Friday, May 11, 2012

My sweet boy is getting SO big!

Palmer's birthday party is quickly approaching and let me tell you he is counting down the seconds! :) It isnt' until next week but this kid is ecstatic! I just can't believe my first baby boy is going to be 5, it just tears me up! I can't even think about the whole kindergarten thing right now or I will surely cry!

After birthday party hopping this year :) Palmer decided he wanted a superhero bowling party! Basically everyone just dresses up as their fav character and bowls. Here are his SUPER cute invitation!

We of course couldn't wear an old costume so after MUCH debate Palmer decided on his batman costume with muscles built in!  He came in 2 days ago and it is a worldly treasure that requires hanging up in his closet after each wear, he is very serious about this!

Palmer is learning to write and he is doing SO well. When he started this year he didn't know how to write his name and now he is a writing machine! This birthday party is a big deal because this is his first "school" birthday party with school friends. Palmer wrote each name on the invitations for his whole class! He was so proud of himself!

I am just so proud to be his mama. To watch how much he has grown even over this past year is just amazing! Him and I go together like peanut butter and jelly :) We have always had a special bond. There is something special about this kid and my favorite moments are when we get to sneak away from the day together and read or just talk, just the two of us. I may or may not let him sleep with me on special occasions (like any day that ends in a Y :) haha I look at it like I can never get those moments back so if Palmer and his 5 stuffed animals want some qt time with mommy I am all for it! I can't wait to see how much fun he has at his party, he is ready!

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