Monday, July 5, 2010


I don't know why I haven't been able to keep up with my blogging, I know busy people do it everyday! haha! But with 2 little ones, work, meetings, company and finally some "me" time (whatever that is) my blogging has suffered :) Maybe it is also easier to blog when it is freezing outside and not 90 degrees and no rain in sight!
We have been BUSY with neenie here, we had a great and eventful week last week too! I have been going to a lot of meetings so Tex and I surprised the kids and let daddy take them on a "Cupcake Date" If you have never been to Gigi's Cupcakes you are missing out!!! Go here to see if they have one in your area.... These are not your average cupcakes they are so much more!

Palmer with his "Birthday Surprise" Cupcake, he already took the gummy worm off!
Ann Mason enjoying every ounce of the delicious pink icing!

OOOOH! Ok, I did NOT post this cause I have pretty toes because even Palmer tells me my feet look funny but Neenie treated Ashley and I to a pedicure and I was in much need of one! It was embarrassing really how much I needed one! The woman told me I lost 2 pounds of dead skin! Oh my! Those little women at the nail salon are not afraid to tell you what they think!
One of the best nights of the week was celebrating my friend Erin's 2nd Birthday! I was so happy for her and so proud to be part of her big day! We went to Sol Azetecas after our meeting at like 9 and I was starving! I am the old fogey that eats dinner at 5! We had so much fun!
Erin, Me, Sarah (another girl said to be sexy with our chips obviously we don't do that very well!)

Here we are looking normal. :) There were 16 of us there that night, some I knew some I didn't but we had SO much fun! I can't tell you how blessed I am to have met so many incredible people on this journey. People who I haven't known for long but that I could call at all hours of the night if I needed something. People that don't need any explanation of where I was or how I got here cause they have their own story. It is a "God" thing and I am SO blessed to have listened when I didn't want to and showed up when I was scared cause I have met the most amazing people and I am so excited to get to know them even better!
So as you can see we had a busy week and that just got us to Wednesday! haha!! More posts to come!

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