Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion Show and Redneck Parties

This weekend was SO much fun, busy, exhausting but tons of FUN! I am going to need this week to catch up on sleep and house work because both were neglected this weekend! ha! I know I have said it a million times but God knew what he was doing when our realtor drove us up to a random house that we didn't ask to see and it ended up being the home we live in today! We have the very best neighbors anyone could ask for! You can literally find something or someone to hang out with all of the time!
The kids LOVE it! Friday night Ann Mason's friend Annie Kate came over and played for a while. Her mom and dad hung out too and some of our other favorite neighbors and these girls are BFF's. It is SO fun watching Ann Mason truly have a best girlfriend. She gets stuck with the boys a lot and it is so awesome to watch her eyes light up and be able to do all of the girly stuff her heart can handle! Of course they picked to have a fashion show!...
Outfit 1

Outfit 2! There were more outfit changes and I can't even describe what her closet looked like but they had a blast and we did too!!

Ann Mason had a big weekend. The next day her and Tex set off for their first daddy/daughter camp out with about 10 other dads and probably 12 little girls! She did AWESOME, spent the night in a tent, road jet skis, kayaked, went four wheeling. They had so much fun and I think the dad's did too!
Palmer went over to Mamaw's for a sleep over with his cousins and Dallas! I mean this is the second time this month he has spent the night out and not come home!! I think we broke the curse, he LOVED it!
That left just Chandler and I to find something fun to do... Luckily our neighbors two doors down were having a Redneck Party for her 11 year old daughter. It was SO fun!!!

Ten 11 year olds mud sliding, screaming and running around. It was pure Chaos!

All of the neighbors "crashed" the kids party and we even got decked out ourselves in some redneck gear. Unfortunately, Chandler doesn't have a lot of redneck wear in her closet. I guess I could have just taken her down in a diaper! haha This is our neighbor holding Chandler.

The girls singing happy birthday outside!


Me, in my overalls and camo hat! I haven't worn overalls since I was 17 but my neighbor just had some hanging in her closet!! We ate chicken wings, listened to country music and had a blast! The kids did too of course!
And this is the last picture I got of the night... Palmer crashed out on the floor!! Needless to say with 2 out of 3 kids spending the night and staying up WAY past bedtime. Yesterday was a LAZY day filled with movies, naps and hanging out!! I love weekends like this!


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