Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Reveal and 19 weeks!

Yesterday was such a WONDERFUL and FUN day! Yesterday was the day that we found out if we were having a boy or a girl! We wanted to make it a special day for Palmer and Ann Mason since they have waited 19 LONG weeks to find out. They were more than THRILLED....
Palmer aka Big Brother rooting for "Team Boy"
Ann Mason aka Big Sister rooting for "team girl"
The Happiest Big Brother/Big Sister EVER!
Ok, this picture is slightly embarrassing... the pose is a little awkward! haha But you get the point... here is ME at 19 weeks!

So here is how the day went... first off Mommy got to sleep in which was FABULOUS! We went and picked up the kiddos before naps at school and took them to lunch and ice cream before the appointment. We FINALLY got to the appointment and baby T #3 decided to be stubborn and had his/her legs together FOREVER! Literally 45 minutes later we were told It's A.... by that point the kids were done and not impressed! ha!
We rushed out and made our way to get balloons and cupcakes for the family reveal!

Our sweet family showed up in support of baby T #3!
My sweet Owensboro family!
The kids helping me open up the reveal box...
Everyone faces crack me up! Kathy is saying Oh no and Katelyn *my niece* is SO happy!
Watching the last balloon fly away everyone still laughing and saying "We knew it!"

Chandler Grace Templeton
looked perfect in every way! None of my children have measured on time, in fact they have all been really small but Miss Chandler was measuring perfect. Apparently throwing up daily doesn't mess with this girl! ha! She had her hands in her face, was moving everywhere and of course was stubborn :) Since baby girl was so stubborn we get to see her cute self again in 4 weeks! WOOHOO!

I have to admit the thought of two girls in the house scares me a little! I am still getting used to saying daughters! Palmer is actually excited, I think he secretly likes that he is mommas only boy! He is going to be the BEST big brother a girl could ask for!

We feel blessed. This pregnancy has been tough. Tough like some days I don't know if I can last another 20 weeks but I know SHE will be SO worth it and that is what I am holding on to!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful Weather

We have been spending TONS of time outside! The weather has been beautiful and perfect and we couldn't be happier! It is amazing how much nicer the nights are when the kids are busy having fun running around outside vs. being stuck in the house during the winter. I know this mommy LOVES spring time! Here are some pics of our outdoor adventures...
This is from our day at the farm. We went out to our friends farm and the kids rode 4 wheelers and loved every minute of it!
Palmer and his buddy Cannon

Annie and Cannon... love these two!

Uncle Rob taking the older boys for a ride!

Daddy was the only one that Annie wanted, of course!

This is where we spend 90% of our time, our backyard. Right now the corn is replaced by yellow flowers everywhere, it is so pretty out! Molly loves it more than the kids!

This weekend we had Kelly and Caroline to visit and we had a great time. They kids played like this for hours!!!

Running thru the flowers!

Annie so hard at work picking her bouquet

Sweet girl...

Spring time also means SOCCER for palmer! He saw his best buddy from school out on the soccer field the first day.

He is doing so great playing, the kids are a lot bigger this year and it is intimidating but he is keeping up and trying to get in there!

And of course his number one cheerleader, she watches and makes sure he is doing ok!

We are loving every minute that we can spend outside! The next best thing to this is pool time! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

One of the BEST things about March!


Palmer completely dressed himself head to toe in UK gear this morning! His tennis shoes were even royal blue :) We will definitely be cheering on the CATS tonight!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am 18 weeks today WOOHOO! It keeps rolling by and I like it :) I had to do my weekly post in blue/white for the CATS!!! Can't wait for the game tomorrow night!

We have a big weekend and an even bigger week because we get to find out what baby T #3 is on Wednesday! I am taking off work and so is Tex and we have lots of fun things planned! Palmer and Ann Mason are going with us to the ultrasound and then that night we are having some family over to do a "gender reveal" cookout with pink or blue cupcakes! Since this might be our last bambino I figure we might as well celebrate him/her to the fullest!~

Other than the night sickness I am feeling good. Not nearly as many headaches and I have some energy again! I am HUNGRY 24/7 though and that is scary! I am just praying we see a healthy baby that measures well!! I can't hardly wait!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And now its Tuesday...

haha I had to laugh at my post yesterday. I don't think I realize I just titled it and then quit. Kind of how my life week has been going. Last week was just plain insanity. I can't even begin to go into detail with everything that occured let's just say it was a lot including but not limited to my stove catching on fire! ha! Seriously it was one of those weeks!

Work Weekend didn't quite turn out the way we had hoped because of how the week went. I did spend ALL Friday BY MYSELF running errands and cleaning the house, it was GLORIOUS! The playroom is now officially a nursery!

I have now gotten my camera cord so my plan tonight is to download pics and catch up a little bit! We have a busy week planned and a busier weekend but all FUN stuff!

Not to mention we get to find out what baby #T3 is in t minus 8 days! We are SO excited! So, here's to a better week for the Templeton's. Goodness knows that we need it! haha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Weekend

It's only Tuesday and I am already talking about the weekend :) This weekend is supposed to be GORGEOUS! My mom and Scott are coming for the weekend and it is the first weekend of Soccer for Palmer! Lots of fun things to look forward to! I have also deemed it work weekend at our house....

I have a mile long list of stuff that I would love to start working on before my bump keeps growing and it is 107 degrees outside :) We have tons of work to do outside and inside it seems a little overwhelming. Right now we are in the process of "sprucing" up Palmer and Annie's room and also taking the playroom and turning it into the nurersy which means all of the toys need to find a home SOON!

It's a lot of work but I love the feeling after you re-arrange, re-organize and re-clean everything!

One of the things I am looking forward to most is.... having my own little garden for the first time ever!
Palmer is more excited than anyone of us! Here are Palmer and Tex "breaking ground" for our first ever garden!

The other project we are going to tackle is making rain gutter bookshelves. We have mounds of misplaced, scattered and unorganized piles of books around our house. I found this idea on pinterest and a lot of other blogs. It is actual bookshelves made from rain gutters! They are so cute and the cost for the whole project is around $25! Right in my budget :) Here is what they look like when finished....

How stinking cute are these?

Love them! I like how they placed them low enough so that the kids can reach them and sit and read!

I will take lots of pics of everything we are doing around the house! Palmers room got re done this past weekend and it looks pretty good! Ann Mason's is a work in progress and the nursery... well, it kind of looks like the storage/junk/misc room right now! It will all get done!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting Organized....

90% of the time I am beyond excited when I think about expanding our family but... to be honest there is a solid 10% of the time that I lose my breathe mid thought, start having heart palpitations and break out into a cold sweat wondering if I can handle this! Palmer is officially registered for Kindergarten and with that came a 3 page itinerary and to do list that included exams, physicals, dentist appointments, orientation, teacher meet and greet, school kick off, screenings, etc.... My heart was in my stomach, I know thousands of kids start kindergarten every year and that most of these kindergarten moms work like I do but to think about being 37 weeks pregnant and trying to schedule all of this stuff (not to mention they make these fun events in the middle of the work day!!!) is totally overwhelming!

So first things first... I ordered my very first "mom agenda". Go to ! Apparently these little planners are going to make my life easier with room for multiple kids schedules, birthdays, class events, etc... now if I could just have a personal assistant that came with it I would be set!

I wish I could be more like my husband and I KNOW that is why we work so well together because my mind NEVER shuts off ( HUGE PROBLEM) and his mind well, I wouldn't say it never shuts on! ha but it is relatively quiet most of the time. He 100% always believes that everything will be fine and everything works out in the end and just let things take its course and there is no sense worrying about it. Usually he is right, which makes me SO mad. :) But I can't help but think of all of the logistics of being a mom to 3 small children and working full time. Am I strong enough to handle it, do I have it in me, can we make this work financially and the list goes on and on....

Somewhere in the deep back of my mind I know that our new addition will bring so much joy and a  new normal to our lives but my incessant worrying type A personality wants to plan it all out from A to Z. When am I going to learn that is not how it works?

So for now I am going to use my mom agenda has my first line of defense, try and stay organized and just do the best I can :) I realize that I am very blessed if these are my biggest worries.

Wish me luck, the next 5 months are going to be a CRAZY ride, heck what am I talking about the next 18 years are going to be CRAZY! ha!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

16 weeks!

 I decided to spice things up a bit! I am going to try and make my weekly updates a little more "hip"! ha! Excuse the pic from this week the camera cord is still MIA. I just put some little tid bits about what is going on this week and yes, I am including the weight gain! I keep on looking back at Palmer and Ann Mason's baby books and can't find my weight or weight gain because I am sure at the time I didn't want to know, but now I do! So, I thought what the heck I will add it! (*Sidenote, I gained like 5-7 pounds before I even got pregnant from the hormones :( boo!)

Yesterday I had my 16 week dr appt and it was AWESOME! I could hear the baby literally doing flips on the doppler, BEST.SOUND.EVER! To top it off.... My gender ultrasound got pushed back two weeks so we now find out..... March 28th!! It just makes things so much more real! I literally have no idea what I am having... at first I thought girl, now I think boy and tomorrow it will probably change!

Happy 16 weeks!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Baby Boy...

Tex is going to sign this sweet face up for Kindergarten today! What? It kind of makes me lose my breathe just thinking about it. I don't understand how he could be old enough for kindergarten, weren't we just painting his nursery? Oh I love this guy so much and I know he is going to do BIG things, I just wish it didn't go so fast! You will ALWAYS be my baby boy even if you are a big kindergartner! ha!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I am totally RECHARGED! I had hands down one of the best weekends that I have had in a LONG time!! It is no secret that this move hasn't been everything I had hoped for and I just needed to get a way and recharge and reconnect and that is exactly what I did! I took off by myself Saturday morning for a weekend of eating, friends, pampering and just some "me" time. (Thank you to my wonderful husband who never complains or questions my need to be around my girlfriends! I think he knows that it makes me a better wife and mother :) I can't tell you what a little girlfriend therapy and some alone mommy time can do, it is truly amazing! Even though I am sad that I am not in Louisville I have to be grateful that it is just a short drive away and that I can visit any time I want to!

On another positive note! I totally found baby T #3's bedding! I have searched high and low website after website with a specific look in mind for this nursery. I wanted more sophisticated. I have done the bright colors and this nursery is small and intimate and I wanted something to match that feel. I also needed something that I could incorporate the yellow rocker and ottoman that I have used in all of the kids nurseries, that was a must!

So, I know you all are wondering how in the world I picked out bedding when I have no clue what this child is? Well, in my defense it was under GENDER NEUTRAL bedding sets on the website, so I say that it can totally go boy or girl. It is probably more on the girly side but if baby T # 3 is a boy then he will just have to be a little girly for the first 2 years because his mommas is OBSESSED with this bedding! ha! 

We are going to use Ann Mason's crib and her dresser from her room and I took her shopping for some cute things for her room last night. We have a lot of switching and moving around to do but i think it is going to work perfectly! So here it is....
Love it! I am thinking an accent wall in that mocha color or incorporating some of the blues....?

Here is the big view of it...

Think less busy, we won't have the full panel drapes and all of the wall decor. More so just the bedding... I bought a lamp shade and a pillow for the glider to match, just enough!

I am starting to feel like this may actually be real! haha I have a lot to do in the next 5 months!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 weeks!

I am 15 weeks today!! WOOHOO! I am feeling like I am turning a corner and I am SO happy to see the other side! Meet Baby T #3....

My sweet baby is the size of an APPLE! I get to hear the heartbeat on Wednesday and then I have to wait 5 LONG weeks for the gender ultrasound. I don't get to find out until 21 weeks here! That seems so long :) Probably seems longer for the kids. I am putting Aunt Ashley to work on the Team Boy/Team Girl shirts for the ultrasound, we will ALL be going in! ha!

Obviously there is no baby bump picture partly out of vanity and partly out of the fact that I never did find my camera cord and I even looked in the fridge! I PROMISE I will start doing these darn things! I know I will enjoy them.

Here is a lovely, random (of course) list of the little things in life that this mamma is enjoying! It doesn't take much these days!

OMG! McDonald's smoothies, I swear everything McD's has is good. These smoothies are awesome and a lot of times when I am nausea and not craving anything at all these sound good!

There are VERY few shows that I get to watch these days! Mainly because I usually can't stay up but there are about 4 that I am currently watching/catching up on thru DVR. Revenge, Parenthood, The Voice and Bethany Ever After

I am telling you, if you want a series to get into this one is it! It just finished the first season so you can catch up! It is so awesome!

LOVE, LOVE this show! It makes me happy and I find myself yelling for the contestants!

Probably the most random on my list is my  "go to meal" for when I am sick and nothing sounds good.... Ramen Noodles! How freaking random? Loving them and all of their yummy goodness and convenience and the funny thing is Annie and Palmer think they are delicious as well! This is my kind of dinner these days a few packs of Ramen Noodles and we are set!

And me and this little fav had a date last night. OMG! It took everything I had not to eat it all. I did stop but half way thru, it just kept saying "eat me!" When pregnant I love me some ice cream and popcorn for nightly snacks but I usually only have to make myself have a snack like 2 times a week!

I found this little gem when I was planning Annie's pinkalicious party! I am OBSESSED! I have had such a hard time cutting back my caffeine, I LOVE caffeine so this has helped SO much! It is mine and Annie's "pinkalicious" drink, we love it!

So, there you have it can't you just picture me and my belly on the couch eating my Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie, drinking my pinkalicious lemonade watching the Voice! ha! It seriously happened just last night, the whole combo!

Have a great rest of the week, we are almost thru it!