Monday, June 17, 2013

10 Months and Fathers Day

This little booger turned 10 months old today! To say I am having a hard time with her getting older is an understatement. I don't remember feeling this way with Palmer and Annie but I just want to freeze time and never let her grow up! It's probably because I know that she is my last baby but it still breaks my heart. I haven't even let myself get excited about her first birthday because honestly I don't even want it to come this quick! I know I have 99 problems :) haha
Words cannot even describe the light she brings to our family. Pure joy would be the best two words I could use to describe this girl! I never knew my heart could be this full and love 3 children as much and as unconditionally as I do. Chandler has been the biggest blessing to me and everyone in our family! She is the baby and she is spoiled rotten! Happy 10 Month Birthday Baby Girl!!!
Right now you are:
18 lbs 11 oz (35% in weight)
28 and something inches (75% in height)
You literally had NO teeth until a week ago and now you have 4!!! (it was a little bit rough at nights but you made it thru like a champ)
You are over baby food and LOVE to eat table food, especially Mamaw's spaghetti!
You crawl, pull up and can even stand for a few seconds on your own and then you sit down and clap at yourself!! Of course we all clap with you because it is so fun to see you so excited! I have a feeling you will be walking by your 11 month birthday!
You sleep pretty good. You sleep thru the night probably 5 out of 7 nights a week but occasionally you will wake up for a 4 am feeding but go right back to sleep, I don't mind the snuggle time!
You are in 9-12 month clothes and your legs have little fat rolls, I love them!!
You are my angel! I love you!!!

Well, look at this picture.... haha I could just stare at it for hours. This is us, one big hot mess of a family. Notice the mounds of laundry in the back. The ripped up fathers day card, Palmer putting bunny ears on Chandler, Tex's face... I love it!
We celebrated fathers day yesterday and it was a wonderful day of saying thank you to Tex for being the best daddy ever!!! I give Tex a hard time about a lot of things (mainly house/finance stuff) I am the type A personality he is the type whatever personality that doesn't get a ruffle in his feathers EVER! haha I mean NOTHING is a big deal to him and he stays cool as a cucumber all of the time!
So even though he might not change the furnace filter every 30 days, or he could walk past burn out light bulbs for two weeks without changing them, or he could leave our riding mower outside in the rain for 4 days (you get the hint :) he is the VERY BEST daddy to our kids. He loves them with all of his heart. We share kid duties 50/50 he does baths, he makes breakfast, he changes diapers, he does what it takes to run this chaos ship as smoothly as it will ever run haha!
I knew from the time I was little that I wanted to marry someone that loved kids and loved to have fun with kids and guess what, I got him and so much more!! He is my best friend and the greatest gift to our kids, we couldn't ask for a better daddy!!
I hope everyone had an amazing fathers day!!

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