Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Minute Inside my Head!

* I guess I took an unwanted blogging break! I was bummed cause I didn't have any fun pictures or anything fun to say in general! ha!

* Tex and I did have a WONDERFUL time in Indy! Although I think next time we may stay 2 nights :) It almost takes one night to get being kid free in your system!

*Ann Mason is getting over strep AGAIN! 5th time since October.... Both kids are on antibiotics and we are hoping for a normal schedule tomorrow!

*I feel like I have been debbie downer for the last few days so I made a pact with Tex and we set a "daily goal" last night. His was to make it work early to work (such a man for ya :) and he succeeded, mine was to only say positive comments all day and I am 99% sure I succeeded! haha It was fun though and I figure if I just have to concentrate on one small goal then surely I can succeed! I am going to see if he wants to make another "daily goal" for tomorrow... somehow I don't think he thinks this is quite as fun as I do!

*Palmer and I were talking about school today and he said "Sometimes I cry..." and I asked him why he would cry when school was so much fun? He said "Cause my mommy has to work" GASP! Did you hear the knife going thru my heart? I told him that Mommy didn't work everyday and that Aunt Ashley was going to watch him this summer and take him to the pool, he got a big smile on his face and said "Mom, that sounds SOOOO fun!" I think we were both happy after that!

*Ann Mason is saying a few words like hi, bye, here and she knows some sign language now! She is such a princess I just can't stand it! She wants to be just like her big brother! She slept for 4 hours today during her nap and Tex called to tell me she even woke up with her bow in!!! I think I am making some progress! haha!

Ok so I just re-read this post and man it is random! Hopefully I will have some awe-inspiring posts with break taking pictures really soon!

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