Friday, March 7, 2014

Living with Purpose-Family Fun Night and Redecorating

WE have been BUSY! This momma has gone on a bit of a rampage... more on that a little later! My new goal for 2014 was have one special family fun night a month. Last month we went to Louisville to spend the night and this month we bought tickets and went to Evansville to a hockey game. It is just a night to "splurge" a little bit and hang out with the kids doing something that we typically don't get to do. 
Annie and I eating at the smiling moose deli! That place is SO good!!!

My co-worker and Ann Mason's new bestie was there with her husband so we all sat together!

Palmer was one happy dude! He gets way into the players, their stats, their backgrounds, etc... He is definitely my little analyzer!
Chandler stayed with Mamaw and Papaw and from the looks of things she probably got the best end of the deal. They literally spoil her rotten and papaw follows her around taking videos of her! They make things so easy for us! haha
Well, about this time every year I get a house re-arranging/re-decorating kick! Thankfully we have a barter and trade page on facebook for our city that is fairly popular! At least I am resourceful... any one that knows me knows that once I get an idea in my head there is really no rationalizing and the results are immediate! haha
I have been wanting to basically purge the WHOLE house. I am not a clutter person and I happen to be raising 2 (not sure about the third child yet) mini pack rat hoarders. I was DONE! Anything that was missing a piece or hadn't been played with in 6 months was donated!!! I went a little crazy!

Some of the items for Goodwill. This was JUST out of Palmers room!

Again the trash pile, just out of Palmers room! Every one's room got the same purging except sadly my own room! That is going to take a while just with the closet alone!
So for as long as I have owned a home and decorated it I have always been very matchy, matchy. The woods all had to match, pillows, etc... well I don't know what is going on with me or if it is the pinterest era but I am LOVING all things NON matchy! Lo and Behold I found a consignment store right by my work that has old furniture that people have painted and re-done and they are selling these pieces for next to nothing. So I took pics of a lot of our current furniture and placed it on the facebook page and between Friday and Saturday made almost $500 and sold everything!

Here are a few pics of what I am talking about. I bought this little white distressed end table. I LOVE how they don't match, this is so not me!

One of my favorite purchases is this old refinished desk. It is beautiful in person and probably the heaviest piece of wood furniture we own!!! I need to buy it to house this little guy....

MY NEW CAMEO SILHOUETTE!!! You all have no idea how excited I am about this!!! I am going to be learning all weekend how to use this baby! I am sure I will post many projects!!!

Here is Palmer's new dresser! I sold one that we had bought at Target 7 years ago and got this. It gives his room so much more character. He says it's old, I say its great!

This is a terrible picture of Ann Mason's room and I will be taking more as soon as her bedding gets in... but we sanded and refinished a headboard that has been in the Templeton family for decades and decades, I bought her a turquoise vintage dresser and a white distressed night stand. I am madly in love with her room!
I am just loving adding character to our house. We are still waiting on a few things to come in like our chevron rug for the living room and some curtains but I am SO excited! I am also a little worried that I might vinyl the whole house with my silhouette! haha
Exciting things to come! Happy Friday

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