Thursday, May 3, 2012

24 weeks!

This week has been a blur! I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday! The week started out with a bang, literally. Tex had picked up the kids from school and was driving home when a 17 year old pulled out in front of him and they wrecked, totaling Tex's work truck with the kids inside. THANKFULLY everyone was Ok, it scared me to death! (I was still at work when he called to tell me) Everyone walked away fine, a few tears were shed and Ann Mason was just glad daddy didn't go to jail! ha! She thinks if a policeman shows up that he will take someone to jail (I may or may not have told her this when she was going thru the stage of getting herself out of her car seat while I was driving! :)

The rest of the week has kind of followed the same pattern. My night sickness has progressed into day sickness and even worse night sickness. I FINALLY got a prescription for phenegren, why didn't I do this months ago? So most of my nights end with me throwing up, taking phenegren and passing out! It is a fun bunch at my house :)

The highlight of the week was when I was craving peach cobbler last night and asked Tex to call his mom to get the recipe. She not only had the recipe but all of the ingredients AND she came over and made it for me! BEST.THING.EVER! It made my week!

I think my belly and my body look large, it kind of worries me that I still have 15 weeks left but there isn't a lot I can do about it :) Chandler is a healthy, happy, active girl and we have started to feel lots of kicks from the outside!

We have my dad's 60th birthday weekend so I will try and take some better belly pics!


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