Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Leprachaun Came and He Was NOT Nice!

This guy visited us yesterday and with him he brought bad luck! I started the day off so well, I even remembered to put the kids in green for school! (Big accomplishment on my part, I am totally terrified of being the mom that sends my kids in sweats on picture days or forgets to let them wear their pj's on pajama day, etc...)
So the last 2 days have gone like this:
Pulled over and got a ticket - check
Got call from Palmer's school 103 Temp - check
Puked on twice by Palmer with his 103 Temp - check
Palmer told his teacher the reason that his cheek was red (he slipped in water on the hardwood and hit his cheek) was "because mommy did it to me!" - check
Ann Mason had to get her 4 one year shots and a finger prick - check
Ann Mason has an infection - check
As I am driving down the highway late for their dr appt with only 13 miles left in my gas tank I find that Ann Mason has ever so cleverly removed Mommy's wallet out of her purse - check~! (Thanks again to Aunt Ashley for saving my behind and meeting me with a debit card!)
Right now I am at work while Tex is home with the kiddos in a way I am on a mini-break for the next few hours! haha Everyone is pumped full of meds and looking on the up and up. The past 2 days have been quite a challenge but the sun is shining and I get to go away with my husband for a whole night this weekend so life is still good!!!!!!

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