Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Am I crazy?

I just bought boy bedding for the new baby! I know, I know I am crazy but I just seem convinced that I am having a BOY! I am sure that some of you (including myself) are all going to get a HUGE laugh when we are SHOCKED by the news that we are having a girl! One of the main reasons I went ahead and got the bedding was because the store was having a 25% off all baby bedding plus I googled a promotion code and got another 15% off, I think any good bargain shopper would agree that I had to pull the trigger :) I can always return it right? Ok so, I am posting a picture of the bedding and then another picture of the animals to see if you all think that it matches? I am having trouble with this room. Remember if it is a boy Palmer and him will be sharing a room. I don't want to make it too dark so I am not sure what color to do the walls? But the bedding has a lot of the colors of the animals, tan, brown, black, white, etc... so I think it will look good all set up!

The animals I purchased for the "jungle room"

The new bedding! Did not order the valance just the crib bedding and frames!
What do you think?

Monday, September 29, 2008

2008-2009 School Year Picture

This is Palmer's picture at "school" for this year! Oh my gosh, he is a little boy! It breaks my heart. Where is my baby? Is it possible that he has grown up this much without me knowing it? I just can't stand it, this past 16 months have gone by so quick!

But I tell ya everyday is becoming more and more entertaining! At 16 months he is truly amazing. He is the master of imitation and that is scary! You don't realize how much those little eyes are watching each and every move so Tex and I have to be very careful :) He no longer walks but pretty much sprints every where he is going! He is a ball full of energy that literally does not stop moving unless to take a nap or sleep at night and even in his sleep he rolls, kicks, and punches!

He is working on talking and says bark, bye, car, vroom, moma, dada, and mysteriously he also says "oh sh*t"! Yikes, I know! I don't know where he got that, the darn TV these days :) We are working on letting him know that is not a good word! Of course that is after we go in the other room and laugh until we cry! He also has quite the fascination with socks and shoes! LOVES them! It is the weirdest thing but I bought striped trouser socks from the $ store and every time he sees them he insists that I put them on him. So for him they look more like leg warmers but he loves sporting them around the house!

Everyday he becomes more Mr. Independent. I don't know what I am going to do! I know I need to assist him in becoming independent but it seems like he doesn't want mommy's help doing anything so I am trying to find a good balance. He is very strong willed and he will be my little envelope pusher for sure! I am going to have some sleepless nights over this child I am sure!

He is the absolute love and light of my life. Everyday I stare at him and think he is the most beautiful, funny, most intelligent thing that I have ever laid my eyes on. He has such a big heart and LOVES other little kids. I can't imagine what happiness I will feel watching him interact with his new brother/sister! He will be an amazing big brother!

He has made me such a better person. I am more patient now and I think it is fun to roll around and squeal on the floor or turn the music up in the mini and "dance" with him. He is re-teaching me about the simple things in life that make each day worth living! He will never know what he has given to me just by being him!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So seriously I feel like "that person" that ALWAYS has some kind of drama going on :) I swear I don't make it up, I don't ask for it, I don't instigate it, it just finds us :) haha Last night my sweet mom (who drove 10 hours by herself) to be with me cause I couldn't handle being a "single" mom for 4 nights while Tex was gone... got into town safe and sound! Her and I took Palmer to his back to school night at his new/old daycare and headed to Qdoba to watch Palmer suck 3 cheese queso off of every chip :) It was such a nice night until we got home and were ready for bed and we found out Molly has FLEAS!! So at 10 pm I had to wake my mom up and we stripped all of the sheets and started cleaning, gave Molly a bath and treated her with some flea killer. I was exhausted so I finally went to bed and said to hell with the fleas! :)

This morning Tex left for Cali and of course I went into my overly dramatic speech about how if something happens does he know how much I love him? Sorry I don't tell him enough but he is a great dad and husband, etc... I am so anxious when a loved one is traveling! After we got him off, I re-checked Molly in hopes to see a clean, flea-less doggie but to my horror found many more fleas!

So after $100 at the vet, more baths and mom and Palmer taking a trip to Lowe's we are now set to BOMB our house at 7 in the morning tomorrow! This is no small undertaking may I tell you. We have to "evacuate" the home for 3 hours and take anything that is out in the open that we don't want to clean, etc... I have now scheduled Molly to go to a doggie daycare and Palmer is now going off to his own human daycare for lunch and a nap tomorrow so that "The Bomb Squad" aka me and my mom can go in there and de-fog or de-bomb and vacuum, clean, scrub, etc....

All my poor mom wanted was a nice stay to bond with her grandson and now she is having to deal with this mess! Tex just called and while I am SO thankful he is safe and sound in California I am a tad bit jealous that he is there and I am here dealing with this! My mom asked me how we managed the ever rambunctious Palmer, Molly, working, and all of our ill-fated luck and I just laughed! It is our luck and we are The Templeton's! We are just having so much darn fun we are even bringing another life into this world to join in the chaos, I am hoping that I don't lose my mind! :)

On a better note my 2 best friends from high school are coming up Saturday to hang out! I am so excited to see them and spend time catching up! What's even better is I have a free babysitter all weekend!!

More to come on the flea saga... Wish us luck!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Recap!

How is it already Monday? It seems that not only are our weekends going fast but the whole week in general! I can't believe we are at the end of September, how is that possible? :) I hope everyone had great weekends! We have been having really great weekends just doing stuff around the house and being lazy! It seems that I have ZERO energy to do all of the things I am wanting to do. Aren't you supposed to get that back during your 2nd trimester? But we manage to do things in between naps :) and I figure what doesn't get done isn't going to hurt anyone!

We had a great weekend and got to visit with some friends that we haven't seen in what seems like forever! We had dinner with the Floyd family on Friday night at Martini's (YUM, YUM!) Isabella is always so cute and well behaved and I have to give Palmer some props he did GREAT (or so we thought, the Floyd's might have a different opinion :) but he allowed us to have a great dinner and great conversation so we thought it was a success!

Saturday we were off to the Gaslight Festival to eat some BBQ and tour all of the booths! It seems that in the old days we would go late in the afternoon for the live music, beer gardens, and food but now days we go before "nap" time and we must have gotten there before most of the people, as the gaslight festival just isn't the same at 11:00 in the morning compared to 7 at night :)

Saturday night we went over to the Adkin's with the WHOLE crew Molly and Palmer included! They have a golden named Ruby so it was a great time! Palmer had a blast running around!

We had a pretty big milestone this weekend!!! Palmer has been somewhat Terrified to sleep in his bed after his stint at the hospital so in attempt to "change things up" a bit we decided to convert his crib to the next "big boy stage"! It broke my heart to see him climb on his bed and look so much like a toddler :( He did GREAT! He slept in the first morning until 9:30!!! The big advantage to this set up is mommy can lay in the bed too! I know, I know bad habit but WAY better than him sleeping with us until his teen years!

Here are a few pics from the weekend! I know it seems like I am terrible about taking pics of Palmer but he literally doesn't stop long enough to take pictures so I tried my hardest this weekend and got a few good shots!

Palmer in a new outfit and Ethan's shoes!
Palmer modeling his new Tennis Shoes from Ethan!

Mommy and her little Angel!
This is by far one of my favorite pictures! Palmer
was such a big help working on his newly converted
big boy bed! He saw Tex tightening the screws and he
wanted to do the same thing!
This is a picture of the AWESOME hand-me-downs
that we got from Aunt Tricia! WE are so thankful
and have had so much fun playing dress up!
Palmer fast asleep in his new big boy bed!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Week 17 of Pregnancy: Baby's Body Fat
Your baby is about five inches long and more than three and a half ounces — the size of your open hand. Baby's body fat is beginning to form and will continue to accumulate through the end of your pregnancy.
How big is your baby now? About five inches long and more than three and a half ounces — the size of your open hand. (Open the other one too and imagine your baby cradled in both your arms right after delivery!) Body fat (baby's, that is) is beginning to form and will continue to accumulate through the end of your pregnancy. By the time your baby is born, body fat will make up about two-thirds of his or her weight (and will make all those chubby parts especially yummy). Your baby is almost certainly listening up by now. In fact, loud noises — the dog barking, the doorbell ringing — will actually startle your baby (and also get him or her used to such noises; for instance, fetuses who regularly hear a dog barking will become babies who sleep right through Fido's outbursts). Your baby's eyes (which have fortunately finished their migration to the front of his or her head) are making small side-to-side movements and can even perceive some light, though the eyelids are still sealed. And since practice makes perfect, your baby is sharpening his or her sucking and swallowing skills in preparation for that first (and second…and third) suckle at your breast or bottle. In fact, most of the survival reflexes that your baby will have at birth are being perfected in utero right now.

***It is so hard to believe that I am 17 weeks pregnant and guess what.... it still hasn't hit me that I am having another baby? Is that normal? Tex and I were talking about how neither one of us really talk much about it and sometimes I think we both forget. Maybe this is just how it is when you already have one that keeps you so busy? I feel guilty sometimes because with Palmer I was so attentive to my pregnancy, read all of the books, kept up with every and any little symptom and sign and with this baby it seems like I just go about my day with Palmer without much of a thought! I know most second, third, etc... time moms probably feel this way.
A couple of important countdowns!!
156 DAYS or 22 weeks and 2 days until BABY T #2 is set to be born!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Week....

Well another week has gone by! When I left the blog last time I was celebrating my 4 year anniversary and I was thinking that I was going to eat the Shrimp Extravaganza at Red Lobster with Tex on a date night~ haha

Well as fate would have it about 30 minutes before I was to leave work La Petite (Palmer's daycare) called me in a panic explaining that Palmer's bottom was swollen and he was in a lot of pain, etc.... I got there and immediately took him to his Dr where she informed us that it was an infection and to go to Kosair's Children's Hospital for "surgery"! When I heard surgery I truly wasn't too worried. I thought that we would go down there and he would have some local anesthesia and they would cut and drain it and we would recover for a few hours and be on our way home. As luck would have it this surgery ended up being a 2 night stay in the hotel de Kosair! It was NOT a fun experience and poor Palmer was stuck, poked and prodded beyond belief but the whole time he was there he was such a trooper!

As much as I wanted to have a pity party for myself I kept on thinking about the floor directly below us... The children's cancer unit. I kept on thinking of all of the sleepless nights that those mothers and fathers have spent in those rooms praying that their children beat the odds. As I watched Palmer go thru what was minor surgery my heart went out to all of the families that have to deal with sickness and death especially involving their children. The stress and the heartbreak would be unimaginable!

We ended up getting home about 6:30 am and we all slept until lunch-time and were ready for relaxing day! That is until the Category 1 winds started hitting Louisville and our power was knocked out about 1! We thought that it was no big deal until we slowly started hearing the rumour mills about power being out for 2 days, etc... so we rushed to the nearest Walmart and fought every other crazy person on the East side for Flashlights, Coolers and Candles and went home to prepare for the worst. Luckily (Someone was watching over us) the power turned on at 10 pm!!! We are SO grateful! Most of my friends in the area are STILL without power4 days later.

Again as crazy as work as been with claims and people calling and as inconvenient as the electric being out has been there are SO many people facing pure devastation in Texas. People that have literally have everything stripped from them.

So, I guess the moral of the story is.... Even if you think you have it bad someone is having a WAY worse day :) My mom always tells me that God will only give you as much as you can handle and I hope she is right! I know a lot of people are probably questioning that right now down in Texas. Please say a prayer for all the people that are dealing with hurricane Ike and also all the people that are just facing their own problems throughout the world! Prayer is a powerful thing!!!

Palmer is doing great and his "tootie" is healing perfectly! Tex and I are doing good and ready for a weekend to relax and catch up on some lost sleep!


At Kosairs they had AWESOME playrooms for the patients. I have never thought about donating to a children's hospital but what a great idea! They had movies you could check out, toys, bouncy seats, etc... so if you are ever wanting some place to donate any old baby stuff a children's hospital like Kosairs would be great!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Four Years Ago Today....

Four years ago today I married my best friend! It is hard to believe it has been four years already. The day I married Tex I knew that I was so in love with him but after these four years I can honestly say that our love is so much deeper than I could have imagined. The day we got married we had no idea what our lives or future had in store for us, and it has proven to be a journey everyday since.
I got teary eyed this morning as I picked up Palmer and propped him up on my ever growing belly and thought about how amazing the last 4 years have been. We have gone thru SO much personally and with our families and throughout even the most desperate of times Tex has been my rock. He has never wavered on his love for me, not even once. He has picked me up countless amounts of times when I didn't have it in me to keep going. He has stood by me thru my anxieties and thru my addictions and never once doubted our commitment to each other. He continues to think I am beautiful everyday even when I am sick or 9 months pregnant and can barely move.
Most importantly he helped me create the biggest blessings in our lives and that is Palmer and soon to be baby T #2. I always knew that Tex would be a good dad but he has far exceeded any expectations that I had. I fall more in love with him each time Palmer's eyes light up when daddy's truck pulls in the driveway and they both are so excited to be "re-united" for the day. I fall more in love with him each time that I gently listen as he rocks Palmer to sleep singing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds.
He is the glue that holds are family together and I am the crazy one always trying to test the strength of that glue! He has proven to be more of a man, husband and father than most people could ever be. He loves unconditionally and anyone that is around him knows that. Of course we have our moments like any other married couple but when I look to my future, I see a gray haired couple rocking in rocking chairs and it is always Tex that I see by my side.
I know my life wouldn't be as complete without him. He is so much more than my husband he is my best friend in the world. I loved you the day I married you and I love you so much more today! Thanks for the greatest 4 years and to many more!

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

This could possibly be one of the most random assortment of pictures I have posted thus far :) Again sorry for the delay T-minus 6 days till a new computer that I can possibly take home at night! WOOHOO!!! Everything has been going great at the Templeton household. We are staying busy with work and our son who doesn't stop unless to eat and sleep! :) Here are a few pics for ya!

*** This first picture is of some animals I found at Kirkland that I fell in love with and had to have!! Since I am 100% convinced baby T #2 is a boy and that he will share a room with Palmer I figured I would go on and think of cute ideas for the "boys" room! I was in Kirklands the other night and saw these and thought they would be PERFECT for a "jungle" theme! I am thinking of brown walls, neutral bedding, bear skin rug, and possibly a moose antler chandelier :) Don't worry it won't be "tacky jungle theme" more like Colorado Plush Lodge jungle theme :)

And for the .000001% chance it is a baby girl we decided that Palmer still deserves the bigger of the two rooms and since he has found a profound fascination with these animals we thought he would love a jungle theme room even if he is all by himself!

***** Here are some pics from Chicago! I did the thing that I always hate took the boring scenery pictures with no people in them! I have always wondered why people do that cause they are SO BORING to look at! Sorry! But when you go on a trip with just two people it is hard to constantly ask someone to take your picture. Plus I thought that the scenery was pretty enough to deserve its' own pictures!

Chicago Skyline at Sunset
Ashley and I at Giordono's (the BEST stuffed pizza)

Kelly and I at Giordono's

Navy Pier

Beautiful River from our Architecture Tour

View right outside our hotel

**** These are pictures from Ava's birthday!

Mr. Cannonball is POOPED out!

The Birthday girl getting her Dora Cake

The cutest Gifts that Whit made for all of the kids!

The Birthday Princess in all of her Glory!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I know this waiting a week between each blog thing is getting really old! :) As most of you know Tex and I do not have a computer at home (Ok go ahead GASP, GASP!!!) But luckily my new WORK laptop with built in wireless just arrived and should be set up within the next few weeks so I will be able to take it home and maybe update my blog a little more frequently!!!

Since I last left you....
* My ultrasound went great last Thursday and Baby T had grown so much in one week it was hard to believe! After more prodding and the tech commenting on how she can't remember the last time a baby had been so difficult to work with... baby T #2 finally pulled it together and let her get "the shot" that she needed!

** Chicago was FABULOUS!!! I did WAY better than I thought at leaving my boys behind for the adventures of the big city! We stayed at a great hotel right across from Trump Tower and had a blast. We did a bout tour, shopped, ate, saw Wicked, went to China-town, you name it we were there! I have to say Wicked was the highlight of my trip. It was absolutley amazing! I have never been a huge Wizard of Oz fan but this was wonderful! I recommend it to anyone! That and the stuffed pizza from Giordonos! To die for as well! It was a great trip and some mommy time well needed!!!

*** I celebrated the BIG 2-8 yesterday! It is hard to believe. I don't feel old enough to be 2-8 or for that matter being pregnant with my second child! Life is a whirlwind and I am trying to just take it all in! I love this time in my life though! I am so content just being at home with my family! I have learned that about myself lately, my happiness comes from being home spending time with Tex, Palmer and Molly! Of course I enjoy doing other things in life as well but those moments at home with them seem to be to me what life is all about!

**** I went to the dr again today for my acutal appt! My dr was great and really took time to talk over some issues I was having, so that was comforting! The heartbeat was a LOW 140! haha The dr said based on heartbeat it would be a boy! I had yet another boy dream as well so I am 100% sure it is a boy!
But my BIG ULTRASOUND IS OCT 14th!!!! That excites me! This pregnancy is really starting to pick up the last few weeks!

***** My prayers go out to Ernie and Jon as they are just days away from welcoming Riley Elizabeth into this Big World! I am thinking about her all of the time and remember back to when I had Palmer and all of the excitment and anxiety that goes with it! You will do great Ernie we are all rooting for you! We love you!

****** I will post all of my pics from Chicago soon! Have a great DAY!