Thursday, May 17, 2012

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks today! 92 more days to go, starting tomorrow I can officially say "less than 3 months". I just booked my "baby plan" photo sessions. The plan comes with a free maternity shoot which I am not crazy about maternity photos (of myself) but I figure it is free and I am going to let the kids and Tex come so maybe we can make them "cute" rather than trying to make me look like a hot preggo mommy. She assured me she is awfully handy with the editing and can make my belly look clear and smooth (she has a lot of editing to get rid of these stretch marks! haha)

Another great week, no complaints here! Chandler is crazy active! I was trying to read last night and had my phone propped on my belly and she was kicking it SO hard, Tex even saw it jump. I LOVE it! I am definitely gaining weight at a more rapid pace I hope every week isn't 1.5 pounds or I will be in trouble :) We have a busy and fun weekend planned with Palmer's first tee ball game and birthday party. I also get to see my sister and Belle, so excited for them to be here (you too, Joe!) The best part... Tex is off work all weekend! He hasn't had a whole weekend off since the first of February!

Life is good, my moods are good, I am not throwing up currently and I am enjoying every moment!

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