Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Shutterfly or our laptop failed me last night. I was desperately trying to download all 185 pics from the weekend and it simply wouldn't work. I finally gave up and went to bed! Thanks to facebook I was able to grab some pics from the weekend! What an AWESOME weekend!!!

Tex was off the entire weekend (first time since February) and it was SO nice! Friday night we were DONE from the busy week and it's safe to say the whole family was in bed before 9, we ALL needed that!

Saturday was a BIG day. We started with getting ready for Palmer's very first tee ball game ever!

Everyone had to have their outfits ready!~ I apparently was out of the loop when it came to tee ball attire but the WHOLE family wears shirts supporting the team with your child's number on it! ha! Or at least in this town they do, so we all sported our Red and Blue for the Meadowland Rangers!

They didn't have a shirt small enough for Ann Mason so we made a trip to Hobby lobby, bought a shirt and some iron ons and 5 minutes later we had a too cute baseball sister shirt for Palmer's #1 cheerleader, she loved it!

This guy was beyond excited! He looked so cute in his uniform and he was SO ready for everyone to watch him play his first game! The Rangers won 8 -6 and Palmer did great! He hit the ball both times up to bat but got out on first. He is already practicing his speed! I loved watching him!

My sister, Joe and Belle traveled in for the big day and we were SO happy to see them! The kids just love Belle to pieces and Palmer was so excited she got to see him play and come to his birthday party :) After the game and too much food at Cheddars it was time to party!

Palmer had his 5th birthday party (superhero style) at the Bowling Alley! Here he is with his superwoman and princess accomplices...

Everyone had a blast! The kids ran, played, bowled, ate too much sugar and just had a great time! I loved watching Palmer get so excited to have his friends around.

He was most excited about his cake. He thought it was the "coolest" thing ever! The party was a success and he got SO many cool new toys. I love watching him be so happy and it was so nice getting to see my sister, Joe and my precious niece, I can't wait until we get to meet our babies together!

Sunday we went to church, cleaned the house and spent the rest of the day at the ball field watching my niece Katelyn's tournament. The kids love spending time at the ball field and I find that I have started to love it as well. Kate did such a great job and we got to see her get her trophy and we all celebrated with a meal at Beef O'Bradys (her pick!)

It was such a wonderful weekend we even slipped some time in to play on our new slip n slide and blow up pool! Weekends like these are what it's all about for me!

I don't usually say this but I hope this week goes fast we are on a countdown to beach time! This time next week I will be sitting on the sunny beaches of Destin! I literally ache to be on vacation with my family, I am SO excited I can't stand it! As with any trip we have a to-do list a mile long before we leave but it will be so worth it!

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