Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kindergarten Bound!

Yesterday was a proud day for this mama! Palmer had his kindergarten screening yesterday. I was a nervous wreck, how ridiculous :) He had to go to 7 different centers and was graded assessed on everything from patterns, sounds, letter recognition and rhyming. I stood by him kind of out of the way not to distract him and he did SO good! He literally knew things I didn't even know he knew. He was polite and attentive and just made me so proud! He LOVED every second of it! After it was over we bought him a new Meadow Lands Shirt, Bag, Water Bottle and of course a bumper sticker for the mini! :)

Here he is decked out in his school colors standing by our new bumper sticker! :) I just got tears in my eyes and I asked him "What did you think buddy?" and he just smiled up at me and said, "Mom, it was awesome!" Next week is his kindergarten tour. I really think he is ready even though I don't feel like I am! Yesterday was a good day, a confirmation that maybe I have done a few things right in the last 5 years! ha!

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