Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Reveal and 19 weeks!

Yesterday was such a WONDERFUL and FUN day! Yesterday was the day that we found out if we were having a boy or a girl! We wanted to make it a special day for Palmer and Ann Mason since they have waited 19 LONG weeks to find out. They were more than THRILLED....
Palmer aka Big Brother rooting for "Team Boy"
Ann Mason aka Big Sister rooting for "team girl"
The Happiest Big Brother/Big Sister EVER!
Ok, this picture is slightly embarrassing... the pose is a little awkward! haha But you get the point... here is ME at 19 weeks!

So here is how the day went... first off Mommy got to sleep in which was FABULOUS! We went and picked up the kiddos before naps at school and took them to lunch and ice cream before the appointment. We FINALLY got to the appointment and baby T #3 decided to be stubborn and had his/her legs together FOREVER! Literally 45 minutes later we were told It's A.... by that point the kids were done and not impressed! ha!
We rushed out and made our way to get balloons and cupcakes for the family reveal!

Our sweet family showed up in support of baby T #3!
My sweet Owensboro family!
The kids helping me open up the reveal box...
Everyone faces crack me up! Kathy is saying Oh no and Katelyn *my niece* is SO happy!
Watching the last balloon fly away everyone still laughing and saying "We knew it!"

Chandler Grace Templeton
looked perfect in every way! None of my children have measured on time, in fact they have all been really small but Miss Chandler was measuring perfect. Apparently throwing up daily doesn't mess with this girl! ha! She had her hands in her face, was moving everywhere and of course was stubborn :) Since baby girl was so stubborn we get to see her cute self again in 4 weeks! WOOHOO!

I have to admit the thought of two girls in the house scares me a little! I am still getting used to saying daughters! Palmer is actually excited, I think he secretly likes that he is mommas only boy! He is going to be the BEST big brother a girl could ask for!

We feel blessed. This pregnancy has been tough. Tough like some days I don't know if I can last another 20 weeks but I know SHE will be SO worth it and that is what I am holding on to!

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Sarah said...

CONGRATS Blake! Two girls...that is awesome! I bet her and Ann Mason will be the best of friends and I am sure Palmer will always be there looking out for both of them! I love her name too, so cute! BTW, you look adorable!