Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Well we survived Spring Break 2014!! I must say that spring breaks now are totally different than spring breaks of the past. No beer with cereal, no spray painted t-shirts, no driving the strip blaring rap music! HA HA
With little ones I don't necessarily use the word vacation because let's be honest...Three kids under the age of 6 in a car for 9 hours and then going to the beach everyday is wonderfully exhausting! Mother nature was NOT on our side for the trip we literally pulled into sun and 75 degree weather changed into our bathing suits and walked outside just as a storm was blowing in. That storm didn't stop for 3 whole days!

Somewhat of a beach day! These kids were freezing, I was wearing a sweatshirt!
We made the most of our rainy days and went to the gulfarium, science museum and ate at some great restaurants.

Our fam at the gulfarium!
This girl didn't care rain or shine, sand or pool she was LOVING life!

It is hard to see but this is a tornado simulator and it gets up to 75mph winds ALL of my kids wanted to go in with Sarah and I think from this picture Chan changed her mind about halfway thru!

Palmer.... my sweetest boy beach bum!!!

Ahhhh A toddler, hot pink and a tutu OH.MY!!! I cant get over her cuteness, I LOVE this age!

The last day was beautiful of course! These kids were good as gold on the beach!

Ok so here is the story! All of the kids wanted to be "buried" up to their necks so we took turns burying everyone, even Chandler was helping. After we got done I look over and Chandler is laying on the sand and trying to burying herself so we helped her out, she thought it was funny minus eating the sand!

It was a good trip but it also felt good to come home and get in our beds :) There is no place like home!!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

I have had an experience with the tornado simulator!! So they had one at our kid museum and I was alone with both kids, well I decided to take Hannah into it, cause I thought it would be cool, right? WRONG. I left Owen outside the door in the stroller and we jumped in. Then the winds start getting worse and she is Screaming and to be honest, it FREAKED me out too. It was intense, and I was trying to get out but I couldnt open the door. Here I am, mom of the year with one kid screaming in the tornado and the other on the outside watching. LOL! Never again will I get in one of those! Looks like you had a wonderful trip!!