Thursday, April 3, 2014

Catching Up

Finally I am getting a chance to catch up!!! Our Internet as been down at our house for what feels like ages and then the more time that has past the more anxiety I get about getting the blog caught up! Nothing truly exciting has been going on but it just feels like we are busy :) I think once the weather FINALLY gets nice we will all feel like different people! So here is what has been going on!
Chandler's Hair has clearly been growing! Girlfriend has bed head just like her momma and brother! Ann Mason can sleep for days with straight hair! 

Annie and Katelyn got a girls night out and my 5 year old picks turquoise cheetah nails for her polish selection. Why not? Isn't that the first choice for most 5 year olds?

This is my attempt at family pictures! Yes, I was that mom before church on Sunday that may have been so frustrated that I cant get ONE picture out of these three that I shed some tears! Is it that hard people? haha

Chandler has recently sported her first pony and pig tails! She is getting so big, it makes my heart hurt!

Talk about heart hurting.... this girlfriend and sassy pants registered for Kindergarten and went on her kindergarten tour!!! With Palmer I was worried about he will adjust with Ann Mason I am worried about how the school will adjust! haha She had no nerves and walked thru that school like she owned the place!

Before we left, she looked so cute!

We got to reconnect with some dear old friends that we had not seen for years! They too have 3 kids under 6 so you can only imagine how this crazy slumber party went! Right when we saw them it was like old times! So thankful for reunions like this!

Other than that we basically been hot messes. We are tired of being in the house and really, really ready for spring!

Tomorrow we are off to the beach and I couldn't contain my excitement if I tried!!!!

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