Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful Weather

We have been spending TONS of time outside! The weather has been beautiful and perfect and we couldn't be happier! It is amazing how much nicer the nights are when the kids are busy having fun running around outside vs. being stuck in the house during the winter. I know this mommy LOVES spring time! Here are some pics of our outdoor adventures...
This is from our day at the farm. We went out to our friends farm and the kids rode 4 wheelers and loved every minute of it!
Palmer and his buddy Cannon

Annie and Cannon... love these two!

Uncle Rob taking the older boys for a ride!

Daddy was the only one that Annie wanted, of course!

This is where we spend 90% of our time, our backyard. Right now the corn is replaced by yellow flowers everywhere, it is so pretty out! Molly loves it more than the kids!

This weekend we had Kelly and Caroline to visit and we had a great time. They kids played like this for hours!!!

Running thru the flowers!

Annie so hard at work picking her bouquet

Sweet girl...

Spring time also means SOCCER for palmer! He saw his best buddy from school out on the soccer field the first day.

He is doing so great playing, the kids are a lot bigger this year and it is intimidating but he is keeping up and trying to get in there!

And of course his number one cheerleader, she watches and makes sure he is doing ok!

We are loving every minute that we can spend outside! The next best thing to this is pool time! :)

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