. I stood by him kind of out of the way not to distract him and he did SO good! He literally knew things I didn't even know he knew. He was polite and attentive and just made me so proud! He LOVED every second of it! After it was over we bought him a new Meadow Lands Shirt, Bag, Water Bottle and of course a bumper sticker for the mini! :)

Here he is decked out in his school colors standing by our new bumper sticker! :) I just got tears in my eyes and I asked him "What did you think buddy?" and he just smiled up at me and said, "Mom, it was awesome!" Next week is his kindergarten tour. I really think he is ready even though I don't feel like I am! Yesterday was a good day, a confirmation that maybe I have done a few things right in the last 5 years! ha!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

Mothers Day Weekend was the BEST! We had a BUSY weekend and I have some fun pictures. We had more soccer games and birthday parties and I survived my very first Owensboro BBQ festival! Sunday was hands down the best though!

I have to admit I had a bit of a selfish moment the past week because part of me felt like mothers day wasn't ALL about me :) I kind of felt like no one asked me what I wanted to do but just kind of told me where and when I needed to be somewhere. I now realize that, that was selfish of me! Mothers Day isn't ALL about me :) instead it is about celebrating and honoring the women who are mothers and who have led by example and taught the next generation how to walk with grace in their journey into motherhood.
Yes, some of the day is ALL about me :) but I realize that it is not complete unless I share that honor with those around me that are so important on my journey. My father in law said in his sermon that Mothers Day can either be a day of intense joy or a day of intense sorrow. He went on to say that a lot of people among us would give anything to have their families with them on this day, especially their mothers. There are so many women who are struggling with becoming moms for various reasons. He told us that if you have your families with you today you should be immensely grateful. I looked to both sides of me and saw my family and I realized he was EXACTLY right. I immediately felt a little guilt and shame over my attitude this past week but I knew I was hearing exactly what I needed to hear! I am immensely grateful! For ALL of the women in my life, some moms and some not, that have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love! I would have loved if my mom could have been sitting by me at church but I get to see her in a few weeks and that makes me excited!

The day was perfect starting with Ann Mason being SO excited for me to wake up because she wanted to do the big "reveal". I closed my eyes and she screamed OPEN and I saw this sweet smile and beautiful gift!  

I was floored! I usually cry but I couldn't because I just was so in awe that Tex came up with this all on his own (he didn't even use pinterest! ha! ) By far the best gift I could have ever imagined. Annie was SO proud of what her and Palmer created it made my heart melt!

Tex often teaches me to focus on the more important things in life. It is in my personality to get wrapped up in schedules, menus, activities, BILLS, what if's. He doesn't.... when Tex tells me everything will be ok, I get mad because I wish upon wishes I could be more like him! He TRULY doesn't waiver, in his mind everything WILL be alright and guess what it always is! 

I am blessed to have an amazing husband, healthy children and an amazing support system of family and friends that are irreplaceable. The day was perfect in every sense of the word! I am happy to say that my moods are still improving and my night sickness is A LOT better too!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you for being selfless each and every day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My sweet boy is getting SO big!

Palmer's birthday party is quickly approaching and let me tell you he is counting down the seconds! :) It isnt' until next week but this kid is ecstatic! I just can't believe my first baby boy is going to be 5, it just tears me up! I can't even think about the whole kindergarten thing right now or I will surely cry!

After birthday party hopping this year :) Palmer decided he wanted a superhero bowling party! Basically everyone just dresses up as their fav character and bowls. Here are his SUPER cute invitation!

We of course couldn't wear an old costume so after MUCH debate Palmer decided on his batman costume with muscles built in!  He came in 2 days ago and it is a worldly treasure that requires hanging up in his closet after each wear, he is very serious about this!

Palmer is learning to write and he is doing SO well. When he started this year he didn't know how to write his name and now he is a writing machine! This birthday party is a big deal because this is his first "school" birthday party with school friends. Palmer wrote each name on the invitations for his whole class! He was so proud of himself!

I am just so proud to be his mama. To watch how much he has grown even over this past year is just amazing! Him and I go together like peanut butter and jelly :) We have always had a special bond. There is something special about this kid and my favorite moments are when we get to sneak away from the day together and read or just talk, just the two of us. I may or may not let him sleep with me on special occasions (like any day that ends in a Y :) haha I look at it like I can never get those moments back so if Palmer and his 5 stuffed animals want some qt time with mommy I am all for it! I can't wait to see how much fun he has at his party, he is ready!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

25 weeks!

I am 25 weeks today! WOOT! Thanks to my 4 year old baby boy I got a picture of the whole me (and there is a lot of me!) :) this morning! My belly is HUGE! I seriously don't think my belly has ever been this big with the other two especially at 25 weeks, it definitely makes me nervous how much bigger it can get. I always have small babies so I don't think I am growing a 10 pounder or anything I am just thinking my belly is getting REALLY big! :)

This has been a GREAT week! I truly feel like my mental state is finally getting back to sane and normal! I can even half way admit that I don't hate where I live anymore :) and even some days I like it and am starting to appreciate it! There are tons of things I miss about "home" but I am starting to meet some people and really enjoy my time here. Maybe my hormones are finally starting to level out, whatever it is I am truly grateful! I just hope that it stays this way :) I am hoping to get all of the "crazy" out of the way so that when Chandler does get here I will be able to 100% focus on her with a clear and positive mind!

We have tons of fun things to look forward to this month and I have a feeling I am going to look up and it is going to be June!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

I finally got all of my pictures downloaded from this past weekend! Shutterfly has a great new tool called videogram! Love it! Since I had so many pictures I decided to put them in a video/slideshow! It was a great time had by all, the kids are still talking about how much fun they had!

Click here to view this video

Monday, May 7, 2012

Big, Middle, Little

We had a GREAT weekend! I am still trying to recover and feel absolutley exhausted but it was worth it! I have tons of pics to post if I ever get a chance to download them. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating my dad's 60th Birthday and being with family! The kids were awesome and we all had the best time!

I am slightly overwhelmed by my house right now, Ashley gave me back all of Ann Mason's baby clothes for Chandler so right now Chandlers nursery is seriously in shambles not to mention the laundry pile up and bags that haven't been unpacked from this weekend! Hopefully I will find enough energy to get some stuff done this week!

We have started to get a few packages in the mail that I may or may not have ordered for Chandler. Girlfriend is going to be wearing a lot of hand-me-downs but she needs a few things that are new and adorable for sure! I ordered these shirts off Etsy for the kiddos to wear to the hospital. I thought they were PRECIOUS! Chandlers onsie is the littlest thing I have ever seen, I can't believe they can be that tiny! Just had to share... Happy Monday :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

24 weeks!

This week has been a blur! I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday! The week started out with a bang, literally. Tex had picked up the kids from school and was driving home when a 17 year old pulled out in front of him and they wrecked, totaling Tex's work truck with the kids inside. THANKFULLY everyone was Ok, it scared me to death! (I was still at work when he called to tell me) Everyone walked away fine, a few tears were shed and Ann Mason was just glad daddy didn't go to jail! ha! She thinks if a policeman shows up that he will take someone to jail (I may or may not have told her this when she was going thru the stage of getting herself out of her car seat while I was driving! :)

The rest of the week has kind of followed the same pattern. My night sickness has progressed into day sickness and even worse night sickness. I FINALLY got a prescription for phenegren, why didn't I do this months ago? So most of my nights end with me throwing up, taking phenegren and passing out! It is a fun bunch at my house :)

The highlight of the week was when I was craving peach cobbler last night and asked Tex to call his mom to get the recipe. She not only had the recipe but all of the ingredients AND she came over and made it for me! BEST.THING.EVER! It made my week!

I think my belly and my body look large, it kind of worries me that I still have 15 weeks left but there isn't a lot I can do about it :) Chandler is a healthy, happy, active girl and we have started to feel lots of kicks from the outside!

We have my dad's 60th birthday weekend so I will try and take some better belly pics!