Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 weeks!

I am 15 weeks today!! WOOHOO! I am feeling like I am turning a corner and I am SO happy to see the other side! Meet Baby T #3....

My sweet baby is the size of an APPLE! I get to hear the heartbeat on Wednesday and then I have to wait 5 LONG weeks for the gender ultrasound. I don't get to find out until 21 weeks here! That seems so long :) Probably seems longer for the kids. I am putting Aunt Ashley to work on the Team Boy/Team Girl shirts for the ultrasound, we will ALL be going in! ha!

Obviously there is no baby bump picture partly out of vanity and partly out of the fact that I never did find my camera cord and I even looked in the fridge! I PROMISE I will start doing these darn things! I know I will enjoy them.

Here is a lovely, random (of course) list of the little things in life that this mamma is enjoying! It doesn't take much these days!

OMG! McDonald's smoothies, I swear everything McD's has is good. These smoothies are awesome and a lot of times when I am nausea and not craving anything at all these sound good!

There are VERY few shows that I get to watch these days! Mainly because I usually can't stay up but there are about 4 that I am currently watching/catching up on thru DVR. Revenge, Parenthood, The Voice and Bethany Ever After

I am telling you, if you want a series to get into this one is it! It just finished the first season so you can catch up! It is so awesome!

LOVE, LOVE this show! It makes me happy and I find myself yelling for the contestants!

Probably the most random on my list is my  "go to meal" for when I am sick and nothing sounds good.... Ramen Noodles! How freaking random? Loving them and all of their yummy goodness and convenience and the funny thing is Annie and Palmer think they are delicious as well! This is my kind of dinner these days a few packs of Ramen Noodles and we are set!

And me and this little fav had a date last night. OMG! It took everything I had not to eat it all. I did stop but half way thru, it just kept saying "eat me!" When pregnant I love me some ice cream and popcorn for nightly snacks but I usually only have to make myself have a snack like 2 times a week!

I found this little gem when I was planning Annie's pinkalicious party! I am OBSESSED! I have had such a hard time cutting back my caffeine, I LOVE caffeine so this has helped SO much! It is mine and Annie's "pinkalicious" drink, we love it!

So, there you have it can't you just picture me and my belly on the couch eating my Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie, drinking my pinkalicious lemonade watching the Voice! ha! It seriously happened just last night, the whole combo!

Have a great rest of the week, we are almost thru it!

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