Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Parties!

Tex and I often laugh cause it seems as if Kids' Birthday parties are our new social life! All of our friends are married so not a lot of bachelorette parties and weddings anymore! They have all been replaced with lots of giggling kids, sticky fingers, sugar highs and fun! I wouldn't trade it for the world!
This weekend was special because we got to travel down to Caroline's birthday party in Nashville. Caroline's mommy has been my best friend since we were 15! Our friendship is tried and true and even though we haven't lived in the same city for over 12 years we have still managed to keep up with each other thru the good and the bad. I can't say enough about Ms. Caroline, she is the sweetest, most lovable and happy little girl! A perfect best friend for Ann Mason in every way! We loved seeing them and I loved watching our kids playing together thinking how we were just mere kids ourselves when Kelly and I began our journey together! We still are at times! haha I love you guys, thanks for a great party!

Caroline LOVED her chocolate cake! No prompting needed by her parents, she did this all on her own! I love this little girl!

Ann Mason and Caroline playing in Caroline's awesome birthday present!

Kelly and I! We probably have hundreds of pics in this exact same pose over the last 15 years and I cherish every one of them!

This little stinker had a ball! He literally thinks he is Superman!

Miss Priss taking over Caroline's house!
Can't wait to see the Moody's again soon!

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