Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We made it to Ann Arbor Sunday around 2! Thanks to mamaw Kathy for coming and watching the kids!!! Tex and I headed out early Sunday for Ann Arbor, Mi. We got there and we were blessed enough to go to Grandma Beanie's home and meet some of her dear friends and staff that all loved "Queen Bean". We were able to share stories and and look thru things of hers and reminisce about what a wonderful life she led!
Then we checked into our hotel downton Ann Arbor right by the University of Michigan's campus. Tex and I were even able to catch a few hours and walk around the campus and eat some Ben and Jerry's ice cream :)

Me, Ashley and Mom
Scott invited us all out to an amazing dinner at a well known restaurant in Ann Arbor where his family went every Easter for years. Not only the food but the company was wonderful! It by far was on of the best dinners we have had as a family and I will always remember that night! We laughed until we cried!

Tex and I were especially grateful for no kids to monitor at the nice restaurant and we were able to enjoy every minute of our meal in peace! haha!

Ashley and I
Mom and Scott, they looked great and were so happy to be with them after the long and hard week that they had, had!
Scott and Jeff
The Celebration Service was amazing and so inspiring. Grandma Beanie was a true inspiration of joy and faith! It was an absolutely wonderful trip and such a great time with our family, I am very grateful for the time we had together!
This week is crazy, we are taking the kids back up to Owensboro tomorrow for a couple of nights and I am going to intensive mortgage training for two days! YUCK! We are just going to push thru the rest of the week and next week is SPRING BREAK! WOOHOO!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail

Today was a WONDERFUL day after a LONG and HARD week! One of my best friends since I was 12 came in to visit for the day!! Sylvia and I have been friends forever and it was SO much fun for her to come in and spend time with the kids! She had Palmer in the palm of her hand after "Sylvi" bought him cars at the Disney store! Ann Mason was equally in love with her!
We went to see the Easter Bunny! Palmer is at such a fun age and is so in AWE of all things related to Santa, Easter Bunny, etc... He had a great time and our whole family enjoyed a day of having fun and letting this past week go!

"Mom, look at my "bunny ears"!

The Kids and I with Mr. Bunny! Ann Mason let out blood curdling screams each time I attempted to set her on Bunny's lap. I don't really blame her, he does look kind of scary! ha!

Palmer with the Easter Bunny waving to Sylvi :)
The Kids and I waiting in line. Check out Ann Mason's face like "No, I am NOT!"

Tex and I are off to Michigan tomorrow to celebrate the life of my Grandma Beanie. While we will miss her dearly we celebrate the wonderful life she led and the amazing legacy she left with each person she met! We are so grateful for Mamaw Kathy coming in so that Tex and I can take this trip together and spend some time with our family!

I am glad to say GOODBYE to this week and look forward to some better days!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Minute Inside my Head!

* I guess I took an unwanted blogging break! I was bummed cause I didn't have any fun pictures or anything fun to say in general! ha!

* Tex and I did have a WONDERFUL time in Indy! Although I think next time we may stay 2 nights :) It almost takes one night to get being kid free in your system!

*Ann Mason is getting over strep AGAIN! 5th time since October.... Both kids are on antibiotics and we are hoping for a normal schedule tomorrow!

*I feel like I have been debbie downer for the last few days so I made a pact with Tex and we set a "daily goal" last night. His was to make it work early to work (such a man for ya :) and he succeeded, mine was to only say positive comments all day and I am 99% sure I succeeded! haha It was fun though and I figure if I just have to concentrate on one small goal then surely I can succeed! I am going to see if he wants to make another "daily goal" for tomorrow... somehow I don't think he thinks this is quite as fun as I do!

*Palmer and I were talking about school today and he said "Sometimes I cry..." and I asked him why he would cry when school was so much fun? He said "Cause my mommy has to work" GASP! Did you hear the knife going thru my heart? I told him that Mommy didn't work everyday and that Aunt Ashley was going to watch him this summer and take him to the pool, he got a big smile on his face and said "Mom, that sounds SOOOO fun!" I think we were both happy after that!

*Ann Mason is saying a few words like hi, bye, here and she knows some sign language now! She is such a princess I just can't stand it! She wants to be just like her big brother! She slept for 4 hours today during her nap and Tex called to tell me she even woke up with her bow in!!! I think I am making some progress! haha!

Ok so I just re-read this post and man it is random! Hopefully I will have some awe-inspiring posts with break taking pictures really soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just So I Remember....

Ann Mason's one year check-up went well! Other than scaring the whole waiting room by the blood curdling screams as she got her shots! :) Here are her stats:
Weight: 21.7 - 51%
Length - 29.5 inches - 49%
Head - 61%
Right down the middle is a GREAT place to be!

The Leprachaun Came and He Was NOT Nice!

This guy visited us yesterday and with him he brought bad luck! I started the day off so well, I even remembered to put the kids in green for school! (Big accomplishment on my part, I am totally terrified of being the mom that sends my kids in sweats on picture days or forgets to let them wear their pj's on pajama day, etc...)
So the last 2 days have gone like this:
Pulled over and got a ticket - check
Got call from Palmer's school 103 Temp - check
Puked on twice by Palmer with his 103 Temp - check
Palmer told his teacher the reason that his cheek was red (he slipped in water on the hardwood and hit his cheek) was "because mommy did it to me!" - check
Ann Mason had to get her 4 one year shots and a finger prick - check
Ann Mason has an infection - check
As I am driving down the highway late for their dr appt with only 13 miles left in my gas tank I find that Ann Mason has ever so cleverly removed Mommy's wallet out of her purse - check~! (Thanks again to Aunt Ashley for saving my behind and meeting me with a debit card!)
Right now I am at work while Tex is home with the kiddos in a way I am on a mini-break for the next few hours! haha Everyone is pumped full of meds and looking on the up and up. The past 2 days have been quite a challenge but the sun is shining and I get to go away with my husband for a whole night this weekend so life is still good!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

Well, Ann Mason got a bikini for her 1st birthday! I have to admit I had a few mixed feelings about it :) Ashley and I thought it would be fun to try it on tonight and I must admit.... My Girl Rocks a Bikini! haha I don't think her daddy is a fan but I think she looks darn cute! I hate to think of what the bikini's will look like in 2019 when she is in Panama City! heehee Thanks Goodness I will have some time to prepare!

Does this girl look ready to swim or what?
This must be her "spring break dance" She knows she looks good :)

13 Months!

I can't believe a month has gone by! It feels like just yesterday I was picking up your cupcakes and balloons for your party! Even just in this short month you already seem older though! Your hair is getting "longer", you are starting to communicate more and just acting older all together!

This picture pretty much sums up how you are 75% of the time. Sippy in one hand and some sort of snack in the other. You still LOVE food and I am hoping that doesn't change. You actually ate 1/2 a box of pearl cous-cous the other night! There is nothing you won't try. We are down to one night bottle (which we will hopefully eliminate soon). You are still not the best sleeper but it seems to be getting better. When you do sleep thru the night we are SO excited! Even your teacher at school commented on how little sleep you need :) Your not like your mommy in that respect! haha
I fear that we started the dressing up too early! haha You LOVE to get in your closet and pulling out clothes and since you see mommy wearing scarfs daily you drape everything around your neck like a scarf! You are wanting to try on shoes and just be a girl and I love every minute of it! I have to work on not buying you so many clothes, I can't resist all of those cute girly outfits! You are wearing 12-18 months and even some regular 18 month outfits! We haven't gotten to do your first year check-up but last week when you were sick you weighed in at 22.5 pounds! I can't wait to see your stats next week.

You are literally running everywhere now and there is nothing that goes untouched with your fast little arms and fingers! You are saying Momma and Dadda and have said bye a few times. You have learned the sign for "more" and pretty much walk around doing that all of the time cause you want more food :) You smile and laugh constantly and LOVE anything music related!
You are such a joy and so fiesty at the same time! You still let me love on you whenever I please and you will take 1000 kisses and hugs on a daily basis. You are my sweet baby girl and I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. You continue to be such a light and bring so much laughter to our family! Happy 13 months Ann Mason!

Fun Filled Weekend!

The Templeton's decided to take a last minute road trip this weekend. It was one of those weekends where we had not one plan and I should have been excited to have nothing to do for the whole weekend but the weather has been so yucky and the kids have been cooped up so I just wanted to get away and be with friends and family... so we went to Owensboro! We had a WONDERFUL weekend and the kids couldn't have been more excited. Palmer starts clapping the minute we hit the Owensboro city limits and doesn't stop smiling the whole time!
It was a busy weekend getting to visit with lots of friends and family and we even got an adult night out with two of our great friends Whitney and Jason! It was definitely a spirit lifting weekend!

Here is Ann Mason's new "smile" it looks more like a growl but we LOVE it and she laughs and thinks it is hilarious.

If it possible for a child to OD on Chocolate Palmer could have been a prime candidate. He knows how to work Mamaw and Papaw and between the both of them I can't count how many times he was allowed to get a chocolate treat from the pantry! That is what Grandparents are for, right? Here him and Ethan are enjoying their favorite chocolate ice cream cones!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was going to hear Tricia speak at a women's weekend at a local church in Owensboro. Kathy and I got to go as guests and listen to her speak in a breakout session. I knew Tricia had a gift of teaching and public speaking since she is a college professor but I was in awe of how well she was able to relate with the other women and give such an inspiring message. Her talk was about communication with references from the scripture about the tongue and the way we communicate, what a eye-opening subject! I was so proud of her and it was such a great morning to spend with Kathy and Tricia!
Thanks to our family and friends in Owensboro who always get excited when we say we are coming in and making time to spend with us, we love you guys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am SO excited I can't even stand it! Thanks to Neenie, Tex and I are taking a little road trip.... My mom is coming in to visit next weekend and offered us a "date" night and I decided to take it one step further and make it a "date over-night"!!!
It is almost embarrassing to admit because it is completely our own faults for putting life before our need to get away and enjoy each other but we haven't spent the night away just the two of us since our honeymoon 6 years ago!
So, me and the hubs are going to Indy for a night of fun just the two of us!!!
We get to stay here....
And Sleep here.... yes, uninterrupted sleep!!!!
And Maybe Swim Here....

And who knows what else! We said we might get crazy and hit the town but my guess is we will go out to a really nice dinner and be back at the room by 10 (Ok, who am I kidding probably 9 at the latest :) but the night will be PERFECT with me either way!
I don't know how I am going to make it till next weekend, I am ready NOW!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing!

Well, I have been sick since really last Monday :( I went back to urgent care this past Sunday and got a positive strep test and a new prescription! Today is the first day in over a week that I am feeling like myself again!! The kids have been very patient with mommy cause I literally have NO energy! So, we have been getting creative and doing a whole lot of this:
Watching Movies Galore! Palmer's dream come true!
Playing Princess Fairies, note she is using a straw as her wand but she has it down pat!

Getting into trouble playing Princess Fairies!

Being Silly and taking LOTS of pictures!

We are also practicing wearing our bow 24/7 around the clock! Tex thinks I have lost it but it is starting to work, she is not pulling it out as often!

Our Favorite part of doing nothing was going outside and driving the truck! Two Drivers = A Trucker's Fight and we had our very own right in the driveway!
This girl is giving her sick momma a run for her money! You literally can't turn your back for even a second! I am looking forward to a warmer, healthier and more active week ahead!

And Baby Makes 3!

This past weekend we got to shower Brook with tons of cute girly presents for baby M! It was so great seeing everyone and celebrating a new life coming into our circle! :) I miss my friends like crazy and every time their around it is like no time has ever passed, I love you guys!

Kimmie and I
Erin and I

The Awesome Diaper Cake

All of the girls! (Well, most of them :)
The mom-to-be and her great hostess'!
Congrats Brook we are so excited for you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a Couple of Jokers at the Park!

Our Wish came true! We were able to put on our "heavy" jackets and the kids "joker" hats and go to the park! Even if it was just for about 30 minutes we made the most of our time! The kids had a blast and I took the opportunity to take some pics!
Our "dare-devil" Ann Mason has no fear with slides, swings and anything to do with danger! She is going to thrives off of thrills! haha Poor Palmer doesn't know whether to still be in the baby swing or the big swing, so of course our ever cautious Palmer chose to look like baby Hughey in the baby swing! I laughed so hard at these two, never-ever a dull moment!

Daddy getting ready to give the big push down the slide! Please look at my daughter, she is ready to party!
Palmer LOVES to climb the rock wall!

Hanging on for dear life before taking the plunge down!
Ann Mason stepping out into the fresh air and Sunshine and loving every moment!
Palmer's just so excited to be outside he doesn't care what kind of hat we put on him!

My sweet, precious girl!


Hope you had this good of a day! Love, The Templetons!