Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deep Breathes....

These past couple of weeks have been long. My mind is racing at 100 mph about the 1001 things I think need to get done right now and I don't have the time or the energy to do them! I keep reminding myself that I am blessed beyond measure and that the "obstacles" we are dealing with our just that and this too shall pass but some times it is hard not to feel sorry for myself or get stressed out and have a few mom breakdowns here and there, so I am trying to focus on one day at a time (which seems to be virtually impossible for someone like me?) I am trying not to worry about things I have no control over today and just doing tasks that can be completed in the present moment. I also heard from a very wise women not to make any decisions or even think very much at night (ha!) so when the sun goes down I don't make any important decisions and just try and pray.

As of right now I have these two that currently need their tonsils taken out!!! Yes, both of them at the same time (sob, sob, sob!!) We are set to see the ENT next Wednesday and tentatively set for surgery August 10th. Ann Mason will get a tonsillectomy and tubes and Palmer will get a tonsillectomy as well! I am scared to death but I know if we can push thru it will be SO much better! We have had 15 cases of strep and 9 double ear infections between the two since October!!! Please say a little prayer for their surgery, recovery and my sanity. I realize every day that if this is the "worst" thing medically that we must endure we are in pretty great shape but it will still be hard to see my babies in pain.

On a much lighter and fun note Momma gets a "Get Out of the House Free Night!!" haha!!! I have been blessed to have met the most amazing girls this past year and I was asked to go with 8 girls on a house boat this weekend! I am leaving tomorrow morning and will come back Saturday night. I have packed tons of snacks and magazines and still don't know if I will remember how to just sit somewhere and not do a darn thing!

This is what I will be waking up to Saturday morning! It is a no-makeup, no dress up, no fuss kind of weekend! Lots of food, fun and catch phrase!!! I am so thankful to have a husband who is such an amazing dad and encourages me to take some time for myself cause at this point...this will be the best medicine for me!

I hope to have lots of pics from the weekend! I will keep everyone updated on the "tonsil" twins and our journey!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wild Wild West

The kids had SOOOO much fun at Mamaw and Papaw's! They love getting to play and all of the chaos that is happening around them! haha One of the most fun things is Papaw and all of his "cowboy" gear! He let the kids try some of it on, I shudder to think how much some of the stuff was worth but he didn't care and let them play dress up for the night! Palmer thought he was truly Woody from Toy Story! Thanks for a great visit!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Just Not the Same...

We have eaten nice dinners, watched whole movies uninterrupted, gone to bed early and slept thru the night....
The house has stayed clean for 2 days, not one toy or matchbox car out of place... I even made my bed this morning!

Tex and I have talked about our days, our dreams, our jobs... we have talked about "life's little things" that some times slip our minds after a busy day when we fall into bed exhausted and of course we talked about the two of you...

And while we have loved getting to reconnect and we have loved our "mommy and daddy" time that was much needed, and we have loved getting to do all of the little things we used to take for granted, I know this much is true....

I can't wait to drive tomorrow and open the door and see your smiling faces... I can't wait to sweep you up in my arms and hug and kiss you and tell you how much I have missed you.

I can't wait to watch and hear how excited you are to tell me all of your stories from the last few days and every detail of every moment that I wasn't there with you....

I can't wait to cuddle with you both at bedtime and hear those sweet words "I love you too momma"
You hold a piece of my heart that can not be separated by miles or by time... You have a piece of me that follows you no matter where you go or how long your gone... You will always be my babies no matter how tall you get or how big you are or how many birthdays you celebrate...You are with me even when you aren't physically near me... My love grew immeasurably with each of you and I am SO blessed to be your momma :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow......

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Think Pink!

I am SOOOO excited!!! Ashley's Shower invitations came in yesterday and I can't wait to get these cute things out! I just loved the way they turned out... I just can't wait to be an aunt again to precious Isabelle! My arms are aching to hold a tiny newborn, hopefully Belle will help me with my baby fix! haha! I love being here with Ashley and watching her belly grow and seeing the nursery transform, I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world! We are SO excited for October!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are still here...

Well, the inevitable happened.... If you have read my blog you know we have battled the "big bed" for Palmer for some time now. I had totally surrendered to the idea that he could stay in his crib for as long as he wanted! Well, Sunday we were all taking an afternoon nap after Church and Tex wakes up from the couch and this guy was reading a book next to him! He escaped! I don't know where it came from, he has never tried to get out before but he did it! So we are doomed... no going back to the crib cause he climbs out. We have tried 101 different ways to get him to stay in his room but they aren't working! Anyone have any miracle tricks?? haha I think I better get used to a little one by our bed for a while! Oh the sleepless nights are catching up with me! But how can you get mad at his sweet face? I try to think when he is older he won't want mom right next to him and just cherish these precious moments even if they are making me a zombie!
These two are keeping me busy! It is Tex's busy season so he is at work by 4:30 or 5 am and doesn't get home until about 5:30 and works about 7 days a week! We miss him SO much!!! At least it isn't year round and starting in late Sept things will slow down dramatically and I can't wait to have my hubby back! By the time we do lay down at night we are both so pooped we usually say Goodnight, I love you and go to bed! We are getting a 2 night hiatus tomorrow from the kiddos so I plan to turn off my phone and computer and spend some quality time with just Tex doing whatever we want to do, hopefully we won't just want to sleep! haha

Oh this girl! She looks so stinking sweet and she is but oh my goodness she is into everything and she thinks she is a boy!!! I bought Palmer a "cars" toothbrush and her a "princess" one and guess what she wants the "cars" one. She wants the "cars" sippy cups, the golf club sets and all things boys. I can see her basically shunning all her pink, cute and adorable little girlie toys! The only thing "girly" she does like is her baby and she just likes to slam her on the floor!!! There is no bin, door, drawer, etc... that goes untouched, undamaged, un-rummaged thru daily! I am constantly going around picking up after this tornado :) She is giving me a run for my money, not exactly the passive little girly girl I once thought she might be! That's ok I will go for a strong independent type! heehee!
So really, I know we have been busy but yet I don't have a clue what we have been doing! I did have my first yard sale and we "de-cluttered" the house quite a bit and it feels good! I parted ways with some baby stuff although I was not ready to get rid of the clothes, I will be 45 and still thinking about having a 3rd baby! :)
I miss blogging! Hopefully I will have some time this weekend to update more! We get to meet precious Ryder this weekend and I get to hold a baby! I am SO excited! I will post lots of pics!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pool Dayzzzzzz

Another reason for my lack of blogging is the amount of time we spend up at the pool! It has provided some of the best moments of summer and takes me back to my youth where I would spend 8 hours a day chasing boys and friends around the pool making memories that would stick with me for life! Here are some pictures of my little fish!

We were fortunate to have some fun visitors yesterday on the 4th! The Shelton's came to the pool with us for a little while. Too bad it was close to nap times and the little ones were pooped but we still had fun. The kids play so good together and Palmer and Ava are total "Monkey See Monkey Do" I love it! They are the sweetest girls ever!

See if you notice anything similar with Ava, Emerson and Annie? haha!



EMERSON! That's right they all 3 had the same bathing suits! We tried a group picture but it was out of the question~

Neenie and her buddy! He swims SO great in his life jacket!

Neenie, Annie (in her new and OH SO CUTE bathing suit!) and Palmer having a blast!

We love the pool it has been one of the things that has made living here so much better! I hope we are lucky enough to have a pool every summer!

No words....

What's your favorite thing about Neenie?
"She makes me LAUGH and when I LAUGH I am HAPPY!"
Palmer 3 years old


I don't know why I haven't been able to keep up with my blogging, I know busy people do it everyday! haha! But with 2 little ones, work, meetings, company and finally some "me" time (whatever that is) my blogging has suffered :) Maybe it is also easier to blog when it is freezing outside and not 90 degrees and no rain in sight!
We have been BUSY with neenie here, we had a great and eventful week last week too! I have been going to a lot of meetings so Tex and I surprised the kids and let daddy take them on a "Cupcake Date" If you have never been to Gigi's Cupcakes you are missing out!!! Go here to see if they have one in your area.... These are not your average cupcakes they are so much more!

Palmer with his "Birthday Surprise" Cupcake, he already took the gummy worm off!
Ann Mason enjoying every ounce of the delicious pink icing!

OOOOH! Ok, I did NOT post this cause I have pretty toes because even Palmer tells me my feet look funny but Neenie treated Ashley and I to a pedicure and I was in much need of one! It was embarrassing really how much I needed one! The woman told me I lost 2 pounds of dead skin! Oh my! Those little women at the nail salon are not afraid to tell you what they think!
One of the best nights of the week was celebrating my friend Erin's 2nd Birthday! I was so happy for her and so proud to be part of her big day! We went to Sol Azetecas after our meeting at like 9 and I was starving! I am the old fogey that eats dinner at 5! We had so much fun!
Erin, Me, Sarah (another girl said to be sexy with our chips obviously we don't do that very well!)

Here we are looking normal. :) There were 16 of us there that night, some I knew some I didn't but we had SO much fun! I can't tell you how blessed I am to have met so many incredible people on this journey. People who I haven't known for long but that I could call at all hours of the night if I needed something. People that don't need any explanation of where I was or how I got here cause they have their own story. It is a "God" thing and I am SO blessed to have listened when I didn't want to and showed up when I was scared cause I have met the most amazing people and I am so excited to get to know them even better!
So as you can see we had a busy week and that just got us to Wednesday! haha!! More posts to come!