Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We made it to Ann Arbor Sunday around 2! Thanks to mamaw Kathy for coming and watching the kids!!! Tex and I headed out early Sunday for Ann Arbor, Mi. We got there and we were blessed enough to go to Grandma Beanie's home and meet some of her dear friends and staff that all loved "Queen Bean". We were able to share stories and and look thru things of hers and reminisce about what a wonderful life she led!
Then we checked into our hotel downton Ann Arbor right by the University of Michigan's campus. Tex and I were even able to catch a few hours and walk around the campus and eat some Ben and Jerry's ice cream :)

Me, Ashley and Mom
Scott invited us all out to an amazing dinner at a well known restaurant in Ann Arbor where his family went every Easter for years. Not only the food but the company was wonderful! It by far was on of the best dinners we have had as a family and I will always remember that night! We laughed until we cried!

Tex and I were especially grateful for no kids to monitor at the nice restaurant and we were able to enjoy every minute of our meal in peace! haha!

Ashley and I
Mom and Scott, they looked great and were so happy to be with them after the long and hard week that they had, had!
Scott and Jeff
The Celebration Service was amazing and so inspiring. Grandma Beanie was a true inspiration of joy and faith! It was an absolutely wonderful trip and such a great time with our family, I am very grateful for the time we had together!
This week is crazy, we are taking the kids back up to Owensboro tomorrow for a couple of nights and I am going to intensive mortgage training for two days! YUCK! We are just going to push thru the rest of the week and next week is SPRING BREAK! WOOHOO!!!

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