Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love It or Hate It

Ok, so these pics are totally NOT me but I did go brunette and I mean brunette. We are NOT talking "Oh my gosh I went so dark" and all I see is a few little low lights I mean all over color job, the kind that takes a primer to get the color to stay cause you are going from one contrast to another! I feel like I should be in life and style magazine where they put % of which hair color they like the best except the blonde one always wins!
So, the verdict is out... I can feel people tilting their head and pondering whether they like it or not. I would post pics but I am scared to see the tally of those that love it or hate it! I like it, it takes some getting used to but I definitely see it growing on me. My excuse (and I will stick by it) is this is really my natural color people and I can't afford to be blond anymore! So love it or hate it I am going to be brown for a while :)

 No kidding, this is pretty much the difference from where I went. My hair is this dark!
Oh Nicole, you don't make my decision any better!
haha I will debut my new look at some point when I feel like the radar for judging as faded but right now it is in high gear! Palmer likes it so that is all that matters! Tex "petted" my hair and said it was nice, so I am pretty sure he is in an adjustment period!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Little Things that I do for Me!

As a mom or a wife I don't think we always get that much time for ourselves, I know I don't! I find that it is the very little things in life that make me relaxed and happy that I do for myself! I currently have 3 tv shows that I watch every week no matter what, they may not be the most intriguing but a lot of times mindless is right down my alley!

The first one is Glee! I have loved this show since the minute I popped in the first volume, it makes me happy and want to sing!
 The second show I HAVE to watch is Parenthood! OMG, if you do not watch this show, watch it! It is amazing!!! I laugh and cry on almost every episode!
 The 3rd is more shameful to admit, I am addicted to the bachelor this season! I think it is all of the girls that make it more fun to watch! It is down to 3 so it is getting pretty good!
 Facebook is also my other shameful addiction! It's my key to the outside world, I can keep up with everyone from the comfort of my own home, how lazy! haha I still prefer face to face interaction but facebook is a nice alternative and I love getting to see every one's pictures!
 Reading has always been a passion of mine! I haven't gotten a lot of reading time lately but this is what I am currently reading! I haven't really read a James Patterson book I didn't like. Reading to me is so relaxing and it helps me silence the spinning thoughts in my ghetto mind :) haha
I think everyone needs their own outlets and these are just a few of mine!! I am sure they will change and revolve over the years but this is what makes me happy and relaxed after the kiddos go to bed! Oh and of course spending time with Tex! haha Tex is usually watching all of my girly shows with me :) He is a great husband/bff!

Complete Randomness!!!

This mom has been a HORRIBLE blogger and a HORRIBLE picture taker :) I feel like I am working constantly and when I do get home I just want to sit with the kiddos and relax!

This is a completely random post!! I was going to call it one minute inside Blake's head but I thought I would spare you that much chaos! haha I once heard a woman describe her body as the suburbs and her mind as the ghetto, a place where you didn't want to be alone! haha! I always loved that because sometimes I feel like my mind is the ghetto, it is always racing and rarely stops!!

Tex is still job searching! We knew going in that this would or could be a lengthy process but I think his spirits are starting to fade, please say some prayers that he will find the strength to stay positive and keep trucking!! I have so much sympathy for people who have lost their jobs it definitely takes a toll on the whole family but I feel blessed that God placed us in a situation where I can work more and we can make it until Tex finds something!

The kids are TOTALLY awesome! Their smiling faces make my LOOOONG days worthwhile! I of course am carrying around the 100 pound backpack of mom guilt right now but I know that my kids know that I love them SO much that, that is all that matters!
 I am going to be BRUNETTE after today! Our budget isn't really appreciating my highlights growing out every 4 weeks so I thought I would go back to my "roots" and keep it au-natural. Palmer asked me today "Mom are you coming home with black hair" I think he is scared :) Here is a pic of me with brown hair. I like it and it is A LOT less expensive so we will try it out for a while! Check out the lack of hair on Ann Mason in this pic! Oh I miss those little babies!
I am also on day 4 of NO diet drinks!!!! GASP!!! Anyone that knows me knows that I am CONSTANTLY carrying around a "big gulp" (which means at least 44 oz) of something diet, I would have at least 3 of those a day if not more! Of course everyone had to rain on my parade with all of these reports of diet drinks not helping with weight loss and causing stroke and heart attacks, etc... SO... I decided to try something different. There was NO way I can give up caffeine I just can't at the moment. So I have switched to unsweet tea with NO artificial sweetener!! I have one big one in the morning and then one big one at lunch and then no caffeine after that! So far I can really tell a difference, I don't have nearly the dips in energy that I was having drinking the diet drinks so frequently. Hopefully I will lose some LB's as a bonus!

I think this is about it! haha Hopefully I will be better with my updates and posts! This is enough randomness for the day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Oh it makes me tear up to even write this post! At this time 2 years ago I was having my c-section and getting ready to experience double the love than I ever thought possible. I can still remember so clearly having my ultrasound and the tech told me "It's a Girl!" I literally bawled and shook like a baby and just kept asking her "Are you sure?, Are you really sure?" And then I got scared! What if I don't know how to be a mom to a girl, what if she doesn't like me from the time she is 13-21, will I know how to do the whole bow and tights thing? haha

These past 2 years have been basically what I have always wanted in life. Sure, we have had some hard times and obstacles with moving, jobs, life stresses... but the glue that held us together was our love for each other and my love for you,Palmer and your dad! You are a magnetic force of personality, energy, independence and sassy-ness!! WOW! I think that is why your bond with Palmer is SO strong because you balance each other out. He makes you a little more cautious and you make him a little more adventurous! haha
 So a little about you at 2! You are a TALKER!!! I am shocked by your ability to talk so much already. I think because you have an older brother and you are a girl ( I know these are stereotypes) but you are a talking machine! You have been putting sentences together forever and you LOVE to skype Neenie and Aunt Ashley and talk on the phone, already! (Yikes)
 Your are 2 going on 10! You are take charge, independent and you know what you want, when you want it! You weigh about 29 pounds and wear a 3T in almost everything!! We haven't gone to the dr for your check up yet but I am anxious to see how tall you are! Your favorite foods are hot dogs, cheese, roast beef, popcorn, cereal bars, chips and cheese, broccoli cheese soup and of course chicken nuggets and fries (oh my! At least there is one vegetable in that list! haha)
 You are ALWAYS on the go from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed! Your poor crib is on the floor because you climbed out a couple of months ago and I just wasn't ready for anymore sleepless nights so daddy found a way to put it on the floor and still be safe! I am not looking for a big girl bed for a while! You sleep every night from 7:30 to 7 am and still nap for about 2-3 hours a day! With the way you move and play throughout the day I think you have to require that much sleep, you are still into everything!
 You are happiest when you are with your brother!!! This morning and most every morning he opens his eyes and asks if "Annie Mason" is up yet. He went into the living room this morning and said "Please can we wake her up!" It is like you two can't stand to be apart! Watching you all be so close has probably been one of the greatest joys in my life! It makes me want to have 5 more babies! haha You absolutely LOVE Palmer... for you, he is "it"!!! You want to be just like him in every way!
 Palmer is just as equally crazy about you!!! He is such a good big brother to you and watches over you and makes sure you are doing ok! He wants you to do everything with him! Almost always our best times are just the 4 of us (and Molly) staying at home having movie and popcorn night! Those are the best and we probably do it at least 2 times a week! Nothing makes you happier than to have everyone together!
You are pretty much always happy and laughing! Everything is exciting and fun to you! Of course you throw your fits just like any other 2 year old but most of the time you are one happy, smiling, mischievous little girl! You are quite the daddy's girl even though you two butt heads. :) No one can rock you to sleep but daddy, I am sure he will always be your hero and I love that!

You have absolutely made me a better person and hopefully a better mom. I hope I am a good role model for you and I pray everyday to be a good example for you and your brother! Your dad and I love you more than words can express, you have been such a blessing to our family and I thank God every day for you! Thanks for being a wonderful daughter and sister and making us laugh on a daily basis!
Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Ok, so I may be going a little overboard with this smilebox thing but it is fun right now! haha Happy Valentines Day!! I have to admit I was NOT in a very Valentines Day mood today. I had to work and go to a meeting and didn't get home till late and well, it just didn't feel very warm and fuzzy! haha

When I got home I noticed a balloon and the best homemade card I have ever seen embellished with hearts and scrapbook paper and inside were pictures of the kids from today with Annie in her gymnastics leotard for the first time! My heart melted and I was once again a fan of the most loved/hated holiday of the year!

This is our 13th Valentines Day together (HOLY COW) does that seem possible? I love my husband more today than 13 years ago. I never knew on that first Valentine's day how blessed we would be!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ann Mason's 2nd Birthday!

Well the party went off without a hitch! We had so much fun celebrating Annie's 2nd Birthday! I still can't believe she will be 2 on Wednesday! We had a small, relaxed party and it turned out great! She ate TONS of cake, got TONS of clothes and we had TONS of laughs! It was a perfect day. Thanks so everyone who came and made it so special! Here is a little slideshow from the day!

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Bed Head Part II

I think I did a blog one time about Palmer's bed head! It often time defys gravity in many ways! I don't know if Ann Mason inheredited the bed head trait from her mommy and brother or if all kids have bed head! But they have some MASSIVE bed head in the mornings! haha I have found some detangler that seems to work well, I just spray and comb! Here are some good pics of the morning bed head!

Ann Mason saying Good Morning to Molly first thing in the morning!
 A nice side shot of Annie's bed head!
This is real, the pillow is not assiting this bed head, it stands up all on it's own!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looking Back...

We are getting ready for Ann Mason's 2nd birthday in about an hour! I can't believe my baby is 2!! It is definitely WAY more low key than her first one! I have been really wanting to figure out how to digital scrap booking but at this point it makes my head spin. I figure I would play around and find something easier and I did!!! Here is a little scrapbook from Annie's 1st birthday last year! I will make one from this year and compare! Go to Smilebox and download it for free and this literally took me 5 minutes! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pee your Pants!

My friend Nikki sent me the most undoubtedly funniest blog I have ever read! If you want to laugh out loud and maybe pee your pants a little get a load of this... rants from mommyland! I swear everything I have read thus far I have laughed so hard I snorted for sure! Enjoy yourselves! I am going to put it on my sidebar so we can keep up with this one daily!!!

Play Dates!

I need help! Palmer just got invited to his very first REAL Play Date! The mom emailed me and we are coordinating our schedules and the whole deal :) So... there is a lot that they leave out in those little parenting books like how does a play date work? I figured instead of ggnawing at my fingers all day I would just be myself in the email and admit to not knowing "play date etiquette", do I drop him off for a few hours, do I stay and talk with th mom to help supervise? haha I find this hilarious. I feel like I am a pretty capable person with a professional career and I don't know how to navigate a freaking play date! I need a better "how to manual" apparently mine is missing massive chapters!
For instance:
1. Like how to make a child finally poo on the potty? He does #1 just fine all day every day but he will hold #2 until he puts his pull up on at night?
2. Or how do you discipline a 2 year old when they decide to go "limp" in the middle of kohls and fall to the ground screaming? (If anyone knows this PLEASE let me know!)
3. Or how to make a child sit in a high chair in a restaurant when they do the "leg lock" and you will break both knee caps if you try to get them to sit in the high chair.
4. Or how was I supposed to know that when we took Annie to her first gymnastics lesson that she would be the only 2 year old girl not dressed from head to toe in a leotard and tights but rather showed up in her tennis shoes and leggings, did I miss the memo??

I always feel like I am the last to know! haha

These are just a few mysteries that we are dealing with right now, I did find this article about play dates. It did not help that much but oh well! haha If anyone knows any useful information I am just going to FAKE it till I MAKE it!

Hump Day Deal!

Everyone needs a little help on Wednesdays so I wanted to share a "deal of the day" Shutterfly is offering 50 FREE 4X6 prints, the only thing you have to pay for is shipping and handling! Enter this code on their website after you log on to your account: Offer ends today! Enjoy!

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Offer ends Feb 9

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Aha Moment!

"Forgiveness is giving up the hope, that the past could have been any different!"

Ok, so Aha moments I guess can come at anytime and any place! Well, I found mine on facebook. Apparently Oprah had a show today in which this quote was used and posted and re-posted on facebook. It wasn't until I read it several times that it really resonated with me! My whole life I wished that I could change the past or that my past might have been different and if it had maybe things would have been easier, better, normal, whatever I made up in my mind. But the past is just that... the past and by forgiving myself I get to allow myself to realize that the past couldn't have been any different! What a relief!
I heard at church recently that spiritual people should feel more content than anyone else about their lives. It was said that " Your past is forgiven and your future is settled" Everytime I say that I feel such security and relief that as long as I live my best life I will be find serenity and that is all I really long for!

Philippians 4:6-7

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus

Aruba, Jamica... Oh I wanna take ya

Well, I am FINALLY back in action!! I can't believe it but it actually feels good to be back at work and in a routine! haha I am praying that the spread of anymore sickness has come to a halt at our house. We have cleaned, have new toothbrushes and washed all of the sheets!!

On a MORE exciting note!!! Tex and I get to go on our first "real adult/no kids" vacation since our honeymoon! We have definitely been spoiled by our many trips to Destin to visit my parents but we haven't gone anywhere just the two of us since our honeymoon almost 7 years ago (gasp!)

I was lucky enough to have been given a trip at work and we finally booked it today! We are going to The Westin in Scottsdale, AZ for 4 nights and 5 days! WOOHOO! I am SO excited I don't know what to do with myself! I have never been out "west" and I can't wait to see what the desert has to offer! I think this trip will be pretty low key and not very adventurous. I picture myself poolside for most of the days and then going to nice dinners at night and of course do some shopping!
 One of the 4 pools on the resort, can't you see me laying there and actually getting to read a whole magazine in peace!! I can!
 The view going into the resort, I think Tex might have to bring his clubs for this trip!
Another pool with the cabanas. Apparently you can rent them for the day and they even have cute little tv's in them! Pool, Sun, Trash Television... this vacation has my name all over it!!

So I have a little less than 3 months to transform this winter flab into something that looks good in a bathing suit :) I am sure that is a whole other post! haha

Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Look?

I decided to give my blog a small makeover! After doing this for 3 years I KNOW there are SO many little helpful tips for how to design your blog that I still have NO clue about. Since photoshop is too expensive and I don't need to spend the extra money on someone to design my blog (even though I debate it everyday) I finally found a tutorial that worked and was cheap (free, acutally)!

If you want to do a header for your blog that is free and easy (even I could to it) go here to the header tutorial on another bloggers page. All I had to do was use picasa which I already had downloaded. I can't wait to practice and get better at this. I had to do one today and finally stop myself because I could spend hours playing around. It's a start, I hope I can get fancy one day! haha

Happy Belated Birthday!

Well, we are on day 5 of being sick! I went from having the flu to testing positive for strep yesterday. I don't remember what it is like to go to work! haha Yesterday was Tex's birthday! We managed to get out and go to lunch and that was about all this crew could handle!
So, happy belated birthday to the best husband, dad, son, brother, brother-in-law, son-in-law and friend a person could ever ask for! We have celebrated 11 birthdays together and while they are definitely different celebrations these days I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Palmer didn't want to be in the picture but Annie LOVES the camera and to be with daddy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stir Crazy!

I pretty much knew that I wasn't or have never been a "homebody" I love being at "home" with my family and in a routine but I have to get out of the house on at least one little excursion a day! haha It is 8pm on Saturday and I haven't left the house since Thursday at 2pm!! I tried desperately to shower today thinking getting out of the house would make me feel better.... I got all the way to the car and down the road and turned around crying because at that point I was exhausted! The flu has officially shut this household down and it takes a lot!
 My dad literally did what I call a "drive and drop" tonight! haha We were supposed to have dinner with him but given our sickness he wisely opted out but was nice enough to drop off Ann Mason's birthday present, a little present for Palmer, steaks and a sweet picture off at the house. Being the germ-a-phobe he is, he literally threw the presents out while he was driving! haha It was the thought that counted, I wouldn't want to get this stuff either!
 The kids got their very own sock monkeys that they have now lovely named Thomas and Riley! I LOVE sock monkeys. Our whole family had sock monkeys growing up and we LOVED them! Ann Mason got a pink one, I have never seen a pink one before!
We are all hanging in there. I have high hopes that tomorrow we will wake feeling healthy and have our energy back (one can only wish!) haha Tex's birthday is tomorrow, I would love to at least let him get out of the house to enjoy the football game or lunch!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thankful, Grateful and Everything in Between!

I wish I had some really cool stories or jaw dropping pics of the kiddos doing something hilarious but truth be told we haven't gotten out of our pjs today except to go to Blockbuster! Both kids managed to get the flu strand A AGAIN and strep throat!! I got the flu as well, so we are one pitiful crowd at this house! I laugh because A. I don't know how the kids got the flu strand A for a second time in 3 weeks and B. I guess I am the only person that didn't realize that you could get strep with NO tonsils??? haha We managed to spend $28 at Blockbuster and I am pretty sure we have enough movies and candy to compete with the nearest movie theatre!

 Ann Mason 2011

My title said I am grateful and thankful and I am! My heart has been heavy this week.... I have heard of more stories or tragedy and heartache than I care to ever hear about. People that are fighting for their lives, hurting beyond words and praying for miracles everyday. It makes me so sad and yet so grateful. If the flu spreading in our house or the loss of a job is the worst it gets then we are going to be OK! There was a time that I would have felt so sorry for myself and asked Why Me? and I am so blessed that today I get to thank God for all He has provided for us. He allowed me to have 2 beautiful children to take care of when they have the flu and He provided us a home to take care of those children when they get sick and He provides me with perspective everyday that let's me know that everything is going to be ok!
Palmer T 2011
There are so many people to pray for tonight. I wish I could do something to ease their pain.... I love this saying
"The Will of God will Never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you!"

We are planning on staying in all weekend, I am sure there will be moments when we are ALL stir crazy but I am going to try and enjoy this down time as much as possible! Tex's birthday is Sunday so maybe he can get out of the house and watch the Superbowl at least!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movies, Babies and lots of Girl Time!

This weekend was all around GREAT! The kind of weekend that you look forward to for a long time and it meets and exceeds all of your expectations!!! Friday night we actually got all of the kiddos to bed in their own beds and Tex and I got to watch another AWESOME movie! I don't know if growing up around horse racing since I was a little girl and going to the track with my dad or growing up in Kentucky had anything to do with it but I think Secretariat is my new favorite movie! I LOVED every minute of it and bawled my eyes out. Diane Lane is such an empowering woman figure in this movie you just want to stand up and clap for her every 5 minutes!!! This is a MUST SEE!!!

Next up, the kiddos and Tex headed to Owensboro early Saturday morning so that I could get ready for hosting a shower for Kimmie and baby Sofia! It was so great and Kimmie looked fabulous!!! Sofia is going to be a doll and one loved little girl! We also got some great news that day that our friend Kourtlee was in Labor and she had a beautiful son that same day!!! It was a day of blessings for sure!

     Sofia and Kimmie's Cake!!
             It tasted as good as it looked, strawberry and chocolate on the inside!
 The adorable hostee (sp?)  She is all belly and SO cute!
 It's A Girl banner with all of the cake table trimmings!
 The hostess' with Kimmie!!!
All of the loot Sofia is going to be one fashionable little baby! haha

The Invitations! I am loving the classic, shabby chic look!

After the shower we had a much needed girls night!!! We had so much fun and I am so blessed to have close relationships with other women because I think girlfriends are the best medicine for your soul!!!

I can't believe it is Feb!!! It is birthday month with Tex and Ann Mason's birthday right around the corner!