Friday, May 22, 2009

Palmer Templeton is 2 years old!

My Dearest Palmer,

Where do I even begin? I find myself laughing out loud over the last year of your life. You have evolved into this mega personality full of spunk, stuborness, quarkiness, hilarity and so much more! You are complicated yet so simple in your demands. You are absolutley hilarious but yet so serious about certain things. You have more quarks than even I do and I love each of them however outrageous and frustrating they may seem at the time.

I have said it before I am afraid I will say it many times over the years you got my personality my friend :) The good and the bad and everything in between! You have a full on swagger every time you walk and you are most comfortable with your baseball cap on backwards and your sunglasses on upside down. I think you like to have a "look" about you.

You LOVE your movies and are very opiniated when it comes to picking them out based on what mood you are in. Your favs right now are Happy Feet, Alvin and the Chimpunks Christmas and CARS!!! You are beyond obsessed with cars, motorcycles, trains, etc... to the point you sleep with about 10 in your bed each night.

You LOVE milk and would drink it all day every day if we let you. Your eating habits are less predictable and while sometimes you will eat a hearty meal most of the time you are a "snacker" like your neenie and love chips and pretzels and grazing in general. I am not that mom that makes you eat everything on your plate which is a good thing for you or you would spend hours in your high chair!

You have started talking SO much in the last 2 weeks! You say mommy probably 150 times a day but I still LOVE it! Your vocabulary increases everyday it is amazing! Right now you are like a little parrot and repeat most anything you hear! You refuse to talk in front of the people we want you to talk in front of (i.e. the grandparents who think you don't talk :) but when you are around mommy and daddy you don't stop talking!

You already have this unexplainable connection with Ann Mason. Your eyes light up the minute you see her and every noise or move she makes is the most amazing thing to you. You laugh at her and she laughs at you everyday. I hope you all are so close growing up. You need to always protect her and be there for her even when she annoys you!

You love your family and nothing makes you happier than to be at home playing with your daddy in the backyard. Your dad by the way is your biggest fan and you are going to grow up thinking you are SO funny because he laughs uncontrollably at you ALL of the time! He thinks everything you do is "spit out your drink" kind of funny! :)

You have changed our lives from the minute you were born at 10:15 on May 22nd, 2007 and we will never be the same! It is so fun to watch you grow and evolve into this independent and funny little boy that has this flare for life! We love you more than you will ever know and we are SO proud of you. Happy Birthday Palmer may your second year of life be GRAND!


Monday, May 18, 2009

3 months!

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is already 3 months! I swear I am still waiting for you to turn into this "fussy" baby BUT I think I got lucky with you! Can I officially say that at 3 months without jinxing myself?

You are a dream baby!!! You are happy and content. You are relaxed and laid back. You don't cry hardly at all unless your tummy is hurting or you are super hungry! You have been such a dream!

Right now you are....
*Eating 5 oz every 4 hours (sometimes 6 oz!)
** Just this week started sleeping from 8 or 9 pm to 6 am!!!!
*** You are still sleeping in mommy and daddys bed ONLY because you like to be propped up on your boppy and I am too scared to put you in your crib with the boppy (any suggestions are greatly appreciated! haha)
*You constantly smile and your favorite thing to smile at is of course your silly brother!
**You have laughed out loud a few times and it is the best sound in the world!
*** You love bath time and could lay in there for hours. Palmer "helps" by pouring water on you to wash away the soap just sometimes he aims the water at your face!
*You don't mind tummy time but sometimes mommy forgets to do it!
** You are wearing 3 month clothes but I think we are going to start going to 3-6 month since things are getting tight!
*** I am not sure how much you weigh since we don't go to the dr until 4 months but I am guessing 12 pds something, you are getting so big!
*Your hair is starting to come back in the front but you are still pretty bald!!! You have the biggest blue/grayish eyes in the world! Sometimes you look just like your Aunt Ashley when she was born with no hair and big eyes :)
** You LOVE your daddy! Every time he walks into a room or talks you turn your head in his direction and smile uncontrollably! It makes me excited to think about the two of you in years to come. You already have him wrapped around your finger!
***You could not be more laid back. Quite the opposite from your big brother I fully believe that you will stay this way and will sleep on concrete if need be :)!!!
*You have a big brother that looks at you with so much love and happiness it kills me! He HAS to find you every morning and when he sees you he just gets so excited, like it is Christmas every morning! You have started making noises and he jumps up and down and points at you like you just did the coolest thing he has ever seen! He thinks everything you do is the BEST!

You are truly the love of my life! You have exceeded every expectation I ever had of having a daughter. You calm all of my fears! You have made becoming a mom for the second time an unbelievable experience. I have had a few comments on the fact that I make having 2 kids look easy and let me tell ya it is NOT me, it is because you are such a good baby!!! I can't wait to see what the next few months brings, it is already going by too fast :(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Alive

I have been a horrible blogger! This month just keeps flying by at the speed of light! I can't believe that we are already 1/2 way thru May! This has been a very busy month and keeps getting busier.

We had fun at the Derby party at the Prather's except for this year I knew NOTHING about the horses other than that Candy or was it something with Chocolate in the title? See, it is pitiful!

Mother's Day was FABULOUS!!! We hung out outside during the beautiful day and let Palmer play and Ann Mason napped in the sun! (Or in the shade rather) Then Ashley and Joe came to grill out. It was a perfect mother's day and one that I said many thankful prayers for!

This weekend is Ashley's bach party... stay tuned that will be interesting :) haha and my precious baby girl turns 3 months old! Is that possible?

Next weekend Palmer turns 2!!!!! That I really can't stand, my heart just breaks that he is getting so big. His new favorite word is Mommy. This is big for him as he always just called me Mom. He says mommy probably no less than 80,000 times a day and thinks it is hilarious because I always say "yes, Palmer" and he just laughs????

And the weekend after that is Ashley's wedding!!! When I said busy I really meant it! So I promise you all fun pics and lots of them!

I am surviving my second week of work and trying to get my new schedule down as posed some major challenges but we are hanging in there!

I assure you I will post some fun posts in the new future. Dear Ashley's bach party is this Saturday so I am SURE I will have some comedic photo's from this! I miss everyone and miss blogging I just can't find time for everything right now! I am trying!

See ya soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's so fun being a girl!

Being a girl is SO fun especially when it comes to cute clothes! I love dressing Ann Mason in cute outfits but I hate that some days there is no one around to see just how darn cute she looks! So, I decided whenever she has on a cute outfit I would take her pic! haha Here is a couple of my favorite pics of here cause she is smiling and looks so cute.

Ok, the first one she's not so happy but at least her outfit is cute!

Now there's my happy girl!

You all know I LOVE a good deal! I was at the Gap today (I usually don't shop there for the kiddos cause I am cheap and it is usually too expensive) but anyways I walked in there today just to look.... I ended up finding Ann Mason the cutest and most perfect dress and shrug to wear to her Aunt Ashley's' wedding! And the best part... the dress WAS $49.99 I got it for $12.99 and the shrug WAS $29.99 and I got it for $5.99!! One heck of a deal! Here it is...

Family Fun Day 4 and 5

Well Family Fun Week slowed way down towards the end of the week :) By Thursday the kids and I were exhausted so we declared Day 4 of Family Fun Week "Movie Day" and we stayed in our pjs! It was fabulous! Here are the kids absolutley pooped out from the fun :) haha

Family Fun Week Day 5 our first stop was to Frank and Kimmie's Oaks Day cookout! Palmer had a blast with the doggies and just running around and hanging out. Ann Mason did what she does best and just sat and took it all in, I love that little laid back girl!

Our next stop was Gattiland for Reid's birthday! Reid and Palmer LOVE each other and the minute they saw each other they started chanting each others names and started running around! We had a blast eating pizza, playing games and running around like crazy people!

We had a wonderful last week together. I am both anxious and excited about starting back to work. While I love my job I must admit I loved staying home with my babies more! There is nothing that compares to the job off a mom, it is the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding for sure!